XML Team at XML 2006 Conference

Several of us will be at the XML 2006 Conference this week in Boston. If you are around, drop by to say hello ...

Stan Kitsis will be giving a talk on on XML Schema adoption based on a study done in collaboration with the University of Michigan Business School.

Is XML Schema usage observably increasing? Who is authoring schemas? (Developers? DBA's? Analysts? Who else?) Who is consuming schemas? What tools are used to author and consume schemas? What other meta-data languages are used in the same corporation? The study at hand covered these and some more questions.

Ralf Lämmel is giving two talks.  One looks at the question of how to cleanly extend tree-oriented APIs such as LINQ to XML so as to support streaming over large documents.

In this presentation (paper), we reveal options that make the [push/pull vs tree API] tradeoff less onerous. Most importantly, we show how the performance (in particular, the memory footprint) of the parsing option can be maintained in an almost tree-like world, without the tedious details of pull- or push-based programming, but with the query experience that is normally restricted to the tree world.

The other discusses how we are addressing another impedance mismatch, the one between XML and programming language datatypes.

There is a useful, largely overlooked option that is located in between DOM and standard practice of XML data binding; it is the premise of our approach: Leverage XML schemas for typed XML programming APIs ' without abandoning the underlying XML semantics.

Also,  Asir Vedamuthu of the Web Services team will be giving a talk introducing the WS-Policy spec now being standardized at W3C.

Adam Wiener and Chris Lovett are also planning to be there.  I'll be there in my role as a member of the Planning Committee for the conference and co-chair of the Enterprise XML Computing track, so you can find me to talk about the conference itself,  LINQ to XML, Microsoft's XML standards story, or whatever is on your mind.

Since XML is a key part of the Office 2007 story, the MS Office team will have a big presence at the Microsoft booth demoing the just-released product and discussing the OpenXML format.  People from the Data Programmability / XML team will also be in the booth to demonstrate some upcoming technology, including the XML Schema designer that Stan's team is developing, the LINQ to XSD technology that Ralf's team just previewed, and we can show you the underlying LINQ to XML API that will be released in the next version of Visual Studio in action.   Please stop by, let us show you our stuff, and by all means let us know if you share our enthusiasm and want to help take XML technology to the next level.


Mike Champion

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