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A few people here at Microsoft created a website for those who write code for fun.  Check it out, it has articles on various topics ranging from cool utilities to web development to game development. And they have a nice column on xml.

Coding for fun:
XML for fun:

Stan Kitsis

Comments (3)

  1. ik says:

    Is there an RSS feed for this?

    I know there is one for Coding4Fun, but I can’t find a feed for XMLForFun.


  2. Brian Keller says:

    Hi there, Brian here from the Coding4Fun team. Stan, thanks for the plug! As to the other comment, right now we only have one all-up RSS feed.

    This is by design. We try to post 1-3 articles per week which means that some columns won’t get new articles every week. Rather than suggesting to people that they sign up for an RSS feed on an individual column, we wanted to encourage people to check out everything that Coding4Fun had to offer since oftentimes the content could really be cross-posted in multiple columns (for example, a "Some Assembly Required" article may use a lot of XML that you might be interested in).

    I know this may not be ideal for all users who only care about "pure" XML For Fun content, but we’re still getting the site going. In the future I expect we’ll maintain one RSS feed but use content attribution to mark which column it belongs in, or cross-reference for multiple columns. We’re just not there yet.

    Brian Keller & the Coding4Fun Team

  3. ik says:

    Brian – Thanks for the info! It’s not a big deal. I am subscribed to Coding4Fun. And good job on the project. I am looking forward to more articles to play around with 😛

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