The Xbox 360 November ’06 Fall Update is heading your way

Hello everyone,


Wow, only 5 months have passed since we first posted about the Spring update. The release process never seems to slow down but as tired as we all are, I’m still excited to be talking about our third major update to our system software for Xbox 360.  Later tonight (or early in the morning depending on your location) the November ’06 update will go live and with it you will get to see the work we’ve put in over the last 5 months.


Coming out of Spring we looked really hard at all the feedback each of you provided.  We are always listening to our Product Support people.  We dissected the replies from Major Nelson’s blog and of course we review the feedback from the forums.  In addition we are all gamers, and we are passionate about making our product better.  This will be the third evolution of our system software and with it I’m super proud of what we’re delivering.  I’m hoping that you guys will be too.


Back in my original post from June I explained the concept of ‘Your Games, Your Friends and Your Lifestyle’.  This is still something we pivot around in our planning for Xbox 360 and it provides a good framework to talk about some of the changes we’ve made with this release.


For Your Games, we invested heavily in enabling new experiences.  The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel is an awesome accessory and we worked around the clock to make sure that there was support in the system for this cool new experience.  Wireless is where it’s at in the Next-Gen and this is why we’re excited to also provide support for the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset as well.  People loved not being tethered to the console with their controllers before, now they can be totally wire free when online with their friends using the new Wireless Headset.  And they can be wireless to their console when tearing up the laps using the new wheel.


Here on the 360 Team we all love Xbox Live Arcade and from all the downloads of games we know you do as well.  The Arcade team did an amazing job in improving their part of the dashboard this release.  Being able to auto-download new titles….seeing your friends scores from the Arcade page….improving the enumeration speeds, are all part of the improvements in this area.  We’re really proud of how well Arcade has done since launch but now we get to look forward to the games you guys may create via XNA Express.  We worked closely with the XNA team to ensure support was in this release for developing your own games and running them on a retail Xbox 360 console.  I’ve seen some of the really cool games being developed on XNA Express that have just blown me away.  Enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world have been anxious to develop games on a next-gen console, and now they can. 


For Your Lifestyle, we decided to focus heavily on video with this release.  One of the ‘loudest’ feedback items we heard over and over was around not being able to stream videos unless you had a Windows Media Center Edition PC.  I can’t even begin to count how many conspiracy theories there were around why this limitation was in place.  With this update we can now dispel all those theories.  We are now streaming videos from your XP / Vista PC and you can even play them back from USB 2.0 drives or data discs if you’d like.  I know we are going to get a lot of feedback on the codec support we provided with this release.  Let me save everyone the trouble….we know that WMV is not the only video format out there….we know that people want more choices…. and we know folks will want other codecs like H.264 / Mpeg4 / Divx / etc.  Our approach from launch day last year is that we listen to constructive feedback and while I can’t promise anything for the future, I can promise that we will listen and will improve our system software over time.  Some things are just not doable because of legal or licensing issues, but where possible we really try to drive new digital entertainment experiences for your lifestyle.  Additional codec support is already something we’re thinking of for the future.


In addition to the streaming video support, we spent a huge amount of time getting the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player support baked into the system.  I’ve been playing movies on my final production HD DVD unit and I’m amazed at the picture quality and interactive features built into the HD DVD movies.  I hope everyone else gets a chance to the player out.  Once you’ve gone HD, you just can’t go back!


We also worked closely with our co-workers in Zune to make sure the experience with a Zune device is handled really well on the Xbox 360.  We expect that streaming videos, music and pictures will be popular with folks and I look forward to increasing the support between the two devices.  Also with the Zune software on your PC you can stream AAC encoded files to your Xbox 360, something that wasn’t possible prior to this release.


With this release out the door, we’ll take a step back, collect our breaths and start to get ready for the next one.  Post your feedback because we love to hear about how you’d improve and make this system better.  We believe that incredible software and world class services are what make us stand out in this next generation.  Your feedback guides us on what to improve or add.


