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Driver signature consideration for XP and Vista

HCK8.0 will retire on Nov. 30. But HCK8.1 doesn’t support Vista and XP test, what should I do for XP and Vista driver signature? 1. If the driver package is uniform, refer to the following HCK newsletter: Digital signatures available for legacy operating systems in the new Windows HCK forWindows 8.1 When you successfully complete…

No Guarded Mutex in Win8?

As the MSDN article “Fast Mutexes and Guarded Mutexes” says, Starting with Windows 8, guarded mutexes and fast mutexes are implemented identically. If you check WDK8 header file wdm.h, KGUARDED_MUTEX equals to FAST_MUTEX: typedef struct _FAST_MUTEX {   volatile LONG Count;   PVOID Owner;   ULONG Contention;   KEVENT Event;   ULONG OldIrql;   } FAST_MUTEX, *PFAST_MUTEX, KGUARDED_MUTEX,…