Fall ’06 Supported Video Formats

As you may have heard, with the Xbox 360 Flash Fall 2006 System Update we are adding support for WMV video playback from new sources.  Videos can be streamed from a PC running Windows Media Connect, Windows Media Player 11, or the new Zune client player, and can also be played from Optical Disc and most USB mass storage devices.  For all these sources, only the WMV video file format and codecs are supported.


How do I know if a video file will work on the Xbox 360?


Currently only the Windows Media Video (WMV) file format and codecs are supported.  If you have a file with a “.wmv” extension, then the odds are pretty good that it will work.  Technical details on the types of files we support can be found at the end of this post, but the easiest way to find out if a file will work or not is to just try it.  Hopefully after you click play the video will show up on your display, but if the content is not supported you will simply get an “Unplayable Content” message blade from the side of the screen and then be returned to the Video blade.


How do I create videos that will play on my Xbox 360?


Windows Movie Maker, a standard feature of Windows XPSP2, will output WMV video files compatible with the Xbox 360 console.  Either use the default settings when you finish a movie and click “Save to my computer,” or just make sure that the output video format you select shows the file type as “Windows Media Video (WMV).”


Videos will usually look best when they are closest to the original resolution that they were created with.  Try to create video files at least 360 pixels high in vertical resolution in order to minimize content upscaling on the console. 


If you decide you want finer control of the output video file format, download a version of Windows Media Encoder (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/) and then start encoding away.  Optimal size and bitrate settings will vary depending on the source material you are encoding.  As a general guideline though, 1.5 Mbps is a typical bitrate that should be suitable for most standard definition content, and 8 Mbps is a common bitrate for high definition content.


Can I get more technical details about the kinds of files you support?


WMV video files with the extension “.wmv” are stored in a generic file container format known as ASF.  ASF files can contain many different types of codecs within them.  Xbox 360 supports most common WMV video codecs, as seen in the following chart:


Supported Video Codecs:




Windows Media Video 7


Windows Media Video 8


Windows Media Video 9


Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile



There are some files with “.wmv” extension that may play on a PC, but are unsupported on the Xbox 360 console.  Windows Media Screen, Windows Media 9 Image (Photostory), and some older Microsoft codecs are unsupported, as seen in the following chart:


Unsupported Codecs:




Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V3


Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2


Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V1


Windows Media Screen V9


Windows Media Screen V7


Windows Media Video 9 Image


Windows Media Video 9 Image v2


ISO MPEG-4 Video V1



Anamorphic content with nonsquare pixels is currently unsupported on Xbox 360 console, and will be displayed as if the pixels were square.  If you want to play such content on your console, it is recommended that you re-encode the content in a square pixel format.

Comments (107)
  1. Any chance of supporting MPEG-4 in the future?  It would be useful if you supported a ISO standards-based codec that has support from many, many other companies/organisations, rather than trying to force your users to use MS codecs.

    I suppose you’ll delete this comment though – not toeing the party line….

  2. analogue says:

    You wrote "Currently only the Windows Media Video (WMV) file format and codecs are supported.".

    Can we hope for more Codecs in the future ? I’m talking about non-Microsoft ones: XviD, x264, … These are free, it’s just a matter of will to support them.

  3. Limech says:

    Well, as you probably already know, a lot of converted media simply does not work.

    I’m using VLC to convert with no success.

    See the file in the list, even see a picture of the first frame of the video but get the 69-04-80004001 error.

    If you guys are going to force us to convert all our stuff to wmv format then at least make sure all wmv formats work well.

    Using WMV2 codec at 1024kb/s in an ASF container.

  4. Pete says:

    I’m sure everyone wants to know if there are any plans to support more codecs? If so, which ones? Will Divx / Xvid be supported?

  5. Darth says:

    Give us more format support , nobody uses the crappy WMV , give us Divx , AVi , MPEG , Mov , RM , come on!!

  6. JJ says:

    Thanks for the little WMV guide.  Now, how about revealing how to get these higher HD resolution to work on with DVD’s?

    >>"Video support for 50-Hz HDTV modes (DVD and HD DVD only)."

    My euro X360 only submits 50hz 576P/625P (progressive PAL) to my projector even if it tests OK with 50hz 1080i.

  7. Caldor says:

    Q1. Is WMVA supported?

    Q2. What is the maximum bitrate for WVC1 material and maximum resolution?

    Q3. You havent listed any of the supported sound formats within the wmv containers.

    Q4. Hurry up and sell a generic mpeg4-asp decoder on xbox live, having to reencode footage is getting very old.

    Q5. Why no mpeg1/2 support via usb, dvd, wmp11 XP?

  8. ErnstK says:

    The Wmv format has become a really excellent. Been working with graphic and video for many years, my experience is only good with the newer WMV formats and the compression is really good  –  still it doesn’t move the fact that we want a more versatile player… should be good for business as well.

  9. Billy says:

    DO IT. Or we are going to buy a PS3 instead.

  10. Caldor says:

    Microsoft you say for unsupported codecs WMVP and WVP2 yet in Vista media centre extender I can stream both these codecs onto the 360 no problems. However playback via usbkey wont work.