Now it’s time to find some time for in-depth ‘product testing’ on some of the new games coming out.  I’ve had a chance to play the final version of Gears of War and Viva Pinata, and both of them are amazing.  I’m really looking forward to Rainbow Six: Vegas, as I had a chance to meet the dev team and help them integrate the Xbox Live Vision into the game about 11 months ago.


Thanks everyone,


Daryl Welsh (GT: IndieGames)




Below is the full feature list of changes with this release.





  • HD 1080p video mode support over VGA and component.

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD Player support.

  • Stream WMV video from a Windows-based PC running Windows Media Player 11, Zune software, or Windows Media Connect.

  • Play video from storage devices such as USB Flash drives, Xbox 360 Memory Units, etc.

  • Play video from CD or DVD data discs.

  • Xbox 360 Wireless Headset support, including battery level indicator in the Xbox Guide.

  • Video support for 50-Hz HDTV modes (DVD and HD DVD only).

  • Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel support.

  • Set up automatic downloads of newly released Xbox Live Arcade trial games.

  • Support for upcoming release of XNA Game Studio Express (separate download and subscription required.)

  • Stream music, pictures, and video from a Zune device.

  • Stream AAC (non-DRM) Music from Zune software





Xbox Live Arcade


·         Lightning-fast enumeration and listing of all Xbox Live Arcade games on the console.

·         Find games quickly with two new sort options: Recently Played and By Category.

·         Have all new Xbox Live Arcade games at the ready with auto-downloads. Auto-downloads optionally adds newly released trial versions of games to active downloads when you enter Xbox Live Arcade.

·         View full achievement info in Xbox Live Arcade, including icons, achievement point details, and descriptions.

·         Friends leaderboard: Compare yourself with friends and view leaderboard details right from the Xbox Dashboard.

·         Tell a friend: Send a message to a friend about your newest favorite Xbox Live Arcade game.



DVD Player

    • Optionally disable notifications from Xbox Live while watching DVD movies.

    • Improved support for audio streams on incorrectly authored DVDs.

    • Better handling of unreadable discs.

    • Updated countdown timer.

    • Xbox 360 HD DVD Player support.

    • Added zoom support for non-anamorphic content.


Video Player

·         Improved support for extended all-black scenes in WMV content.

·         Added support for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced profile video.

·         Screen saver now becomes active when videos are paused.

·         Now shares UI and player controls with DVD player.

·         Improved video playback while downloading from Xbox Live.

·         Added skip controls (forward approx. 30 seconds, back approx. 7 seconds).

·         Improved messaging around unplayable video content.

·         Added time elapsed and time remaining displays.

·         Improved playback of high bit-rate HD content on fragmented hard drives.

·         Improved visual quality of video playback.

·         Added selectable display modes: default and letterbox zoom.





·         New locale setting for China.

·         Improved German translations in console settings.

·         Improved German translations in Memory area.

·         Improved Japanese translations in Family Settings.

·         Added localized text for all supported languages in Pictures area.

·         Improved Spanish translations in camera effects.

·         Improved locale-specific decimal denominators.

·         Added localization support for title menu and main menu in the DVD player.

·         Added localization support for “Attempting to Read Media” system message.



Memory Area

·         Added support for Xbox 360 HD DVD Player content..

·         Added new page for viewing content size by category.



Other System Improvements

·         Updated support for new Daylight Saving changes coming in 2007.

·         Improved support for games to better handle host migration in multi-player matches.

·         Improved Xbox Live Vision camera support for changing room lighting while zooming.

·         Background-downloaded videos appear in video area

·         Improved Xbox Live Vision camera support while using VGA.

·         Playing photo slideshows from PC now maintains picture folder hierarchy.

·         Improved user experience when playing and deleting videos from the Games or Media areas.

·         Improved handling of invalid characters during Xbox Live signup.

·         Better handling of watermarks in gamer cards.

·         Improved text for Windows Media Connect..

·         Improved UI performance in Windows Media Center.

·         Improved connection support for Buffalo WZR-G108 wireless router when using Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter.

·         Redownload of deleted Xbox Live Arcade Games no longer re-enumerates all games on the Xbox Live Arcade page.

·         Improved visual display of text in themes.

