How To Get O.S. Software Updates for your Xbox 360

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Q: Is there any way to get ahold of an OS Disk or download the OS from a third party?

A: Yes, you can now obtain an operating system software update by download a file from and burn a DVD or CD.
Follow this link for detailed instructions:

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  1. SilverSlide says:

    Handy for fixing those pesky, home-brew-allowing, security flaws I suppose 😉

  2. Jimmy1 says:

    so when can I install my own operating system on the 360 guys?

  3. Alex Atkin UK says:

    More importantly, when is 360 defrag gonna be implemented?

    My 360 now takes about 10-20 seconds to list the video files on its hard drive and it only has 4.  It used to be instant and it had about 10 but the constant download, delete, download, delete seems to have fragmented the HD like crazy.

    Everything is slowing down, quitting games back to the dashboard is getting painfully slow.

  4. Viran says:

    Does this updates disc contain regionalised US updates, updates for all regions or are the updates not region specific?

    More specifically, whill this disc work on a UK/en-gb Xbox 360?


  5. Often I hear the cries from Xbox LIVE members here in South Africa. Microsoft releases an update to the

  6. carlos villa says:

    come on guys, where’s the DTS fix for the hd-dvd add on???

  7. Lj says:

    Not really anything about the operating system.  I didn’t know where to voice my opinion, so I’m doing it here.  ^_^  I’m sort of disappointed in the Xbox 360 Elite.

    I wish it would have included the 65 nm chips developed earlier.  I also wish that Microsoft would include WiFi within their system.  The Wii and PlayStation 3 both have it, but I have a feeling Microsoft won’t include it because that would make their wireless internet adapter useless, cutting into their profits.  I also think that they should create motion controls.  It’s not that much of a big deal, but rumble and motion control support would help compete against Sony.  If you used the 65 nm chips to make the system quieter, cooler, and more efficient, couldn’t you in turn reduce the size of the power brick?

    Without any of these additions, it’s hard for me to consider the $479.99 price tag of the Elite system justifiable.  Hopefully you guys can work on these things.  I’d definitely pay $500 for a system with all those additions.  However, right now I feel the Elite system isn’t worth it.

  8. Jmel says:

    You guys get tired of posting?

    Theres tons of questions I’m sure we all have for the team if they are willing to answer…

  9. svobz says:

    where is the HD DVD update!?!?

  10. nuzreq says:

    Hey, is it at all possible that Windows Messenger for Mac will be updated to allow for the Xbox Live Support?

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