    Also, you talk about non square pixels and while playback via usbkey provides the wrong display aspect ratio, playback via vista media centre extender respects the anamorphic footage and displays it correctly.

  11. Jack says:

    "nobody uses the crappy WMV"

    Darth, I guess I’m a nobody then…

  12. Russ says:

    If you grab a nightly build of ffmpeg you can use the following command line to create videos that will play on the 360.

    However, since there’s no wma encoder available other then Microsofts you’ll have to do without sound.

    ffmpeg -i "myfile.mp4" -qscale 4 -f asf -vcodec wmv2 -an "myvideo.wmv"

    Since the 360 now has decoders for MPEG-2 and H.264 (as the DVD Forum require all HD-DVD/Bluray drives to support them), I’m hoping that some support for these will turn up.

  13. Bruce says:

    Once again you fail to listen to customer requests. We have requested on numerous occasions that you add MPEG-4 codecs such as DivX/Xvid.

    Everytime you don’t listen is another time someone thinks of switching platforms to the PS3 – which will have DivX support.

    I never use WMV, I prefer the superior open source Xvid codec to convert my own DVDs. There are numerous third party DVD players that have DivX/Xvid support – so why not the Xbox 360?

  14. SomeoneX says:

    Guys, when are you going to realise the obvious?:

    1) The lack of supported formats is only going to encourage users to try to crack security to get the 360 to act like a proper media player. In the same way, the expensive cost of the XNA is going to encourage those seeking to make homebrew software to do the same until the price becomes reasonable.

    You have the ability to severely deplete those trying to crack your security, as well making customers a lot happier. Which is the better one for everyone concerned? HINT: It’s not the one that forces users to try and hack their way into the system.

    2) People don’t like having your crappy formats shoved down their throats all the time. Sure, you get bonus points for supporting MP3, but WMV/WMA are not particularly great formats, and serious encoders won’t bother with them.

    People aren’t going to re-encode content to work with the 360, they’re going to go elsewhere to get a player that doesn’t force users into one format. You’re only doing yourselves and your customers a favour with that.

    3) Failure to include these kinds of things, as well as a lot of popular feature requests that were ignored in the updates only go to show that Microsoft just doesn’t listen. Prove that wrong?

  15. bookert says:

    You are good,My opinion is present xbox360 only supports the wmv file,The hope may support the more broadcast file for example:mp4,mpeg,rmvb,avi…..

  16. Jason Miller says:

    The ability to stream WMV without Media Center is a great addon, but where’s all the rest?  We know the xbox is currently capable of streaming mpeg2 files as a Media Center Extender, yet mpg/TS files do not stream without media center.  What about all the other codecs that everyone uses like XVID/DIVX, mpeg-4, h264 (the codec must be there now since hd dvd is not supported after the update), AC3 for audio?  Please give us something more then this WMV that is only used for porn.  Having to reconvert all my files to WMV is very inefficient, you lose quality, since your converting a compressed format to another compressed format, and it seems as though this video streaming capability is just there so marketing can say "yes we can stream video from a pc without media center" but in the real world, its pretty useless when it only supports WMV.  I would have at least expected mpeg2 also.  Comeon we’ve been begging for more codecs since the beginning.  Sounds like what we want is falling on deaf ears.  Thanks Microsoft!

  17. Gowans007 says:

    As MS is aiming to be an Industry leader can you realy address the issue of why there is no further support for more codec’s or what the plans are for the future.

    I mean with music you support a true range (as only one format would be riduculous in this medium) this should also be the case with the now growing amounts of video content.

    I with the PS3 supporting the omre widly used open mpeg formats why is MS not doing this also. People obviously wanted the ability to stream video from the Windows (none media centre) PC’s but they also wanted to do tihs in tandem with a broad codec support.

    Opening up the markets should make it simple to all users this aproach doesn’t seen to get it.

    It would be appriachiated if you could address my points.

    Thankyou Gowans007

  18. james says:

    WMV is FAR from crappy, the later versions do compete VERY will with divx etc.

    Divx/MPEG etc are not ‘free’ but ‘no cost’ – which is very different – it will cost a large amount for microsoft to impliment these. the other issue is of course microsoft controls WMV – not divx etc. there are many different versions of divx with many hacked version and alternatives – and with AVI theres millions of alternative AUDIO codecs. Ive seen divxs with everything from mp3 and ogg to APE and AAC+ in them – its a total nightmare!

    If you are having issues converting to WMV, make sure you are using WMA as the audio format – thats going to help a lot i suspect.

    Personally, I wish for broader format support, but with a lot of the codecs being closed source and the xbox360 not being x86, we are going to have a lot more issues than you would expect – and this is a console – i dont want to get in to the whole realm of codec installs – which is why i use a console not my pc.

  19. bah says:

    I second the above posters. if you introduce media playback functionality and even add playback support from USB & optical drive why only support ONE media format?

    I see no point in using MCE pc extended to my 360 if I can’t playback my .avi, x264, .TP,.TS etc.

    those are the most popular file formats nowerdays.

    you should really add support for these very common formats in the near future, or just say once and for all that they will never be availible. I bet that most of todays 360 users would love to be able to playback their movies etc.