·         Improved support for CD playback after signing up for Xbox Live and losing network connectivity.

·         Improved support for long names of items Memory area.

·         Improved handling of gamer pictures downloaded from Xbox Live.

·         Improved background download notifications when downloading many small items from Xbox Live.

·         Improved support for custom backgrounds after returning to the Xbox Dashboard from the Account Management area.

·         Improved network reliability between Windows Media Center on Windows Vista and Xbox 360 consoles using Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter.

·         Improved voice chat quality in Xbox Dashboard and in-game chats.

·         Improved messaging when failing to connect to Windows Media Center.

·         Improved USB keyboard support when using a USB hub.

·         Improved consistency of user experience when deleting various types of content.

·         Improved handling of low storage space for background downloads.

·         Improved handling of picture streaming from attached digital cameras over MTP protocol.

·         Improved error messaging for optional iPod support download when storage devices are full.

·         Improved handling of multi-key repeating for USB keyboards.

·         Expanded Family Settings to include support for blocking unrated DVDs and videos.

·         Added ability to clear space from storage devices in download areas.

·         Added support for low-speed and full-speed USB keyboards.

·         Improved caps lock behavior for USB keyboards.

·         Improved look and feel for Xbox Live Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade.

·         Added redeem code option to Xbox Live signup.

·         Removed system message at the start of new downloads. Messages will be displayed for completed items.

·         Added support for CCV credit card validation field in Xbox Live Marketplace purchase areas.

·         Updated “More Information” instructions in the Xbox Dashboard for connecting an Xbox 360 console to a Windows-based PC to stream digital media content.

·         Added auto-scroll to long text descriptions in Xbox Dashboard UI.

·         Improved support for DVD insertion while playing a video file.








Comments (46)

  1. Celeron655 says:

    Great Updates!

    Im looking forward to the HD-DVD player (hope it comes out in New Zealand soon)

    I know its been said before, but i have to say it again.. =P

    Dvix/xvid playback please! (even if its downloadable like the ipod playback support) its the only reason i still have my DVD player.

    576p/720p/1080i/1080p output via Component for DVD playback (maybe its not possible?)

  2. GREAT JOB!!!

    As a software developer I know how many late nights, missed romantic evenings and general eyeball fuzziness any major release creates and you guys have done a rockstar job!  A few things…

    First, You stole all my thunder as I was about to ask about codecs but hey, I think WMV 9 is actually a pretty darn good looking.

    Second, thanks for the few MCE enhancements I noticed in the list.  The original reason I bought an XBox back in the day was so I could use it as an extender and seeing continued support warms my wee heart.

    Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing the Zune in action and how it interacts with the 360.  I dream of being able to use the Zune as a form of memory card as well as down downloading video content from the Marketplace, via the 360, and transfer it to a Zune for viewing and then replaying on a friend’s 360.  Not too much to ask, is it? *grin*

  3. PG4 says:

    For those that use XB Stream to stream their podcasts over to the 360, version 1.4 is now out – which supports Video streaming 🙂 You can get it over at  

    Btw great job Xbox Team, one suggestion is could you please add in 1440×900 resolution for VGA?  I ask this because it’s a common resolution that widescreen monitors use for 19-21" monitors.

  4. JJ says:

    I would like too to dump my standalone DVD player and use X360 as "center of my living room" device, but xvid and divx just ARE ‘defacto’ standard functionality in standalone DVD players and without it X360 is lacking.

    If standalone players manage to include xvid & divx feature why not X360?

    I am even willing to PAY money for that feature!! 10-15€/$ should take care of licensing fees & some…

  5. Jorrit says:

    I think it’s very nice that you publish such an extensive changelog. It’s really appreciated.

    I just wonder why you are pushing USB keyboards like this 🙂 Perhaps a preparation for something coming soon?

  6. Alex says:

    Im also bit dissapointed that still no support for other codecs.

    One question, on my XP MCE I have to look after codecs that are installed so that playback through windows media player is able to play Divx etc. Is it possible for MCE to send the codec it would use to play a file locally to the 360 for that session so that the 360 is able to play more than just WMV?

