Anyone Playing Mafia II?

Man, I’m loving this game. Great graphics, story, atmosphere, music, voice work, it’s just all here. Oh, I know it’s a few months old, but who cares? It’s just a lot of fun driving the cars around the city trying to find all 159 collectible Wanted posters (let alone the Playboy centerfolds), or trying to…


Race with the Developers of Blur

Bizarre Creations developers will be on Xbox LIVE Friday, October 29, to play their racing game Blur with all comers. They’ll be online from 5-8 PM ET, and even after that, you’ll be able to score double XP in the game online through October 31. Check out their gamertags and get your motor runnin’!


Shocktober Sweepstakes

The scariest night of the year is almost here! Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween as Freddy Krueger or the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, October is always a good time for parties, hanging out with friends, and watching scary movies. What would make the movie experience even better? Watching it on a Sony HDTV with a…


You May Have Noticed…

…we’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week. That’s because we’ve gone crazy over at the main Xbox website. New design, new features, new…well, almost everything. We’re trying to streamline the experience, make everything a little less “busy,” and all while I’m trying to finish Mafia II. Anyway, check it out!


The Music of Dance Central

Harmonix and MTV Games have announced the full on-disc track listing for the upcoming Kinect exclusive game Dance Central. All this dancing will be done completely controller-free, and ranges across a wide variety of music genres, current hits and classics, with dance routines for beginners and experts alike. Dance Central will be available November 4…


Drop the Puck with EA Canada and the Game Changers

Representatives from Electronic Arts Canada and the EA Game Changers, the independent group of gamers that work with EA to improve their sports titles, will play NHL 11 with Xbox LIVE Gold Members today, October 14. Our Game with Developers event starts at 7 PM ET tonight (Thursday, October 14), so be sure to check…


I Demand Gears of War 2 Stuff!

Lots of cool Gears of War 2 news for Xbox 360. For one thing, the game is now available as a Games on Demand! Yep, no need to go to a game store, just queue it up for download to your console and it’s only $29.99. Is that not cool enough? How about a sale?…


Play the ECA October 13

The Community Playdate for Wednesday, October 13 will be with members of the Entertainment Consumers Association, a non-profit organization formed to give consumers of interactive entertainment a voice in the industry. They’ll be online from 8-11 PM ET playing Halo: Reach. Check out their gamertags and join the fun!


Gamer Spotlight: trixie360 interviews Tri Edge11

This Tucson student and gamer loves dogs and Halo. Wag your tail for Tri Edge11 ! trixie360: What’s the story behind your gamertag? Tri Edge11: Well, it’s currently based off of a character from Dot.Hack. It’s a Playstation 2 game where you are Tri Edge for the first four games, and then in the next…


A Look at Enslaved

Here’s an unlikely premise for a hit video game: take a Chinese novel published in the 16th century that’s 100 chapters long and involves a group of characters in search of religious texts, and now loosely adapt it for today’s attention deficit-raddled, trigger-happy gamers. Well, you might have some success if you craft it with…