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I know it's been a while since the last blog post and I apologize. I've been writing another round of training and tending to some studies for another product that I will be supporting. I will still be supporting Expression Design and producing blogs and podcasts on this most excellent application, however. I've got some nice tutorials lined up for Expression Design that I'll be posting shortly and some podcasts in the works.

For now, I have a nice ZIP file that includes some vector art all done in Expression Design 2. I did create all of these myself. We'll call this the Industrial Signage pack as the artwork is stuff you would see on signs out in the industrial workplace, but they also have many uses and applications on websites. Feel free to use them however you wish, just be sure to reference this Microsoft blog page when you do use them.

Click Here to download the ZIP file.

Here's what we've got - in order from left to right:

(first row) - Oil (or chemical) barrel, Warning triangle, flammable liquid diamond, danger sign

(second row) - Electric shock hazard, Warning exclamation, Explosion danger, Flammable, Acidic

(third row) - Gas mask required, Respiratory warning, Danger (standard skull & crossbones), No smoking

(fourth row) - Bio-hazard, Safety goggles required, Laser light warning

(fifth row) -  Radiation warning, Safety gloves required, Face mask required


image  image  image  image

image  image  image  image  image

  image    image image  image

 image  image  image

  image  image  image

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