Connect Bugs that I Fixed – Part II

I generate a new table of connect bugs that I have fixed after I published my last post:

749130 Compiler allows formation of cv-qualified reference-to-function type
754684 premature decay of function types in overloaded assignment operator
760058 Conditional (ternary) operator with throw expression produces lvalue rather than rvalue
761742 Failed to call destructor of a temporary bound to a reference member (warning C4413)
764446 regression: cannot partially specialize class on ptr-to-funtion when function type is deduced
764598 Bad codegen for user-defined assignment operator with function
765392 decltype of a pointer-to-member operator gets ref qualification wrong
765932 C++/CLI compiler crashes when 'range-based for' is applied to cli::array
770431 Internal Compiler Error even direct crash on code with std::initializer_list
773186 #pragma execution_character_set("utf-8") didn't support in VC 2012.
773773 CLR compiler destroys temporary const object
774517 Empty initializer list cannot initialize private members
774715 LLU suffix not recognized
774756 some message in __declspec( deprecated( "message" ) ) is not printed properly.
774800 Base class method build with the Visual Studio 2012 C++/CLR compiler fails to call the correct overriden virtual function
775017 Many parser issues in the new initialization syntax
775043 cumulative dereferencing in decltype has no effect
775550 Error C1001 in MSVC++ 2012 November CTP
775758 fatal error C1001 in visual studio 2012 compiler with lambda function in struct initializer list
775807 Variadic templates cannot std::forward lambda (C2065&C2974)
776438 Failing template deduction for variadics
776606 compile failed in some complicated case ( mixed with namespaces and variadic templates )
776619 A bug related to the variadic templates argument pack for Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler Nov. 2012 CTP (v120_CTP_Nov2012)
776640 C++ Nov 2012 CTP Uniform Initialization compile fails but OK on GCC 4.7.0
776720 ICE internal compiler error with uniform initialization
776877 Compilation fails if there is a property that specifies the return value of its own type and a member function that receives an actual argument in C++/CX value class/value struct.
777184 C++ compiler bug - vtable pointer put at wrong offset in 64-bit mode
777231 Fatal error C1001 with /Zi, #pragma auto_inline( off ), CArray, PCH
777460 compile failed : trying variatic template parameter pack expansion of non-parameter pack
