Introducing myself


I am Nithya Sampathkumar. I recently joined the Program Management team(shifted from dev to PM) and am working on XSLT and XPath. I have been a part of the xml team for the last 5 years as a dev. As a dev I have worked on XPath, XSLT , XQuery, XQueryDesigner and SchemaInference. Contuining the same work but as a PM now.

Its been interesting starting work as a PM as we are closing in on whidbey and starting to plan for next release.The current team has put in significant efforts to improve the performance in XslCompiledTransform and it really shows!!!

We are starting to look at what we need to do in the next release and want customer feedback to make the right decisions. I will make another post on what issues we want to address and would love to hear your feedback on them.




Comments (2)

  1. Michael Rys says:

    After long arguments and petitions, Nithya is collecting feedback on what the XML Team should focus on…

  2. Paul says:

    Nice name,nice job!

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