    I use MCE on my pc today and was hoping for no need to have cables drawn all across the house when i purchased the 360 as it was able to extend MCE.  

    boy was I dissapointed when i realized how very crippled MCE became once it was extended to the console 🙁

    I cant imagine that the MCE extender on the 360 was intended for about 10% of its capabilities.

    want us to buy MCE , Vista ?   make it work like it does on a PC.

  20. dutty says:

    really. nobody uses WMV fileformat except the porn industry.

    why can’t you guys understand that nobody in the xbox360 community uses the xbox as media center because of your limitations that are the result of fake "legal issues" – there are millions of ways to get around them.

    i understand that as soon as the ps3 is out and supports all formats you will implement them too, but if the ps3 will be released without any video support you will give a rats crap about your customers. thats usual ms politics, oh they support it? then we have to support it to. you actually do not care about the wishes or needs of your customers.

    its a shame that the xbox1 is capable of playing/streaming any file format on the market with the XBMC.

    i really expected more of the xbox360 when i bought it, i mean, isn’t it sold as "media center"/"center of your digital home"? hell i even !needed! a media center edition pc to make use of all the features.

    i doubt that the xbox will ever playback any other fileformat than ms crap. i shouldnt have bought it with the thought in mind that i can use it to watch streamed movies on my pc.

    oh and you want to watch MOV movies on the xbox360? an apple fileformat? ha ha?! 🙁

  21. why you guyz don’t let xbox 360 do what it’s capable of! that all mighty power is a no-use! even though that dashboard thing is very innovative but it’s not what 360 hardware deserve!

    piracy is the lamest excuse MS gives for not adding divX/Xvid support!

    i feel funny when i recall J allard saying "you’re the center of experience, you’re in TOTAL CONTROL!!"….huh!! ********!!!

    why don’t we have the option to install or remove in xbox 360 whatever we want like our PCs!!

  22. AVI is NOT a codec numbnuts.  And we wont be getting RM or MOV because they cost MONEY to support.

    I do not see why we dont have MPEG1/2/4 support though.

  23. Yelwar says:

    Although I would love for .divx/xvid to be supported formats (just like everyone else would) I think adding .wmv support is a nice step.  But why not support a folder structure when displaying the video files??  There is no arrangement to my videos when viewing them from the 360; they all just show up as a jumbled mess.  Please consider adding this support in the future.

  24. BOB THE BLOB says:

    Please, give us more cidec support. I dont really want to spend another $600 for PS3 because 360 can only play back wmv. I appreciate this update since I have many videos in wmv but at least half of my videos are in other formats and I dont to go through the trouble of converting them all.


  25. John Dinga says:

    I would be interested to know why MPEG2 files aren’t  supported in this upgrade.  The XBox360 already has that codec built in to play DVDs.  Plus MPEG2 files can be streamed now using a Media Center PC.  This is a much bigger disappointment to me than the failure to add new codec support.

  26. Rob says:

    How about audio formats?  I’ve been trying to mux the original AC3 in with WMV9 Advanced Profile – it isn’t easy to do but I think I’ve created such a file.  It won’t play back in media player though, from what I’ve read due to lack of a de-muxer filter.

    So what WMA formats are supported by the 360?  WMA9?  WMA10?  WMA10 Pro?  What is the most advanced (efficient) WMA codec supported on the 360 that supports full 5.1 channel audio?  And will the 360 be able to decode/re-encode it in real-time back to AC3 to pass to my receiver?  What is the best way to convert AC3 -> WMA while keeping all the channels, since windows media encoder won’t accept AC3 input.

  27. Rob says:

    Thought of another thing…

    Don’t bother with Divx, Xvid, etc. – I wouldn’t want to deal with the licencing issues either.  But do do at least as much as Sony is with the PS3 and implement a generic MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile decoder.  That should play back 99% of Divx and Xvid files and there should be no licencing restrictions – it wouldn’t be the first time MS has implemented MPEG-4 ASP. MPEG4 AVC should be in there too – especially since you have to already handle it as it is potentially used on HD-DVD disks.

  28. Matt Turnbull says:

    Xvid is Free?! You could bang it on everyones 360 without paying a single penny! Its great to see at least some form of movie play back on the 360 though!

  29. Watashi says:


    VLC isn’t really bugfree so it wouldn’t surprise me if VLC does something wrong.


    Check to link to the encoder, it’s going through mail.microsoft.com that requires login.

  30. Dennis says:

    Please, please, give us support for Mpeg4 (Divx, Xvid) etc.,

  31. The G says:

    Seriously, one video format is offered for streaming?

    That’s pretty weak guys.

    I’d even be willing to pay for other codecs via Marketplace if that’s the issue.  Just don’t leave us hanging by giving us 1 option for what types of files we can view…

  32. Everyone Who Has X360 says:

    Uh come on, I’ve waited so long to Windows XP streaming videos to X360 to be available, only to find out that it was WMV format. I have so many home videos that are other formats, which take up a lot less space, and to convert them to WMV takes a lot more time than just simply burning them as DVDs and viewing them on X360 itself…

    M$ give us a break and allow us to play other formats I know its possible 100%…

  33. Red says:

    Without MPEG-4 / XVid / DivX the media capabilities of the 360 are completely wasted. Give us some decent codecs!!