777565 variadic template bug
777580 initializer_list constructor not found
777592 Ellipsis inside catch clause is interpreted as parameter pack expansion
777633 Compilation problem in C++ november CTP concerning initializer-lists of aggregate types
777722 "An internal error has occurred in the compiler" in afxtempl.h
777921 Delegating c'tor doesn't accept explicit target c'tor
778096 Error C3546 when using decltype in pack expansion in function return type
778440 Brace-initialization fails in function argument list (C2275)
779387 VC++ Nov 2012 CTP doesn't support certain uniform initialization syntax.
779396 const keyword bug - allowed global uninitialization
779993 VS2012 Update 1 C++ Compiler Allows Built-in Type Narrowing with List {} Initialization
780175 c++ compiler crashes when creating function pointer using auto and initialising via brackets
780253 Default parameters fails SFINAE compile with error: : too many template arguments
780279 default template argument causes internal error
780310 Bad code generated for call to function with default argument
780467 Template friends non-type parameter lists don't compile
780591 unexpected error C2838 and error C2065
781214 C++11 uniform initialization fails
781537 Failed to specialize function template
781658 VS2012 unmanaged c++ /clr-switch
781753 Runtime issue in using native type with managed functions (C++/CLI)
782026 namespace lost when processing variadic (?) template parameters
782258 Function call in void context returning by reference a structure with volatile member triggers bitwise copy of the structure's contents on the runtime stack
782891 C++ Dependent template name resolution failed
783210 C++ : Crash dereferencing vtable pointer on 64-bits platforms
784996 template parameter pack & catch statement
785446 'decltype' does not get along with '->' operator and template typename argument
786311 C1001 in boost/exception/detail/is_output_streamable.hpp 1.46.1
786444 Forward declaration inside a namespace
787095 Pointer to members accept void types and reference types
788672 brace-init-list is not working with array initialization
788687 C++ Compiler can't compile some code most likely due to some internal buffer overflow or some other buffered read issue
788748 C++/CLI leaves variables uninitialized
788830 C++/CLI 2 dimensional array allocation with unsigned long long size argument generates invalid code
788970 C++/CLI: false positive C4570 on generic class with forward declaration
789739 static assertion failure in c++ with v120_CTP_Nov2012
789748 constructor with default parameters and initializer list
789788 std::forward overload ambiguity
790146 Visual C++ 11.0 fails to zero-initialize instance of derived class
790239 rvalue reference bound to a function
791137 initializer_list handling broken, destructors of temporary objects called twice
791393 C++ Compiler Front-end: Unable to use lambdas as default arguments
791408 Internal Compiler Error for stack allocated class with protected destructor
791432 C1001 internal error occurs in the compiler
791939 Issues with initializer lists (including compiler crash)
792355 Compiler confused about whether to use a initializer_list assignment operator
792704 valid initialization of non-const reference from rvalue std::initializer_list
792891 Internal error in the compiler when passing default value for pointer to member in a class template argument list.
793506 C++ base without constructor not initialized
793537 Value-initialization leaves built-in types uninitialized
794406 C++/CLI compiler inconsistency with C++ compiler regarding template function linkage
794875 C1001 when passing undeclared identifier as template argument
794879 error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
795018 Using a #define on an enum class declaration causes error C2332
795290 Accessibility of "using" declaration ignored when taking address of member function
796520 std::initializer_list<T> as first argument in constructor causes compilation error
796593 uniform initialization in decltype sometimes does not work
796679 C++ Incorrect template selection(?), related to default template arg and use of enum type
797212 A lambda that captures nothing but takes a unique_ptr by value will not compile
797867 compiler is out of heap space when compiling popular middle Expat
797935 C++ compiler crashes when generating code for calling a pointer to a member function for classes
798439 Visual C++ 2013 Preview Compiler Crash
798489 C++: Syntax error with default initializer list in function prototype, works fine inside function definition
799653 Different decltype behaviour when used in template vs non-template class
799873 Detection of variable shadowing should be part of the regular C++ compile instead of /analyze
800104 Using CString in initializer lists causes crashes
800192 Error C2061 or C2146 with enum name on 28K offset boundary
800229 Using a friend operator that is declared inside a template class may cause a compiler error or even generate a wrong fuction call if the template has not been used in the file before
800344 fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler declaring friend functions in template classes
800360 Using Initializer List
800364 Initializer_list calls object destructor twice
800375 "for each" bug in c++ compiler
800391 Uniform initialization & =default generate a "uninitialized local variable used" error
801822 C++: explicit conversion operator used for implicit conversion
802063 ill-formed unified initialization syntax causes internal compiler error in Visual C++
802091 LNK4006 reported for static const members that is initialized in the class definition
802151 Anonymous Enums not working consistently with decltype and typedef
802160 VC++ does not zero-initialize an object during value-initialization when a sub-member has a user-provided constructor
802400 Constructors do not run for objects in arrays with more than MAX_INT elements.
804654 'this' pointer is not corrected when calling method imported from base class by a 'using' declaration
804687 C++ program behaves differently compared to both gcc and clang
804731 C++ 11 Initializer List Crash
804864 Pointers to class members with virtual inheritance trigger bogus /RTCc checks on x64 platform under certain conditions
804888 With Language Extension Enabled VC11 an explicit cast is not creating an rvalue from bit-fields
805330 Program crashes without intermediate object
805360 Error C1081 encountered in VS2013 Preview C++ compiler, but not encountered in earlier C++ compilers
806024 C++ : internal compiler error(C1001) occors on template function with __forceinline friend
806196 C++: Error C2794 when explicitly instantiating a function template overload of std::ceil (related to enable_if, SFINAE)
806308 std::string broken in vs2013
806347 VS 2013 C++ Compiler Crash when using { } vs. ( ) in Templated Initialization
806526 Default constructor initialization bug
806756 When I attempt to give an unnamed instance created in uniform initialization to an unnamed instance's member function, C1001 is reported.