  7. Why only the ability to play WMV off CD/DVD when we can play MPEG1/2 as well if we stream from Media Center?  I had hoped to no longer have to have my PC turned on in order to reduce the noise when watching HDTV stuff recorded off sattelite but alas it wasnt meant to be. 🙁  Surely playback of MPEG files without Media Center is no harder than with it?

    How many people burn DVDs full of WMV video files?  Probably not many compared to people burning MPEG2 captured straight off sattelite.  VERY dissapointed as not everything can be bought on HD-DVD any time soon, especially as things like Harry Potter are nasty widescreen compared to the TV versions which are nice 16:9.  I HATE black bars at the top and bottom, I mean the whole point of buying a widescreen TV is to NOT have that.

    Other than that, I love the UI improvements.  The new graphics for Marketplace and XBLA are MUCH nicer looking and the categories are much improved.

  8. Marchand says:

    Format choice? This is one area in wich the xbox 360 fails badly. Even the cheapest DVD players on the market has got the ability to play DIVX, XVID,AVI ext.ext…. why not the Xbox 360??? In my opinion the xbox 360 will never be the full media center entertainment hub without these formats! This is very disapointing to know that these format will never be used because of DRM issues. (Contol control control!!!)

  9. Aaron says:

    Nice update.  As a 50Hz-lovin’ aussie, I’m particularly happy about the 50Hz HDTV support (at least for [HD-]DVD).  Does anyone know if this support extends to MCE – upsampling the 50Hz TV signal to the 60Hz XBox HDTV out is the only downside to an otherwise awesome product!

  10. Miguel says:

    Good update, but I can’t set 1920×1080 on my CRT 19" screen on the 360 (my screen goes black), whereas I can set it in Windows XP, from 60Hz to 75Hz.

    My screen is a ViewSonic E92f+SB UltraBrite, and can support up to 2048*1536@60Hz, so it’s the 360 that send the wrong signal.

    Thanks 🙂

  11. aross6 says:

    I’m very happy w/ the update!!!  I use a prog called River Past Video Cleaner to convert my files to wmv and burn them to disc.  I just recently ripped the video of my wedding from my DVD-Cam, converted the file to wmv, and now can burn it to a disc to throw in the box! A+++ Microsoft!! You’re moving much much closer to a complete living room media hub!

  12. slider2nl says:

    ok glad to see support for video streaming but only wmv, is not enough.

    mpg and asf is a small update that can be added to the 360.

    ok it’s not divx or xvid but it is better than nothing.

    so a small update to support 2 extra codecs doesn’t sound like a problem..

  13. fdezjose says:

    I just got my 360 from repair (I had to because of the 3 red rings of death problem) and I downloaded the update and *boom* Error 71 Contact MS Support. I called and they told me that several people had already called for that and it happened the same way, after downloading this update… Now I have to send my 360 again for repair, another month…

    P.D. No, my 360 wasn’t modified or with a modified firmware…

  14. Chris says:

    You know i love my 360, and i love XBL and you guys do a great job, but come on theirs some basic stuff here thats still MIA… Mainly Xvid and Divx support, come on every person thats a video geek wants it and now that the ps3 is shipping with mpeg4 sp … theirs no reason the 360 shouldnt handle it!!!

    Why is the zune is releasing with Mpeg4 support h264, and a bunch of others but the 360 is still gimped to only wmv? Don’t get me wrong i love wmv, but most of my vids are divx! And reencoding takes too long and kills quality!

    Can’t we get the divx codec via a seperate download optional like the optional ipod support pack???????????????????????????? PLEASE GOD DO IT! I mean how many people need to beg for it?

    Then theirs the other stuff people are upset about ….

    No Guild/Clan Support STILL even after rumors of it coming

    No Conference chats (4 person video for those with BW to support it)

    No IE, no i dont want it thta bad but many do and PS3 and wii will have it.

    No RSS / Blog cast support? Come un guys bring the news to our living room!

