Srikanth … Another Introduction

Following the trend, I would like to introduce myself. I joined Microsoft and the XML team recently as a PM. I have now come to own the XmlReader, the native Infoset Reader,  the XmlWriter and the Xml Binary Reader (both native and managed).

Prior to coming to Microsoft, I served as the Director of Software Development for Interactive Communication International Inc. (InComm) a leader in pre-paid services. While with InComm, my responsibilities included day to day management of the application group, customer interface, technology recommendation, overall application architecture, product implementation and roll out. Prior to InComm, I was the CTO of Infostrands, a banking product startup based out of Palo Alto, CA. At  Infostrands, I designed and architected the Infostrands product, an XML based, transaction enabled aggregation solution for the financial industry. Before being involved with Infostrands, I was a tenured Associate Professor in the computer science department at Clark Atlanta University. I have a Ph.D. in computer science and an M.S. in physics from Tulane University. I am married with two children a 6 years old boy and a 1 year old baby girl. I am into Yoga and Meditation.

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