806758 using initializer list causes runtime crash
807081 C++ Allows redefinition in for loop, which leads to variable appearing twice in Locals and not updating in Watch and Autos
807419 Initializer lists leaking memory
807610 First element of vector is destroyed (initializing from using initializer_list).
807634 Stack overflow in recursive template with member function returning scoped enum
807716 An internal error has occurred in the compiler - boot unit test
807966 std::unordered_map<> initialization with operator= and initializer list when value type is vector causes memory leak
808084 Internal compiler error caused by friend of template class in namespace
808089 Internal compiler error when using argument-dependent lookup on std::make_pair
808132 std::is_*constructible<T>::value == true for abstract classes.
808135 Normal function defines a declared-only template function.
808270 wrong this pointer in member function
808441 ICE when using uniform initialization
808494 VS2013 C++ compiler crash on default argument struct containing XMFLOAT4X4
808737 VS2013: fatal error C1001 : An internal error has occurred in the compiler
808767 Internal compiler error when compiling C++
808852 Internal compiler error with std::map operations and braces in return statement.
808868 Friend Declaration Not Applied Correctly to Inner Class
808960 std::pair + uniform initialization == linker crash
809111 fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler. While compiling managed C++
809240 Internal compiler error when using std::remove_reference in template metaprogram
809243 c++11 initializer lists as default argument
809591 Visual Studio 2013 fails to compile friend declaration for a namespace template function
809738 C++ internal compiler error, when using brace init
809785 Maybe a vs2013 C++ compiler bug when i use the C11 uniform initialization when pass function parameter
809961 Wrong pointer to member conversion to bool from template argument
810005 Internal compiler error
810736 VS2013 C++ initializer_list
811133 is_assignable<double, double> should be false
811202 Compilation problem with template function specialization and default arguments.
811291 C++ standard library leaks memory in Debug build when using map/string and initializer lists
811295 C++ initializer_list for vector and string - nested initializer lists with vectors and strings fail to pass correctly constructed objects up the hierarchy
811334 Bug in VS 2013 support for explicit conversion operators
811436 VC++ is_destructible doesn't work
811454 Visual C++ static_assert on enum inside template fails (error C2338) when Code Analysis (/analyze) is enabled
811575 Visual C++ 2012 native code, deletes an object before the scope ends, if used with CLR compilation. Causing Crash.
811603 Weird behavior of std::enable_if<T> produces C2995 in Visual C++.
811892 __LINE__ causing compiler error
811920 Resolving of ambiguous overload
812285 VS13 Internal Compiler Error
812287 Visual C++ 2013: initializer_list + unique_ptr causes heap corruption
812346 Problem with using cast to void with function arguments passed by reference of forwared-declared type.
812364 a fatal error for a template friend function with __forceinline on Visual Studio 2013
812497 Internal compiler error when using C++11 with CTP Nov 2013
812557 Failed uniform initialization throws error C2440: "'<function-style-cast>': cannot convert from 'initializer-list' to ..."
813307 Internal compiler error
813595 C++ preprocessor incorrectly handling 'L' character
813845 static const int member declaration treated as definition
814407 VC++ SFINAE with decltype and member function pointer doesn't work
814689 Compiler Fails with Internal Error
814697 First element of vector is destroyed (initializing from initializer_list)
814840 is_constructible returns invalid results in certain cases
814852 C++: final on a class template is not honored
816270 Visual C++ Compiler bug
816326 Compiler crash calling functions with a format string and variadic args using a symbol that doesn't exist
816729 VS 2013 compiler crash
816754 Internal Compiler Error caused by a combination of a temporary variable and empty initializer_list being used to call a function.