    No video marketplace?/??? come on with MSN Video, and now the Soapbox why arent we seeing freely available video on demand to our xbox360 media??? A free interface to MSN Video and Soapbox would be wicked!  And no one at Microsoft even sees the connection???? How about TV shows, i’m more than willing to pay for them, but still we cant get them????

    and most importantly where is the next backwards compat update????? No word out of MS on this… and thats one thing 360 fans are getting crushed on the ps3’s back compat and the 360 still lacking… And god forbid microsoft point out the 360’s upscaling and the fact the 360’s back compats actually improve the xbox1 games (and upscale dvds from what i recall being rumored but havent checked)

    Why is the xbox team blog so … so…. not updated, no real 2 way communication… how hard is it for you guys to get a newsgroup on the site???? I mean i’m constantly testing and talking with MS people but never any from microsoft… if feel like majornelsons our only form of interaction

  15. Chris says:

    BTW if you havent noticed many people have said they’d be willing to PAY for the divx codec on the 360! And i’m one of them proper AVI/Divx support and i’ll drop down 400-800 points for it no problemo as long as it works and its mine forever im happy! So why not contact the divx team and start licensing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. cone56 says:

    All I want is 4-way chat.

    Its not asking for too much

  17. Mattias says:

    "The image, video and music formats included in the features of the PS3 are similar with the formats supported by the PSP. In the video category, Sony has implemented PS3 support for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 SP and MPEG-4 AVC/H.265 formats. As regarding audio, the included formats are: AAC, Wav, MP3 and ATRAC. JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF are the image formats supported by the PS3."

    At least match the competition 😉

  18. SteveC says:

    Sounds good, but the number one feature I hear from friends is the support for streaming other format  

    After that, next item is IE on the 360

  19. slider2nl says:

    I think if the xbox team takes a better, closer look at major nelsons website after 500+ post about 3 red lights the codecs support, and the multi video/voice chat.

    I think the team had the chance to put the functions build in if they delayed the update i don’t mind to wait a extra month.

    Now some people are very disapointed about some features not build in this update

  20. slider2nl says:

    Ok what i think about the dashboard..

    1: I hate the buttons design (the ones with the pictures in it) old one was good enough, wast of space for new functions.

    2: streaming video A++, the bad side, no zoom in/out where is 16:9

    support, no codec support divx and xvid, mpg, asf, ram, qt, ect..

    3: This will be a long story..

    First off the way things are organized in the dashboard.

    in the marketplace i can find arcade, and in the games tab under arcade itself?  i see the same thing or i am seeing double.

    Second, every where i look i see video here video there (game videos and videos) keep things together.

    As for the structure to make it easier.. Means that all the video’s you download will be placed in the media tab under videos

    make a categorie like this:

    Video -> Console/computer

    Console -> all videos -> game videos -> muziek videos -> movies/movie trailers ->

    comunity videos -> tip and tricks videos -> ect..

    Every video you download must be placed on 1 spot and organized in categories.

    and for the marketplace there you can download videos, trailers ect.. the same thing is for the media tab video marketplace?

    throw the video marketplace away and let it be in the marketplace itself.

    Now you need to switch fom tab to tab to see and to get what you want, not user friendly.

    remove the game videos button from the games tab and replace it with something like (last played demo)?

    all the space you guys try to fill up doesn’t make any sense. I know you want to listen

    to us people and that you want to give us more features. But there is no real structure in the design of this new update.

    it is a mess.

    4: what i really like is the background improvements. and the hardware update the rest is good and works.

  21. PG4 says:


    You can view RSS feeds, and listen/view podcast/vidcasts on your Xbox 360 with XB Stream –  While it is not a MS product, it still works 🙂  

  22. Sportsunit says:

    I  just wanted to share my thoughts on the update.  First, video streaming is a good start.  To enhance the experience, I would suggest adding more zooming options.  A 720 x 480 video shows up with black bars on the sides, as well as the top and bottom on my HDTV.  This should not be the case.  Bars on the top and bottom are tolerable, but there is no reason for bars on the side.  Media Center has 4 zooming options, which makes it easier to view 16:9 content.  Perhaps, this should be added to the 360.

