Expression Design FAQs

The Official Microsoft Expression website contains great information on the Expression studio products and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Here are some additional FAQs taken directly from customer interaction with the product. These FAQs assume you already know about those linked above. Check back often as the FAQ list here will be updated frequently.

Q: How can I import XAML into Expression Design?

A: This cannot be done in the current version of Expression Design.

Q: Is there an academic version of Expression Studio available?

A: Academic pricing is available for the full packaged retail Expression Studio through Authorized Education Resellers. Check the How to Buy section of the Expression Design main site.

Q: I have an MSDN Premium subscription but I only see Expression Web and Expression Blend available for download. How can I get Expression Design and Expression Media?

A: Expression Design and Expression Media do not ship as individual products. They are only available with Expression Studio. In order to be able to download Expression Studio you must have the MSDN Team Suite subscription. For an explanation as to why, please see this blog.

Q: Can I import PhotoDraw files into Expression Designer?

A: At this time, no.

Q: My 30-day trial has expired. How can I extend it?

A: The 30-day trial itself cannot be extended.

Q: After a registration point is set, clicking off the object and then back onto it reverts the registration point to the center, regardless of where I put it. Is this a bug?

A: This is considered to be working as expected in the current version.

Q: Raster graphics (bitmap graphics) support? Where is it?

A: Remember, Expression Design is considered a vector-based drawing program. While there are some features that can be used with raster graphics in Expression Design, such as image masking, Design should not be considered a full-featured Vector and Raster manipulation software.

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