816917 Visual C++ 2013 Update 1 -- Internal Compiler Error
816952 Specialization of function template cannot be passed as template parameter
817162 Possible compiler bug found when inserting a temporary shared pointer into a vector
817284 initializer_list: when created from derived types, destructor of some of the temporary are called twice, while other are missed.
817516 Member function template matching unable to disabiguate reference type from
817561 C++11 Initializer List Bug
819105 Too many files in include directory cause fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file
820976 C1001 error for invalid reference initalization
821155 C++11 invalid list initialization in VC12
823306 Compilation error initializer list braces on a struct that has an std::array member
825791 SFINAE fails with unknown type
826026 VC++ ICE
828105 VS Express 2013 C++, using default function template parameters can leat to compiler crashing
828354 Visual C++: C1001 when accessing methods of default template argument dependent on other template argument
828534 Object destructor called twice (possibly related to initializer lists)
828772 Error C1001 in cxxfe\sl\p1\c\trees.h, line 712 compiling nested stl static initializers with nested struct initializers
829232 Compiler crash on initializing enum with int using initializer list
829761 Error C1001 on empty initializer list passed to function that has output redirected to ostringstream
829934 MSVC compiler crashes instead of C3861 (missing forward declaration)
830870 CTP_Nov2013 crash with boost::dynamic_bitset in debug mode
831732 VC++: Minimal rebuild (/gm) not working always properly with in-class initialization fields.
832106 C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
832608 Error using pointer to function template specialization as default argument to template method
834783 A Compile Bug caused by using declaration member
835159 Cannot return vector<unique_ptr<T> using brace-enclosed initializer from function
835519 Using an enum that has been forward declared with the "class" keyword crashes the compiler
835690 Potential bug with containers of pairs/tuples containing smart pointers
840000 Visual Studio 2012 compiler bug
840767 std::make_shared as a member initializer
841190 Templated cast operator crash
841192 Eigen fails to compile with CTP, but works with 2013 release
841299 Unexpected undefined class error using std::is_base_of with C++/CLI code
844864 Initializing hierarchical maps using initializers crashes
845159 Uniform initialization fails on std::map with struct with string vector member as value
845632 C1001 when compiling std::copy with rvalue parameters
845911 Error C1001 in VS2013 when passing 2 (or more) direct-initialized objects to a function
846103 C++ C1001 related to grammar.y (L6171)
846332 Typename overlap in derived class
848078 Incorrect overload resolution between initializer-list constructor and default constructor when returning an empty initializer list (return {})
849488 MSVC compiler crashes with internal error
849574 Uniform initilization use wrong values
850834 C1083 compilation fails to open include file from network drive (VS2013 only; VS2012 is OK)
853244 Compiler crash on template deduction
853313 MSVC incorrectly allows conversion from string-literal to void*
860258 C++ application crash when adding custom objects to std::vector
860275 Compile failure passing an array by const reference to a template function
864285 undefined qualified type in for loop ICE
865619 2013 November CTP: braced-init list internal error
868175 CompileError
870953 crash using default function parameter
873989 ICE on template specialization
874225 MSVC compiler (selectively) allows assignment of std::unique_ptr to int.
875119 C++11 empty initializer invoking incorrect constructor
877632 Internal compiler error in six lines of code
877912 fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
878106 function template overload issue
880131 C++ Empty In-Class Intializer List Crashes the Compiler
881011 in-class member pointer array initialization ICE's VS2013 update 2
883045 Internal compiler error initializing nested vector with braces (Visual C++ 2013)
884350 internal compiler error when taking the address of a parenthesized constant floating point variable