    Next, fast-forward and rewind controls are definitely needed for the music player.  In fact, a lot needs to be done to the music player, including adding cover art for albums.  

    It appears to me that the marketplace menu hierarchy is completely in shambles.  It may need to be completely redone.  There is too much redundancy and excessive button presses for simple activities, such as finding new game trailers.  

    As for new ideas, integration with the Zune marketplace would give us access to premium content.  A way to download music and music videos with our points would truly turn the 360 into a media hub.  

  23. DAK ATTACK! says:

    Well my unit no longer works after the fall update, it keeps looping the request to upgrade and then moans of no connection.  I am not alone there are many of us out there with this problem and no word from MS.


    Upset me?

    Hell yea!

    So now I have to send it to MS, pay £40 for the delivery charges and recieve a refubished unit instead of my 4 months old unit…seems very wrong and I can’t believe that MS could release such a buggy upgrade.

    Kinda makes sense why Sony are no making the PS3 upgradable, sounds like they are trying to make sure the uses can use their devices rather than just ripping them off.

  24. PG4 says:

    DAK ATTACK, I’ve had to send my unit in 2 times already, but each time I received the exact same unit back.  Likely they only send you a refurbished unit if there is a major hardware problem.

  25. Speed7 says:

    Hey I have a question and I figured that this would be the place to ask it besides I’m almost certain that calling India would be no help and its not mission critical. But I’ve had 360 on launch day and you know the places where featured content is supposed to be featured (ex. on Xbox Live Blade below the market place button but above the DVD drive button or the big on in featured content) well they have never worked for me. I’ve seen them work on my box with other live accounts before but not with mine and I thought that maybe you guys had an idea as to whats up. I thought that getting the update might fix it but no luck.

  26. gamma says:

    I was hoping you guys were going to fix the dashboard advertisement bug. I created my account when I was 17, and I’m 21 now, so because I’m flagged as having a "minor account" I can’t view the advertisements on the dashboard. If anyone is also experiencing this issue feel free to vent at the Xbox forums. Maybe they’ll decide to fix this issue.

    I personally think the best solution is to control whether a user can view the ads or not via the family settings blade.

  27. Speed7 says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue I will definitely post on that thread.

  28. I absolutely love the update, but I was wondering one thing…. is the team still working on backwards compatibility?

  29. matt says:

    thanks for bricking my 360.

    PS3 is now the way to go.

  30. iainl says:


    Guess who just spent 5 hours re-encoding a H.264 file to MPEG2, because the outdated FAQ on the official site claims that it is one of the supported formats for streaming.

    Well, it is, but only if I install Media Centre, and not WMV11. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. Furthermore, my encoding program only encodes WMV9 in an AVI wrapper, and not directly to .wmv, so that won’t work either.

    I’m pretty annoyed right now, for what seems to be a purely political decision.

  31. BobaFett says:

    Thank you for the update. Nice to see that things are continuously improving. Keep up the good work!

    However, divx/xvid support is still lacking. Even cheap dvd players has this now. Shurly, the mighty Xbox 360 should be able to to this?

  32. Jason Bechtoldt says:

    I really hope you can help us HD CRT owners who suffer from horrible black levels on HD videos and games under 720p or 1080i. (although most games have brightness sliders) the xbox live videos and HD-DVD unit do NOT!

  33. devin says:

    how come you cant download the update onto a disk from the computer because with dial up internet i cant get on xbox live.

  34. DV says:

    All of you.

    if you have a MCE, encode the files to WMV with the WME9 (windows media encoder 9) and add it to the My videos folder so you can see it.

    For XP users, Download ZUNE SW and add the folder were your video files are (in WMV).

    Now for the xbox team. Will be a support for streaming of DVD files in their native format? I mean, I have a MCE and I backup my DVDs in the HD so my little son does not kill them. And when he wants to see elmo, I can browse from the Xbox 360 for the DVD files in the MCE rather than look for the DVD and pop into the Box?

