MVP Infestation

The Xbox MVPs have been in town since this weekend, taking in an absurd amount of information in a very short period of time. When they're not out enjoying the high-life in Emerald City, they're learning all about the inner-workings of the Xbox 360 and what's to come. While it's not all fun and games (they're forced to sit through PowerPoint presentations!), they did get a sneak peak at some very cool ... things.



Seattle played host to the Xbox MVPs.

It's been my pleasure to meet quite a few of them over the past few days and I've been equal parts impressed with their passion for the community and the means by which they contribute to it. Except for litheon, he's a cool guy and all but anyone who helps my arch-nemesis Major Nelson to better broadcast himself on the internet is, by the transitive property, my enemy.

If you'd like to learn more about the MVP program, take a look at the official site:

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  1. Infestation eh? Nice one. LOL. I actually don't recall a single PowerPoint presentation in the Xbox sessions, only in the general ones.

    It was great meeting you and your lady at e's place.

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