884930 Strange ambiguous compile error when forwarding multi-dimensional arrays
889548 Conversion from unsigned short to long is wrongly classified as narrowing
892330 Static variables within different lambda expression but with the same name incurs error LNK1179
893730 Buffer overrun (C4789) when using non-empty initializer-list as default argument
893813 VS "14" CTP: internal compiler error when compiling boost serialization
894312 C2244 when declaration and definition template parameters don't match.
895130 MSVC crashes when given code which dereferences a pointer to data member of an incomplete type
895697 fatal error C1001 (internal error, p2symtab.c line 2681) when function parameter has nested initializer-list as default argument
898366 C++ compile error on inherited const/non-const overloaded methods
899719 visual studio 2013 c++ explicit conversion operator bug ?
900046 MSVC 2013 emits a fatal error when declaring a conversion operator for an undeclared type
903462 C++ aggregate initialization of structs with non-trivial members in function argument list crashes at runtime
914574 Incorrect overload resolution with inherited op()s
915061 VC12 Update 3 RC: Boost 1.56 compiler crash
915230 Inheriting ctors are hogging the syntax
917875 Visual Studio 2013 Update 2, C++11: Value and aggregate initialization error.
918010 MSVC-12.0 crash with boost::function and boost::bind
919721 Static variables with same name inside lambda functions produce conflicting COMDAT
920935 Internal compiler error with default parameter and move semantics
921749 Conversion operator for an undefined type
925205 Initializer list ambiguates in a really weird way
927068 MSVC bug in Koenig-lookup (compiler doesn't find appropriate overload for function)
930249 Compiler error when returning a pair copnsiting of an int and a set of ints
933092 Lambdas without captures warn about hiding external declarations
933699 LNK2005 when defining static const member
934161 Wrong uniform initialization of struct with std::function with lambda with capture list as member
934256 C++: decltype (class::member) as a class template default argument @ function template context
936055 Missing header causes compiler error
939366 explicit operator bool is not respected in constructor calls
941227 Nested uniform initialization: wrong arguments are passed
941547 Regression: New ICE in C++ compiler 2013 update 3
943112 Object destructor called right away after creation on stack, not at the end of scope
947228 Treatment of "using" with delete operator inconsistent with C++ standard
947754 Compiler error on passing template function as an argument to a function with ellipsis
960077 decltype gives wrong type for member-object pointer access
960301 constructor, using, compile error
967397 Incorrect conversion handling in C++
968574 Cannot use nested types as return type when a nested type is within a base class and is made visible with the using keyword
973916 "std::unique_ptr" move constructor skipped by SFINAE
973984 Destruction of a class containing std::string that has been default-initialized using uniform initialization syntax crashes
977990 (VS2014_CTP3)C++ compiler crash when invalid function declaration is in code
978911 C2883 triggered when class is defined in a function
979234 Compiler crash (C1001) and runtime errors when using aggregate initializers
981380 fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler
982805 Double delete performed on aggregate initialized rvalue struct function parameter accepted by value
984105 Bug with initializing an dynamic array through an Initializer List
984571 Deconstructor not run on objects
988442 Visual C++ 14 CTP3: c++11 inheriting constructor bug?
990223 "overloaded lambda" pattern fails to compile
996625 std::is_pod is not standard conformant
999878 c++ explicit operator ignored when using bool operator
1005984 Mutable references are allowed by C++ compiler
1006520 fatal error C1001: Internal compiler error @msc1.cpp, line 1325
1006826 C++: static std::array in class causes compiler error. Works fine in Clang/LLVM 3.5svn
1007225 VC14 CTP4: Boost.Assign broken
1007347 Compiler Bug: "ambiguous call to overloaded function" when providing explicit template arguments
1007795 Internal Compiler Error (compiler file 'f:\dd\vctools\compiler\cxxfe\sl\p1\c\cast.c', line 703) with code that compiles with clang
1008261 C++ compiler incorrectly interprets result of cast as lvalue not rvalue per standard
1008573 Function template fails equality with enumerations in SFINAE context
1015579 C++11 using inherited constructor bug
1023049 Regression:Visual Studio "14" CTP C++ specialized result template regression
1023608 is_pod does not allow user-defined constructors
1034079 Fails to compile valid C++ code
1039350 VC++ "fatal error C1075: the left parenthesis '(' was umatched.." line number wrong
1040259 MSVC 2015 Preview rejects valid C++ program attempting to use conversion operator with assignment
1042748 C++ compiler: C1001 when having a wrong default template argument value
1045946 Build error happens when we try to define a class member outside a class which in turn is part of a template class on VS2014 CTP.