  34. Steve519 says:

    like everyone already said, MS needs to add divx and xvid codec’s

  35. bmaltais says:

    Here is a quick and easy way of converting your video to WMV using VLC:


    The problem for most people is that VLC won’t give you the option of transcoding to WMA audio… you sort of have to force it to 😉  When you do it right it works well!

  36. ddog says:

    69-04-80004001 error

    Tell us how to make the files play other than from movie maker.

    Give us the necessary file specifications

    THIS WILL BE AWESOME if it works

  37. Fred says:

    At least provide support for dvr-ms!!!

  38. Why do they always ask for a name? Who cares? says:

    And let’s not forget Matroska! This one’s the real way to go.

    Also, you can probably try and support .mp4 and .ogm…

    But MKV with embedded soft subtitles (SSA format and SRT format) would be for the best.

  39. z says:

    Are there any other specifications that are required? Ie. bitrates, resolution, audio codec? Can you please provide more details?

  40. z says:

    What audio codecs are supported?

  41. Sinerex says:

    I get an email today about the update, Im like FINALLY they do something right and correct the idiocy of forcing people to have a windows media pc for the sole purpose of streaming media! WRONG instead i now have the option to stream WMV files, but whats this? NO ONE has WMV files, please and the rest of the community who wishs to utalize their xbox to the fullest potential NEED/ DEMAND/ REQUIRE more codec and video playback support. Good Game guys back to plugging the 10 foot cord from my lcd monitor/tv  and doing it manaually when it would be soooo much better to stream content, heck then i can put the xbox in a room with a tube and stream content there.

  42. pizza pizza says:

    While I love the ability to stream WMV from my NON-MCE computer, whoever was too lazy to add in DIRECTORY STRUCTURE should be take out back … well you get the picture.

    When I browse PHOTOS and MUSIC both honor and display the directory structure.  Good thing too … I have seven or eight YEARS worth of digital photos and as many years worth of unprotected MP3’s…

    So who thought that wasn’t necessary for the WMV video?

    Give me a freaking break.  I have over 80 GB of video with around 25 to 30% of it being WMV.  And I’m considering converting some of the rest.

    Lotta good it’ll do me.  This stupid update dumps ALL the videos into one flat directory.

    Dumb Dumb Dumb.

    Would it have really been THAT hard to show the directory structure?  Geez…

    BTW, what do you do @ Microsoft?

    Well guess I get to wait another SIX MONTHS to see if it get fixed.  Thanks for nothing.

  43. Pat says:

    I’ve testet a lot of different WMV Files. They are running smooth on my PC, but:

    Every single WMV with sound stutters, on my 360.

    Encoded without sound, it plays smooth. Is it a bug ?

  44. Another vote for more codecs. DivX, XVid. Perhaps even allow any codec to be added and store it on the HDD.

    Also, any chance of 50Hz output for *everything* (not just DVD) so I can use my freaking HD TV? I’m in Australia and my Panasonic TV only supports HD at 50Hz. Aaaaggh!

    Great work, BTW. I hate to sound ungrateful / impatient. It just seems wasteful to have such a great platform and not use it to its full potential.

  45. Sandy says:

    This doesn’t seem to be a complete set of technical details.

    I converted a home video from DV-AVI NTSC (720×480, 16×9 anamorphic) into 1280×720, using the "Hardware devices -> high defiinition quality video -> 5201 Kbps" profile in Windows Media Encoder. The video came out WMV3, and audio was 9.1 Pro. Looking at the information in this post, it "should" work on the XBox 360.

    This video does not appear in the list of files playable by the XBox360. Other videos encoded at lower resolutions do work (for example: same settings, but 852×480). Before I bang my head against the wall trying to reverse engineer which setting do and don’t work, can you perhaps explain why this particular config didn’t work? What other limitations did you not mention?


  46. Davie says:

    Mpeg-4 AVI and Xvid. MS – please give up your own lousy codecs. I had this conversation with Jim Allchin and he was very keen to do standards. So, get it on the schedule !

  47. Royster says:

    Avi & Divx Update is needed badly, the idea of downloading a movie off the net then chucking it on a USB Flash memory stick and pluging it straight into the xbox 360 would be a dream come true!

    Why do they develop these thing without the forsight. I’ve looked at a film with a HD DVD drive connected to the xbox 360 but this just seems hassel and a massive outlay of cash for the drive!

    Seems to me that the makers just want things hacked as it seem to be the only way to get free R&D on their products. And hey come on R&D is costly.

    Why not just employ the right people and use everything that the world has to offer to make it the best we can???

    God it gets right up my arse!!!!

    Take care all


  48. James says:

    Having to use VLC 360, get with the program M$!

  49. Michael Paul says:

    After watching a streamed video, I am now seriously impressed.  A 20GB hard drive in the 360 doesn’t seem like a huge issue anymore when my main computer already has 400GB and a 1TB NAS unit is in my plans.

    However, I’m not going to be AS impressed if Windows Media Encoder does a bad job of converting the MPEG-2 stuff I have that I’d like to watch.  I’m hoping for the best.

    Support for non-Microsoft codecs isn’t support for the competition, it’s support for Microsoft customers.  Please remember that…

  50. Lui says:

    I agree, wmv is not the most popular format… all of us what better video support ie avi mpeg mov rm etc…

    be a leader and give us what we are looking for!