    I thing this will be a great approach to comercialize the MCE so it can work as one with the Xbox 360 (more than now)


    PS: stop saying "i’m getting a PS3, this will not fix your issues + HD DVD is the new VHS

  35. XGC Tha Body XL says:

    Umm Nice updates, but no improved chat rooms, You can still only talk to one person at a time in the dash board, we need like public and private rooms, for meetings, and multiple person chat. come on, halo 2 can do it, why can’t the dashboard?!?!!

  36. Stuart Anderton says:

    > Video support for 50-Hz HDTV modes (DVD and HD DVD only).

    Any sign of supporting 50Hz when in Media Centre mode? The 60/50 convertion makes the 360 unusable unless you like juddering!

  37. Randy Counts says:

    If I buy a Xbox 360 can I connect it up wirelessly? My computer is upstairs and my HDTV and 360 will be downstairs (100 feet away). Will this work for xbox live and all downloads?


  38. Randy Again..... says:

    I’m looking into buying an xbox 360. Once I get the wireless adapter how hard is it to connect to my wireless network? My desktop is upstairs with Ethernet cable going to my wireless router. My cable modem (roadrunner) is hooked also to the wireless router. I have a laptop that I can take ANYWHERE in the house and still have a good broadband connection. The 360 and HDTV will be downstairs (100 feet from router). With this set-up will I have any problems? Is it hard to configure PC / 360 to hookup wirelessly? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  39. cgfelker says:

    I just updated my unit and now when I connect my VGA cable it freezes up in the begining logo. The component works as well as the composite but I bought that VGA cable for a reason. It was working fine until the update. I feel I shouldn’t have to pay for a repair considering that your update is responsible for this. I am seriously considering never going back to a microsoft product when it comes to video games. Does anyone have this problem? And yes I have called it in and yes I have tried everything this site suggests and still no solution.

    It my box bricked? Thanks Microsoft!!!

  40. Chris says:


    dont have live

    Cant get Live!!

    stupid Updates

    why cant we have alternitives for downloading them!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhh and im sick of buying original xbox games only to find that the "LAZY" xbox people havent made them availible yet!

    Its probily been explained already but why the F**K dont they play already!

    Increase revenue for Microsoft perhaps?

  41. Spocsta says:

    Please, Please, Please – Xvid and Divx – I too have to keep my DVD player as it supports these formats – How nice would it be to just have my xbox in the lounge – I too wouldn’t mind paying £10 – £15 to have the ability to play these formats


    Its quite simple as everyone else says, what is the point in having HD, and being able to stream movies, when you have to convert to a format which ruins the quality, therefore dont use function!!! and even with this problem there isnt a tempory solution offerec, very dissapointing, almost ruins having one. Cant put my bemusement into words!!!

  43. ROBOSLIDER says:


    A few things I would like in a future update:

    50Hz compatibility with the VGA cable.

    Auto switching between PAL-50 and PAL-60 so I don’t have to change cables and TV mode just to access the PAL setting.

    The ability to choose what notifications you want to see, e.g. enable/disable online/offline ones, enable/disable game invites, enable/disable chat invites, etc, so I could turn online/offline ones off, but still see game invites.

    See the title of the disc on the dashboard’s tray image when there’s a disc in the DVD and HD DVD tray, instead of just "Play game" or "Play HD DVD".

    Assign a spare controller button to an open/close tray function so that when a disc’s in either the DVD or HD DVD tray you can select the relevant icon and eject it with said button. Not essential, but a nice to have.

    That’s all I can think of for now, so other than that, keep up the good work!

  44. OoSuper MarioO says:


    Come on Microsoft one way or another you guys gonna support this else im comitting suicide off the empire state building.Seriously this is ridicolous those of us with 16:10 well many of us who own these monitors are hesistant to purchase 360s due to the lack of support for 16:10.Think of market loss you losing without this support, every penny adds up remember that.MA ma Ma Mario……………

  45. Xbox Team says:

    Hello Everyone! Coming shortly is our December 2007 System Update , one where we’ve added a lot of new

  46. Hello everyone, Wow, only 5 months have passed since we first posted about the Spring update. The release process never seems to slow down but as tired as we all are, I’m still excited to be talking about our third major update to our system software

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