1046918 MSVC compiler version 19.00.22318 bug with SFINAE
1049738 cl.exe hangs on .cpp file that ends with "__declspec("
1051667 compiler crash in old C program
1055176 error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler
1060757 namespace error in precompiled header
1085306 (Incomplete) Code physically crashes compiler
1085387 Compiler fails to locate a symbol in unnamed namespace when looking up with the :: operator.
1087858 Warning C4456 Issued for nested for each loops in C++/CLI
1088933 C++11 example at produces incorrect compilation result (std::result_of related)
1097734 Internal compiler error with a template friend declaration
1145303 Compiler crash when using templates and inherited constructor (c++)
1146769 Valid template code fails to compile
1152733 internal compile error of class template which gets even not instantiated (C++)
1159488 Compiler reports error on valid code (friend declarations, with scoped operator== function template, with varying template parameter counts)
1159957 Copy constructor with ellipsis not called
1163010 compile error with using std::declval (C++)
1163832 C++ type_traits header issue (at least std::is_member_function_pointer)
1170406 fatal error in inline namespace test
1171114 MSVC crashes while generating default constructor closure
1171122 MSVC spuriously diagnoses an error regarding multiple declarations/definitions where none exists
1176789 MSVC 2015 when targeting x86 miscompiles program by omitting default constructor closure
1181174 Bitfield initialized with non-constant initializer is never initialized
1218804 crash unwinding stack when throwing from a constructor
1229066 C++11 template does not compile
1244883 (Copy) is not called; use of initialized object;
1256498 Compiler crash on some cases with decltype and enum class elements.
1301538 Mixed with 'constexpr', 'enum' causes error.
1307662 Problem using constrexp, uniform initialization, and dllimport
1343873 SFINAE error message is highly misleading
1354377 Function template already defined with SFINAE
1354485 C++ compiler error around certain combinations of sizeof & std::enable_if in templates
1372513 C++. Two loops in one function enable redeclaring function's parameter
1373986 Unsigned template parameter is printed as signed
1374087 Static assertion fails
1375647 Alias template fails SFINAE
1375698 MSVC 2015 RC - C++ Obscure Cross-Influence Effect when using std::enable_if_t for overload resolution
1402441 VC14 RC - alignas doesn't work correctly with pack expansions
1410386 Inherited constructor with no arguments considered as derived class' default constructor
1410388 Inherited templated constructor in local class-type causes an internal compiler error
1415072 Unexpected compiled error on correct c++11 code
1419449 internal compiler error on inline namespaces
1445778 MSVC 2015 allocates virtual displacement map in the .data section
1454637 Define queue with reference type of stored elements will cause crash of C++ compiler
1459726 Microsft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler has stopped working
1464651 VC++ templated function pointer overload resolution failure
1471758 Internal compiler error on template specizalization using declspec and an enum class
1477264 error C2027: use of undefined type 'exb::sqllike::sqllike_expr<Expr>'
1486401 boost.proto virtual member example fails to compile.