  51. gogu_ologu says:

    how can i write a wmv HD movie (4gb) o a dvd?

  52. Steve says:

    Please extend your codec range!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Steve says:

    Please extend your codec range!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Steve says:

    Please extend your codec range!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Steely says:

    If I want to burn a WMV larger than 2gb, does the 360 drive support UDF ?

  56. Alex Ainscow says:

    What the blog above fails to communicate is the support AUDIO codecs. Only WMA (v1/v2 – otherwise known as Windows Audio Codec 9/10… I think… hmm not sure about that) will be played on an XBOX 360.

    This does seems slightly strange to me, since the standard xbox 360 audio player supports mp3, a format which is commonly used inside WMV files.

    The only reason I can see for not supporting the WMA codec is:

    The "lack of resources" excuse…

    The 360 team had no time to test to a sufficent standard the use of non-wma audio codecs in WMV.

    or the "conspiracy" excuse…

    WMV is a microsoft only container and should only be used with microsoft only codecs…

    Oh, did I mention that linux is in-capable of encoding WMA?

    Ah well… It seems that now Linux can act as the Upnp server for a 360, MS have found a new way to kill the Linux support… but Linux always catches up…

  57. tan joo kim says:

    WMV is useless…Please support the following codecs which are popular among us. If you call xbox360 home entertainment  system, i advised that it is NOT.

  58. Humanji says:

    So, let me get this right… Zune supports MP4 … but XBOX 360 doesn’t?  This means I have to rip 2 versions of my video.  

    If you smart Redmond guys are working on MP4 support please let us know.  I’m sure I’m not the only one wishing you are.

  59. Tatenda says:

    AVI, Mov and MPEG formats are the most commonly used video formats. Support for these formats would make perfect, moreover, common sense. Let us have it…

  60. MIke says:

    Why don’t you respond to these comments?

  61. Rahul says:

    Second that. AVI, MPEG, Mov and Divx support please. Media conversion is an incredibly slow process making the Xbox 360 video playback a redundant feature. Most downloadable video content (and I am not talking pirated stuff here) is in formats other than WMV. At least support the open formats if you cant support RM and Mov.

  62. John Lockwood says:

    According to this blog only WMV is supported, yet according to this _Microsoft_ webpage http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/mediacenter/extender/mcefaq.mspx MPEG1 and MPEG2 are also supported!!!

    Obviously Microsoft don’t know what they are doing.

    What is the real story?

    Regardless, I would add my support for MPEG4, MEPG4 H.264, and of course MPEG2 rather than proprietary WMV.

    As Microsoft have now released the HD DVD add-on for the XBox 360 and MPEG4 H.264 is the most common codec used for HD DVD disks Microsoft have got to grit their teeth and support MPEG4 H.264 or HD DVD disks will not play.

  63. James says:

    Hey – what’s up with Microsoft leaving out the ability to do single-frame advance in Windows Media?  I love stepping through special effects movies and I know others who do.  If windows media is to be the future of videophiles this needs to be addressed.  Maybe Xbox could lead the charge!

  64. rob says:

    How do i save a video onto my hard drive without a wireless adapter. I have been trying to transfer the files using my mp3 player, however when i plug the player into my console, the console says that the files are non-existant.

    Please help!!!

    E-mail me at djrd1@hotmail.co.uk

  65. SHAUN says:


  66. Jon says:

    well, i am still havng problems converting my files (even thought the post just said it eould work ((refering to the part where it says Windows Media Video 9

    WMV3 supported)) and i wouldnt mind converting files if when i did it worked!) im using SUPER(the name of the file type converter) and i have yet to find a good file type that plays on the 360 ….. like the post said thought…"There are some files with “.wmv” extension that may play on a PC, but are unsupported on the Xbox 360 console." so i really hope that they get there act together even if the made it so u could play them in media center(that really annoys me((that u cant even play them in media center)) i wored for ever to get my pc set up to my console and just to find out that u still can play those types of files…

  67. p@sle1er says:

    develop what yu can, and as always, hackers will do better…

  68. just another lame MS follower says:

    This is a joke.  Why do people stand for this?

  69. Gaz says:

    I am so mad right now.  I just spent 2 hours waiting to encode a movie using 360 Videora.  The ‘xbox 360 converter’ and only found this thread after more internet digging to find out why it wasnt working.  Only to see that it doesnt support mpeg2.  It is strange that the ms website says this is a compatible format????

  70. Al says:

    Make sure you are not trying to store the files for WMP11 on a network resource.  IT WON’T WORK!  The files that WMP11 sees MUST BE ON A LOCAL DRIVE.  RIDICULOUS!

  71. NoDivx says:

    I was looking at getting a 360 mainly to use as a HD media player but no Divx/Xvid/h264 support means no xbox for me M$ sort it out!

  72. Tom says:

    I’d love to buy an Xbox 360 to play back video and music from a NAS drive and play games but this poor video codec support is going to stop me for now.

