Fable III

What's better than Fable II, the best-selling role-playing game for Xbox 360? Fable III, of course! Peter Molyneux announced the game at Gamescom in Germany and we have the details, including information on an episodic download release of the original Fable II.

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  1. luciiocarano says:

    After finishing the game last few months and I know it’s late on getting the game because it was already years for now.

    anyway I’m interested on the third part of it..

  2. Itz JezUsTimE says:

    Aww. I just bought Fable 2 a month ago…there goes $60 for 3…Ah what the hell.. lol

  3. Nexus of Malice says:

    i cant effin wait til Fable III comes out. Both Fable 1 and 2 were great. Cant wait to see what Fable 3 is gonna bring. its gotta be awesome. 😀

  4. destroyher89 says:

    Awesome! my favorite role playing game of all time is coming up with an even better sequel!!!..I cant wait to rule all of albion once again!!!

  5. stayblazing420 says:

    fable and fable 2 is a great game i wonder what fable 3 4 and 5 will be like you know what be a good idea for like fable 4 or 5 take parts from the other fable saga and combine them with the rest of the fable saga and see how it play

  6. Juggalo Fred says:

    Fable one had armor, and lots of it, which was great, even though Fable 2 takes place long after Fable one ended, I wish it had armor, getting more armor on Fable was more fun than collecting the legendary and special weapons hidden around the land.  I hope to see some armor in Fable 3, even if its not actual "Armor", it could just be an intricate design on clothing.  I also hope to see more upgrades and more spells to cast, and a DOG =p   in Fable 2 there’s Gargoyles, which was wicked fun to find all of them and kill them, but sadly I was a little sad about the reward, Fable 2 had too many weapons that weren’t really different,  I would like to see Battle axes, Staves, Staffs, Knives, Throwing stars, Long-curved-bastard-swords, duel swords, shields, full sets of armor, rings, amulets, and more extra side-quests. In Oblivion i’ve put in over 100 hours of gameplay, and the game is still fresh and new to me, I can only hope that (like the other Fable games) part 3 is just as exciting and fun to play over and over.  I love making my own decisions in games, fable brings that, but I think the Evil and Good looks should be amplified, if your pure evil, you should grow more than horns, and your skin color changes, you should look like a Demon, same thing for a Good character, you should grow white wings, and slightly hover when standing still. I always felt like the appearances weren’t affected enough by whether your evil or good,  the treasure hunting does get boring you find some of the same things over and over again, I hope Fable 3 has more loot to find, more weapons and hopefully some rings or amulets.  At the end of Fable 2 you had three choices, that was a great idea, but I hope to see even more, going through the game three times for the achievements was fun, but going through the game 10 times for achievements would be even more fun!

  7. dee7454 says:

    love all the fables hope in fable three the ladies are better look also hope fable can sit at table and lay down and hug wife and wife should be cleaning not just stand around kids to also outfits and hair be changed and men better looking if your a women dont have no choice cause there all so short and ugly love my dog wish we didn,t have to wait so long on fable three need to make more games like it  be nice if fable 2 had more add on to play

  8. HartnessPits says:

    Guys Fable series is awesome please if u need some ideas for a 4 you could concur the world? Hey its a though.. however 3 sounds great. So when can we get a demo on live?

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