An XML Team Introduction: Aaron Dunnington

Greetings! My name is Aaron Dunnington.

Recently, I have joined the Data Programmability XML team as a Program Manager focused on XML readers and writers. I am so excited to work with and learn from such a tremendously talented, passionate team that is extraordinarily focused on deeply understanding your needs as well as delivering great products to make your life easier as an XML developer!

Over the past year, I was a member of the Windows Live team. In specific, I worked within the Desktop Client group on model based engineering systems. Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked as a Software Engineer for StrikeIron, Inc., a software startup focused on developing products and subscription-based online services to facilitate the usage of Web services. Furthermore, the technologies that unify object, relational, and XML types have always been great passions of mine.

On a personal note, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, working with and learning about technology, watching movies, listening to music, and scuba diving.

In closing, I am really looking forward to learning about your XML experiences, likes, dislikes, expectations, and wish lists! If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to visit my blog at the following location:


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  1. Congrats!  You picked a very good team to go to.

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