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Now that Whidbey is almost out the door, we've started planning our next release.  A number of customers have told us that they would like to have XML Projects.  However, nobody explained exactly what that meant.  So I'd like to investigate this a bit further.  Do you have a need for an XML Project?  If so, what kind of functionality are you looking for, is it just a collection of files or something more?  Would you need a generic XML project or various flavors - XSLT, XSD, etc.?

Stan Kitsis

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  1. Not that I was asking, but I would assume that people are asking for XMLSpy-like functionality built into VS.NET.

  2. Jay R. Wren says:

    No need for such a thing here.

    I’m guessing that maybe such request are from people who really don’t know what they want.

    Maybe they just want a checkbox that will automatically add Imports/Using System.Xml?


  3. ChrisKo says:

    I’m not sure what’s meant by XML Project, but I’d love to see an XSL debugger included with VS.

  4. Wesner Moise says:

    I think what customers are looking for is Altova’s XmlSpy functionality within Visual Studio.

  5. An XML project should pre-compile XSDs (generate strongly-typed XmlReaders maybe that only validate a given structure, boosting performance) and XSLT (generating the IL for the stylesheets for me to use directly as a class from referencing projects).

    I’m not sure if I’ll need separate projects for them, though….

  6. An XML project should pre-compile XSDs (generate strongly-typed XmlReaders maybe that only validate a given structure, boosting performance) and XSLT (generating the IL for the stylesheets for me to use directly as a class from referencing projects).

    I’m not sure if I’ll need separate projects for them, though….

  7. Thomas says:

    I’m pretty sure your customers are looking for better XSLT support eg. ability to design XSL transformation’s with a graphical user interface:

    Transform xml to another xml file (mabe pickup destination schema from another xml on the way) and be able to graphically drag from source to destination and in the background generate xsl file that can be reused for this transformation.

    Support for transformation of xml to html/text output using the same type of interface would be nice.

  8. Take a look at xmlspy enterprise edition, we basicly want that 😉

  9. Is there a download for the XML library for

    my 2003 MS Business Offic Word. Why only on the XP Professional 2003? I need for my archiving business.


  10. Bruce says:

    This may not be what you are asking for but I would like an update to MSXML4 with enhanced XSLT support integrated into (or a plug-in for) Internet Explorer 6. Either a version natively supporting EXSLT or some subset of XSLT 2.0

    My work is all client-side XSLT transformations in a web browser.


  11. Prakash Sachania says:

    What XML Projects? Are you looking for ideas or something?

  12. Travis says:

    Looking for suggestions on a great training book; step by step; how to create and map an excel file. (even from access to excel).

    Each month I have to pull data from an SQL statement or access — put it in a summary report as well as prepare individual excel files to show individual sales performance reports.

    I think that I can automate this with XML; but have not found good examples of this…and have not had time to just play with it…… does anyone know of any examples or templates or books out there??


  13. dotnet says:

    I’m not sure if I’m understanding the question correclty, but it would be nice to have a set of small projects that help introduce key classes of the xml namespace. Nothing really overly complicated and nothing simply trivial. Because the hardest part of learning a new namespace is having relevant real-world projects to assoicated the classes with…

  14. I need XmlProject for Xml Schemas design.

    SOA requires several XmlSchemas that make a all, XmlSchema’s <imports> & <include> should be manage at a project level.

    Beside Xml Schemas project the target is

    >> Web Service DataContract design

    >> Business entity Code generation ( from DataContract )

    >> SQL Server 2005 Schemas collection management & XQuery



  15. Robert says:

    I’d like to learn how to use the new visual tools in VS2005 to create a web interface capable of reading and updating data stored in an XML file located on the server. An XML project template might generate and preconfigure an .aspx webform with a datagrid bound to navigation buttons, as well as an XML data connection pointing to a sample XML document such as books.xml.

  16. Muthu Kumar says:

    This is a good idea having XML projects in msdn. There are many resourced sor XML now but we have to organise these things in to a single project so that by seeing that project itself we have to get an idea abt every keywords and concepts in xml.Every thing should be organised in a single project or groups of project.

  17. Doing SOA require to clearly manage your DataContract. A Xml Project will be for me the place where i can set all the XmlSchema that i need with fix relative path for all <include> and <import>.

    With SQL Server 2005 this project will be also a way to manage the Xml_Schemas_Collection that should be set for typed Xml ( using include in XmlSchema require to pre-process the schema to be Sql Server 2005 compliant )


  18. DISHA says:


  19. Raghavendra.V says:

    Absolutely Yes,

    I would like to know on how we can create applicationos using XSD. Please provide any further information.

    How can I use XSD and XML to generate a web application like shopping cart.

  20. Eric Newton says:

    They might be thinking of something like Altova’s XML Spy where you can navigate the XML tree hierarchically instead of as datatables 🙂

    I’d like to see better visualization for data, alongwith some schema validators and so forth.

    I’m still not completely sure this requires a separate "XML Project" though

  21. Ken LeFebvre says:

    I would like to be able to create a new project specifically to focus on building XSLT transformations… Often, on more complication transformations, I’ll collect quite a pile of sample files, XSLT snippets I’m spiking, etc.

  22. I think it would be a good feature for working with Xml. The big picture is that between XSD, XSLT, serialization, XPath, Dom, etc, there’s a large surface area to the XML technology. I think an "Xml Project" would be a collection of highly-integrated tools to make it easy to dance across this large surface area.

    Some specific things you could include:

    – It’s great that you can debug an existing XSLT, but it would be very useful to have a builder for XSLT in the first place.

    – Better builder for XSD. I notice VS lets you build an XSD with a relational database model; but it sometimes it’s more clear to build it from a Context-Free-Grammar model.

    – Helper building an XML serializable classes. Eg, helper to include the right Custom attributes to serialize XML classes the way I want. Debug support for xml serialization.

    – XPath Query builder and tester. Help me build complex queries and debug why my query failed.

    – System.Xml is advertised to be very extensible, but in practice is not. (XmlReader has 25+ abstract methods). Perhaps some help in extending stuff like XmlReader or writing your own XmlWriters? Maybe wizard + code-snippets?

  23. John Hansen says:

    The project I need is to rebrand all my docs.

    We have been successively bought and rebranded several times in recent years.

    I would like to be able to keep all my base docs in a bare-bones (internal info/project management tags only) and then be able to transform the lot at the push of a button into today’s branded look for an individual customer.

    I am fiddling away with your seed document approach, but have failed so far to get wml2xslt to work. There seem to be no install instructions for it, and running from the download does not install it.

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