    People don’t want to convert their files to a proprietry format or fiddle about with transcoding.  What a pain! 🙁

  73. Aqualung says:

    Another call for more ‘on-board’ codecs.  Let’s face it, the means to stream most content, whether from a native supported format or an ‘unsupported’ codec exist now, either via re-encoding or transcoding.  I honestly think that in order to continue your positioning as the ‘hub of the digital media center’, which I believe was one of the goals with the X360, Microsoft should focus on interoperability and ease-of-use, rather than requiring users to jump through arbitrary hoops in order to achive the desired results.

    If licensing costs are the main issue, these can be defrayed by making the codecs part of a ‘media-center-enhancement’ update pack available on Marketplace.  I find it hard to believe that DRM could be the driving factor behind the decision not to include other codecs natively, because not only are other non-DRM codecs are supported, but there seems to be a lack of support for existing DRM schemes.

  74. Dave says:

    Lol at the hate.  I’ll be picking up a 360 during Boxing Day deal season, and this is one of the biggest features for me – it’ll be nice to be able to watch videos from the computer in my media room without lugging over the computer.  Sure, I’d welcome some other formats – but I’ll also survive converting.  Sure it might be a pain to figure out, but I’m sure it’s doable and will be worked out soon.

    Many of you need to chill.  I’m sure whatever influence you have will go further if you come across as not insane.

  75. Rob says:

    Other formats aside there is stuff to fix for WMV first!

    Firstly read the meta data tags (Title, etc) and use that info when browsing video on the 360 dashboard.

    Secondly, if markers are present in the file then use them! Having to skip 30 seconds at a time is painful over wifi.

  76. neosplasher says:

    get off your butts and do something. just because you have billions of dollers and dominate the computer industry doesnt mean you can supply extremly bad customer service for the xbox 360 consumers , the least you could do is reply to the over all question users have been asking in the comments "are you going to support codecs other than microsofts wmv and the others listed above".

  77. Brent says:

    This has to be a joke right? i recently purchaced a m1210 laptop (with windows media center edition xp on it) and i hook it up to my network, i open up all the ports, and the thing still doesnt seem to work, well that didnt bother me, everything has its bugs after all, but the fact that you dont support any sort of feasable video is absolutely appaling, you are charging people out the ass for this system, the least you can do, is have people respond on the bloody blog rather then just post a news post and walk away, now, this whole line of posts before me, they seem to to be 50% smart of yelling idiots, just, for one time microsoft, be helpful, we pay alot for your products, the least you can do is stop shoving it back in out faces. i switched from apple shortly after ditching my G3 and the least i could expect for spending hundrands apon hundrads of dollers is a lil customer care, Thanks alot, i bet you will never read this post.

  78. KT says:

    Microsoft…..add more codecs….Ive spent hours trying to get my videos to play, only to get an error message….

  79. Tiny says:

    My understanding Gaz is that Mpeg1/2 are supported through media center extender and thats what you can use the xbox 360 converter for, but straight video or ‘media sharing’ through WMP 10/11 the 360 will only support .wmv… I to would love to see the codec range extended, but with Vista Ultimate around the corner I can live with mpg1/2/wmv for now.

  80. Michael Åström says:

    Hi Xboxteam!

    Thank you for an excellent product, the xbox 360 is fantastic!

    I use it as an "media" player but the content providers here in Sweden/Europe often use h.264. It would be great if you try to built in support for this format in every way, so that we can consume localy produced HDTV media content (Swedish televison/public service and others) with our Xbox’s. This is a very "strategic" format for you to support… as you probably already know…

    /Michael – Sweden

  81. Smiler121 says:

    So inconvenient – how many people like myself heard th@ we could play media files, messed about getting rid of WMP11 (doesn’t seem to work for streaming no matter what I do when WM Connect does) only to find out that almost our entire collection of videos fail to work?

    Lets hope th@ Sony do include a good range & the 360 suddenly gets a kick up th backside into running them too!!!

    Plus if anyone ever finds out a way to get WMP11 to connect to their PC as easily as WMConnect please tell the rest of us!!!

  82. Taylor P. R. says:

    You NEED to support the avi codec because most of my Vids are avi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be really shweet if I were able to watch all my anime on the T.V. with no hassels like converting every single video I have.

  83. mike E says:

    Was going to buy an xbox360 to stream divx from my pc and

    eliminate some cables. Looks like a $140 hdd enclosure with

    a video chipset inbuilt does a better job than Xbox 360, actually

    plays formats like divx mpeg.

    A dvd player from china for $30 plays divx and other popular video formats, you guys are a joke

  84. andrew says:

    its strange why microsoft wants to limit the 360’s supported video to just wmv. Ive tried windows media encoder and it wont work, not even for mpeg1 or 2. Right now I’m trying windows movie maker but I’m not expecting anything to happen. Why isnt there more free transcoders to make wmv format videos or better still why doesent microsoft follow sony and let the 360 support mp4, divx…etc.

