Game Developers Conference 2009!

Every year game developers (read: Space Geniuses) gather together for a week of learning, sharing, and socalizing in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference (or GDC). It all goes down next week March 23-27 and several members of Team XNA will be in attendance! There will also be many of the developers of your favorite Xbox LIVE Community Games

This conference is mainly for developers and doesn't have much in the way of the good times for non-code monkey gamers that events like the Penny Arcade Expo does, but most of the game devs I know are also players. So, if you're going please be sure to say hello to me, Miss Minnie, and any other members of our team you spot! We're always happy to make new friends!

If you want to know more about specific sessions that Microsoft is sponsoring and presenting be sure to stop at the Team XNA Blog for more info. I'll be sure to report back next week on what we see and learn while we're there!


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