1492102 MSVC 2015 crashes on assignment to decltype(auto) when deduction from overloaded function fails
1501876 MSVC 2015 RC - C++ Constructor Declaration not Found
1505624 SFINAE fails with enumerations
1507116 Template ambiguates at link-time
1508770 C++ Passing template arguments to a different template breaks when more than one argument is involved
1537582 decltype(auto) with return R-Value reference
1544565 sizeof... bug
1544635 Wrong type deduction with decltype
1544714 C/C++ Optimizing Compiler crash
1554016 Internal compiler error
1555645 CL crass when parsing an asm block
1558084 MSVC 2015 crashes when given invalid explicit specialization of static data member
1559695 error C1001: internal error has occured
1576822 File from year 1601 causes fatal error C1073: Internal error involving incremental compilation
1590961 Internal Compiler Error in 10 Lines
1591761 C++: Template argument deduction fails for non-type parameter with sizeof...() operator
1613182 C++: C1001 with decltype and pointer to virtual function.
1623667 enable_if'd default constructor causes C2535 in derived class inheriting base constructors
1626305 C++: Passing a function pointer as a non-type template parameter fails if the the parameter type is specified as a dependent name
1666626 Use of enable_if in template parameter list fails (regression from VC12)
1672205 error while using decltype(std::forward<Args>(args))... on empty parameter packs in function type in template in VC++14
1706489 Access to base member seems to cast away reference-to-rvalue
1717973 C++: const modifier on static member function definition does not result in a compile error
1726563 C++: inheriting (default) constructor template produces duplicate definition
1770779 C4458 erroneously reports shadowing of non-captured variables
1790318 Compiler internal error when and using variadic templates in precompiled headers
1791840 MSVC 2015 issues diagnostic with mangled name for redefinition of conversion operator
1839232 decltype produces default arguments in its type
1841970 C++ CLI lambda regress (c4439, function definition with a managed type in the signature must have a __clrcall calling convention)
1842042 C++ warning C4458 false positive. (declaration of ? hides class member)
1853232 MSVC 2015 crashes on ill-formed constructor
1882295 Compiler seems to have a distinguish problem with operator++() and operator++(int) by using templates
1904679 C++ Compiler error when capturing a lambda parameter (with sfinae involved in a way)
1907574 Visual C++ build failure due to name collision
1930098 Failing to specialize function template with classes with default int argument depending on type
1938836 Code compiles with clang and gcc but fails with Visual Studio 2015 RTM
2046382 An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
2050595 Compiler error regarding template method pointer types
2086665 Ignore dereferencing function pointer issue
2087449 template parameter pack treated as single parameter
2109165 Inheriting ctors reject seemingly duplicate definition
2117239 C++: decltype((e)) produces the incorrect type for base class members
2123005 enum() accepted as nullpointer
2154536 Internal compiler error (ICE) on some template metaprog in MSVC 2015.1
2163090 Internal Compiler Error on some SFINAE code
2173053 too few template arguments bug
2173340 ICE with decltype of a template member function
2188166 MSVC 2015 crashes with reference to __formal
2188195 MSVC 2015 crashes when referencing type from within __vc_attributes
2229371 deleted function breaks SFINAE
2234621 C++/CLI Compiler Crash - operator true/false
2242313 Compiler crash with C2065 and /errorReport:prompt
2271910 ICE when using variadic version of BOOST_FUSION_ADAPT_TPL_STRUCT (only when using amd64/cl.exe)
2286612 internal compiler error while building OpenSSL library
2325403 internal compiler error while constructor inheritance
2369346 OpenSSL 1.1.0-preX: fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.

These are only a small portion of bugs we have fixed, and there are still large amount of active bugs on which we are working.

If you find any bugs in the compiler, feel free to report them through Microsoft Connect.

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  1. Bert Huijben says:

    As the reporter of the very last issue on this long list (2369346): Thanks!

    Could you provide me with a bit more information on the cause of the problem? Perhaps this would make it possible to patch OpenSSL in a way that it would compile with the currently released compiler, instead of forcing users to upgrade their compiler to a version that is not released today.

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