  85. Tim says:

    "Higher Quality Audio (VBR90)

      Note: If I select (default) "Lossless Quality Audio", XBOX refused to play the file


    Then, under EDL tab, select "EDIT EDL", specify an in and out point, apply the changes, and click "Start Encoding"

    WME Results:

    Action: Capture file

    Sources used: Canon DV Device

    Output files: C:myWMVTestCapture.wmv

    Content duration: 00:00:00:13  (dd:hh:mm:ss)

    Session duration: 00:00:03:03  (dd:hh:mm:ss)


     Bytes encoded (total): 48.47 MB

     Bit rate (expected): Unconstrained

     Bit rate (average): 29.12 Mbps

    Video [Unconstrained]:

     Bytes encoded (total): 48.14 MB

     Bit rate (expected): Unconstrained

     Bit rate (average): 28.93 Mbps

     Frames per second (expected): 29.97

     Frames per second (average): 29.89

     Frames (total): 417

     Frames (dropped): 0

     Profile conformance: MP

    Audio [Unconstrained]:

     Bytes encoded (total): 339.61 KB

     Bit rate (expected): Unconstrained

     Bit rate (average): 198.05 Kbps

     Samples (total): 39

     Samples (dropped): 0

     Profile conformance: L3

    The file is large (48 MB) but when streamed, looks almost as good as the original DV played through the composite cable (how I normally watch them).  

    At least I now know it’s possible to enjoy my home movies on my XBOX 360, without upgrading to XP MCE !  

    But I would rather just capture and stream the DV-AVI files at 25 Mbps.    

    I will play around with more compressed versions. Let me know if you’re interest in what I find.  

    One note: I noticed a Dashboard update a couple days ago.  Make sure you have it.  

  86. Mark Brett says:

    Although you must use .WMV File format have found a very effective ripper. Not cheap but perfect for ripping for 360 video: http://www.boilsoft.com/download.html

  87. Anjero says:

    i just wasted 3 hours  converting a video using wmv2 codec.  play video shows,but wenn i pres play, it says not supported.%$king unbelievable…

  88. MIke says:

    Time for a class-action lawsuit!

  89. Volrath says:

    I’ve been using windows media encoder for about a month now.  I have the full season of Metalocalypse on my computer and wish to vview them on my XBOX360 via a maxtor detatchable HD.  It takes a lot of tweaking but I have found that the above formats for WMV’s do matter a lot as well as the file size.  Each episode is about ten minutes long and is around 130 mb’s in AVI format.  Converting these to WMV’s while keeping the file size down is a chore (if like me, you don’t know what you’re doing).  I would concentrate more on the audio and visual quality rather than screen size.  Face it.  When you and your buddies are sittin around drinkin beers and watchin vids on your 360, you’d rather it be small that distorted lookin and crappy sounding.  Anything above 640 x 480 tends to skip on mine.  Hope this helps though it probably won’t.

  90. Dude says:

    Transcode 360 will allow the more popular codecs (DivX, Xvid, MOV etc.) to be streamed to your 360 by re-encoding them to WMV on the fly.

  91. LinuxLover says:

    WHAAAA!! A bunch a damn crybaby’s…."wha!!! Why doesn’t it support this, or that, I’m switching to PS3, I’m too lazy to re-encode, and learn how to do it without loss of quality….wha!!!!"

    Grow up kids. If you don’t like the product, don’t buy. PERIOD. I assure you MS will not go broke without your business….

  92. chris says:

    i dont understand, since ms dosnt want to listen, can anyone else help me…it says it’s supposed to accept wmv2 and i just bought the $30 winferno and it still wont play.  i finally was able to make the preview picture appear on the video screen of the 360, but it says it dosnt support what im trying to play…i dont understand, help??

  93. malcolm says:

    xbox 360 is great and I dont regreat the purchase but the support relating to media player connection and now video formats blows….!

    Support pursone just told me off for missing a page…. I’m a freakin programmer with more knowledge than him & he treated me like a moron…. Fixed it myself – router problem…

    As for the video formats – I will progress with the knowledge gained from all of these frustraited customers…

    Come on xbox – dont let yourself down – supply some support pages so we can use the xbox and praise it to our friends…

  94. Andrew Annett says:

    Microsoft not to be rude but catch a grip.  No wonder people look into modding your hardware and exploiting it’s full potential when you won’t give them what they want.  A 3.2 Ghz machine can do less than an old xbox with a linux based media player on it.  I traded in my ps2 for the 360 and am really utterly disappointed.  You guys design windows I really expected more.  XBMC which is made by normal people can outclass the 360 at the minute.  You better get things sorted soon or I will be reselling my 2day old xbox 360.  Sony have far better customer support than you.  GET IT SORTED I want to be able to stream any file and play them off dvds like the xbmc is capable of doing!!

  95. Andrew Annett says:

    Microsoft not to be rude but catch a grip.  No wonder people look into modding your hardware and exploiting it’s full potential when you won’t give them what they want.  A 3.2 Ghz machine can do less than an old xbox with a linux based media player on it.  I traded in my ps2 for the 360 and am really utterly disappointed.  You guys design windows I really expected more.  XBMC which is made by normal people can outclass the 360 at the minute.  You better get things sorted soon or I will be reselling my 2day old xbox 360.  Sony have far better customer support than you.  GET IT SORTED I want to be able to stream any file and play them off dvds like the xbmc is capable of doing!!

