The New Blog is Here! The New Blog is Here!

That’s right, no more old-style blog. Please update your Favorites list, as we will no longer be posting blogworthy items here. [UPDATE as of May 13, 2011: The new blog is live. For all blog-related goodness, including news announcements, previews of games, and event announcements, make sure you change your bookmarks to point to…


Play Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 with EA

The Masters tournament is over and congratulations to Charl Schwartzel who concluded a thrilling 72 holes with four straight birdies. Think you can play as well as the South African? Here’s your chance. Our Game with Developers event is tonight, April 11, and you can play the Electronic Arts developers who worked on the game…


Play Crysis 2 with the Developers

Developers from Crytek, creators of the popular shooter Crysis 2, will be on Xbox LIVE Saturday, April 9, to play their game with Xbox LIVE Gold members. They’ll play online from 5-7 PM ET, so check out their gamertags and play the game with the developers!


Community Playdate: Xbox Elite Tweet Fleet

The Xbox Elite Tweet Fleet, the Xbox support team that answers your questions via Twitter, will be on Xbox LIVE Friday, April 8 for a Community Playdate. They’ll play Halo: Reach from 8-11 PM ET so check out their gamertags and log in for some fun with the Tweet Fleet!


Get Fit with Gunnar Peterson Sweepstakes

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson wants you to get fit and you could even win a trip to Los Angeles while shaving off the pounds! There are two sweepstakes in play: a Download and Win, and an Achieve and Win Sweepstakes with different prizes. All you have to do is download the free Get Fit with…


Gamer Spotlight: Xsiner

He’s a long time Xbox LIVE player, a big fan of the Halo series, and likes both the quirky ilomilo game and the equally quirky Carrie Underwood. Have a sit-down with our Gamer Spotlight of the week, Xsiner!


Extreme Shopping on Marketplace

From now through April 4, do some EXTREME SHOPPING on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Twenty games, avatar accessories and game add-ons are offered at deep discounts. So if you’ve been saving your points, now is a great time to get that game or add-on you need. And today, APRIL 1, we have four special deals: including…


Community Playdate: jggh Games

Members of the jggh Games website will be on Xbox LIVE April 1 to play Xbox LIVE Gold members in a Community Playdate. They’ll be playing Halo: Reach from 8-11 PM ET so check out their gamertags and join in on the fun!


Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

Every week, Xbox LIVE Arcade features great new games. For instance, this week it’s Rush’N Attack Ex-Patriot, Islands of WAKFU, and Strania. You can always download the free demo, then use your Microsoft Points account to download and play the full game. But what’s amazing to me is, Xbox LIVE Arcade does this EVERY single…


Play Fight Night Champion with EA

Developers from Electronic Arts will be on Xbox LIVE today March 29, to play their game Fight Night Champion, with Xbox LIVE Gold members. They’ll be stepping into the ring from 7-9 PM ET so do a few practice jabs, check out their gamertags, and see just who is The Greatest!