  96. steve-o says:

    more codecs = more customers

    happy customers = buy more product

    do the math MS

  97. yt404 says:

    Hello I am a Microsoft customer, I own a fully purchased license for windows vista ultimate which cost me around about £200 ($400 roughly), I own a a valid version of windows XP which cost me £80 ($160 roughly) (at the time of purchase) I own an xbox 360 system with wireless adapter and 2 microsoft wireless remotes and a hard drive, this cost me close to £400 ($800 roughly) I think, anyway the point is I moved from XP to vista to get media centre for my 360, I was excited, the feature is great, excellent idea i couldn’t wait, only to find that avi file formats are not supported, avi has been around for as long as I can remember so why doesn’t it work on the xbox 360? I have paid so much money and it doesn’t work the way I want and it really should when all together theres over £500 ($1000 roughly) please microsoft stop being so desperate to force people into using your codecs, it would only take an update through xbox live to install a codec, I forgot to mention I also have paid £39.99 ($80 roughly) to get a 12 month xbox live gold membership, so its not like microsoft havent gotten any money from me, I mean how greedy and nasty can they get? I mean sure the PS3 will be expensive but when the price comes down which it probably will I will find myself ditching my 360 and moving onto the PS3 and I am not alone, the comments on this page all suggest that and I am sure there are millions of other pages like this one, so come on microsoft stop being lazy and do something about it, customer service and all that!

  98. Stating the Obvious says:

    If PS3 alows xvid/x264 etc out of the box they’ve won the first major battle, i am  gutted at the lack of file format support at the moment and have dusted of the old black box with XBMC on and im back to using that. If this dont change soon this is one (once proud) 360 owner who will be 1st in line to part ex it for sonys overpriced machine if it will support them.

    Sure we could all use a 3rd party app live TVersity but we shouldnt have to….YOUR MICROSOFT FOR GODS SAKE

    i realy am shocked that MS is gonna miss the boat on this one

  99. DJ says:

    WTF fix this BS

    Let us play .avi, mpeg, mp4 files..

    who in the hell uses .wmv files anymore..

  100. Pissed off Mike says:

    Why does M$ support suck ass? I’m getting a Wii just to piss-off M$.

  101. Jocko says:

    Screw this, I’m dumping my 360 on ebay and getting a PS3!

  102. Sgt Fury says:

    Sorry Microsoft and Major Nelson.

    You chose unwisely and lost my business and all the others here on the forums. Until you start listening to us, I will have to take my business = $$$$ elsewhere, perhaps over to Sony and the dreaded Playstation 3.

  103. Mel Birch says:

    Having been fortunate enough in the past to visit Redmond and meet some of developers I know MS employ enthusiasts who monitor not only forums like this but also those of the competition.  With release of the PS3 wouldn’t it be a good time to respond to some of the above comments, with at least some information regarding future plans with regard to format support ?

  104. Jorla says:

    is it that hard to support more codecs? come on MS, get on the ball. when i first got my 360 i was excited to see that i could stream media from my pc. But I will not convert everything i own just to watch it, when my dvd player supports divx. even just adding mpeg2 would be better then just WMV, that does not even play if converted with anything other then windows movie maker. as a leading player in the computer world, I expected more.

  105. Adeesa says:

    You guys need to stop complaining.  Microsoft has a history of not caring why do you think all that is about to change.  This is a company that has become obsessed with its financial progress that it has forgotten the people who daily buy thier products and sustain thier multi billion dollar accounts.  What gets me is that we still go out and buy these products knowing we are getting screwed.  Take for example the first 360s released without HDMI now they have released the Elite.  Soon they will release the Ultra Elite which will have the built-in HD-DVD drive, Which they will expect us to buy.  Then comes the Ultra Mega Elite and so on.  I have called for this before and i say it again that a class action lawsuit should be brought against microsoft by all non Elite owners for a free exchange and anytime they decide to this again they have to give compimentary swaps.  I guarantee you they will eventually support DivX… but it will require the purchase of some hardware.  MICROSOFT STOP ALL THIS MADNESS YOUR DAYS OF EXPLOITING US ARE NUMBERED WE YOUR CONSUMERS HAVE TOLD YOU WHAT WE WANT. FOR ONCE LISTEN. WE WANT MORE CODEC SUPPORT AND COMPLIMENTARY HARDWARE UPGRADE

  106. gg says:

    more codecs please or we look at PS3

  107. Chris says:

    Everyone who was complaining about the poor support for 3rd part codecs and complete disregard of the consumer, Microsoft will NOT listen.

    Look at everything they have done, they are historically known  for trying to get the world to run their terrible proprietary software.

    You want to do something about it? Do what I do, DO NOT PURCHASE MICROSOFT SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE IN CASE OF THE XBOX360.

    They don’t care about what you want or need, they only care about the bottom dollar. They have meetings around 20 million dollar tables and think of ways to force us to spend all of our money on them.

    If you guys do get a solution, it will be similar to the HD DVD Player, some ridiculously expensive piece of hardware that connects to "Windows Vista(R) With ease!!" and nothing else…

    Go to ubuntu.com, and download a real operating system that has tons of FREE SOFTWARE. You shouldn’t have to pay for the software you use for simple home stuff. People like me, write software in our spare time and contribute to projects to offer alternatives to the Microsoft crap.

    Support google, support ubuntu, support sourceforge, support those who have beliefs and morals… don’t support Microsoft.

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