New System Update & More Backwards Compat Games

We posted two updates last night.


New System Update:


This update has no new features.  It only addresses a font issue that consoles with a language set to Chinese would have seen. (System Version for this new update is 2.0.2858)


There are no other changes in this build.  In fact there were no other code changes at all, as this was just the change of a single font file added to the update package.



Backwards Compatibility Update


Version 1.4 of the Back Compat emulator now supports these additional titles:


1.   4x4 EVO 2
2.   Amped® 2
3.   Bad Boys 2
4.   Big Mutha Truckers
5.   DOOM 3®
6.   Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
7.   Fatal Frame™
8.   FlatOut™
9.   Grabbed by the Ghoulies™
10.  Intellivision Lives
11.  LEGO® Star Wars®
12.  Minority Report
13.  MLB SlugFest 20-04
14.  The Punisher™
15.  RalliSport Challenge
16.  Silent Hill® 4: The Room
17.  Spawn® Armageddon
18.  Spider-Man
19.  Star Wars Battlefront™
20.  State of Emergency
21.  Zapper™

Additional Japanese-only titles:

Bistro Cupid 1
Flight Academy
Othello Seminar
Igo Seminar
Shogi Seminar
Mahjong Seminar

For those Xbox 360 owners that do not have access to Xbox Live, will be updated soon with instructions on how to download this update through your PC soon.



Personally I’m super excited about 2 of these titles that are now supported; Amped® 2, as I was part of the team that produced this game, and LEGO® Star Wars®, as this was the one game my kids cannot put down.  Finally I can retire my original Xbox!


The Back-Compat team is already hard at work on the next version.  As always we look to user feedback on which titles to target first so please send feedback to



-IndieGames (Daryl Welsh)

Comments (70)

  1. DrHackenbusch says:

    What about LINKS?? You’ve been part of this team too! 😉

    Make Xbox360 compatible to LINKS!!! PLZZZZZZZzzzzzzz!

  2. Snap says:

    Thanks guys for the hard work!  I too am happy that LEGO Star Wars made the list!  I don’t want to sound like I’m begging but Psychonauts next version?  Please?

    I have sent this request in to the email address a month or so ago along with LEGO Star Wars =)

  3. jeffyjones says:

    Still no Munch’s Oddysee. 🙁 Easily the second best title at launch, after Halo.

  4. CoolJimKid says:

    So no DDR….still >:-(

  5. bcrowie says:

    what about pgr2?

  6. bcrowie says:

    what about pgr2?

  7. pcsguy88 says:

    Getting closer…  Hopefully you are close to getting Rallisport Challenge 2 to work since you knocked out the first one this round.

  8. Tom says:

    why dont they make Toca Race Driver 3 bc? its a fairly new game and was released after the 360 was launched, its also an awesome game.

  9. Great work guys; I look forward to other future BC updates. Please just don’t tell us you are quitting becuase no one cares! That’s not true, we apperciate all of your hard work and effort making the 360 into the multimedia beast it is today and will be tomorrow. =)

  10. john says:

    Nice but wheres the support for all the MS published games… (Midtown Madness 3, cough cough). Still a nice update though.

  11. Finally, one of the games I actually own appears on the backward compatability list. Now if I can only just get Conker: Live and Reloaded as well as Phantom Dust  and Panzer Dragoon Orta there, I’ll be happy.   Thanks for continuing the hard work though.

  12. David S. says:

    Wow, why haven’t you put counter strike in there?  Just because it’s an old title doesn’t mean it can’t be supported on the 360, look at halo 2!  Before halo 2… counterstrike was always in the top three.  We would all appreciate it since many XBL users still enjoy CS.

  13. EvilWays says:

    So what’s with the Japanese-only titles in the list…are they part of the BC list for NTSC-U units or what?

  14. DT says:

    I’m still dissapointed in Republic Commando not being included in the backwards comp listings…

  15. One Sega game down.  Tons to go.  And, on a personal note, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance in 720p would be fun… make it happen people.

  16. Fiddlesworth says:

    Hooray for Grabbed by the Ghoulies! Silent Hill 4 breaks apart at the seams apparently so that needs more work.

    Next please, please, pleeeease:


    Conker Live & Reloaded

    Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath

    Jet Set Radio Future

    Shenmue II


  17. Tom says:

    MVP baseball 2005


    The munch thing might because you can go to the Dashboard from within the game, since you do not emulate the dashboad it might cause problems

  18. Star Wars Republic Commando and Shenmue II please!!

    Great update.  I sold my Xbox to get some 360 games so these updates mean a lot to me.

  19. Joe says:

    hi, is this update suppose to fix the problem that the dashboard can’t show jap/kor characters when your dashboard’s default language is chinese?

    If yes, then it doesn’t work, you still see "口口口口口口口口" instead of  "ありがとう" or "출시 예정일은" in chinese dashboard.

    Some HK users report here.

    DiGiT888: 仲係有格仔~~~~  

    translate: it still show "口口口口"

    rockman138:中文 interface 下o既COD 2 Achievements o依然係 "韓文" 格仔 ……..  

    translate: the Achievements name of COD2 (asia ver.) in chinese interface still show "口口口口".

    HKterry915: 其實之前有d都格仔字改翻正,但又改唔晒,R頭~~

    translate: some jap/kor characters can be recognized after last update, but not all…

  20. Derrick says:

    still no project gotham racing 2 – wtf, of all the best selling games…i hope they get these updates in gear.. otherwise it looks like they are stalling…

  21. Universal-Diablo says:

    what? no Cronicles of Riddick? and why is there spiderman and not spiderman 2? come on, its common sence

  22. Matariel says:

    I’d like to see a Mortal Kombat game in the list, myself.

    Guess i’ll have to keep waiting.

  23. Curtis Hutchings says:

    Where’s Panzer Dragon Orta, Soul Calibur II, and MX vs. ATV Unleashed.

  24. J says:

    no mortal kombat deception? or the bard’s tale? or project snowblind? do those next.

  25. Zondaro says:

    Where’s Panzer Dragoon Orta?!

  26. cybik says:

    hey! where’s my DDR Ultramix? 🙂

    note: for pad reuse, couldn’t we just make a X-to-360 converter ourselves, since it’s pure and simple USB wires?

  27. MarkDijkman says:

    Awww…. No Morrowind? Too bad, I’d love to see that on the X360 🙁 It’d be nice if a lot of the glitches also fixed *hinthint*. Not making you do anything but *hinthint*. Just kiddin’ 🙂 Keep up the good work guys! A lot of people are longing to see Morrowind on the X360, including me 🙂

  28. Roach says:

    Doom 3 is a nice addition, and will keep me entertained till my main 3 of POP: The Two Thrones, Fahrenheit and Destroy all Humans are granted the 720p treatment 🙂

  29. steve says:

    Why the ancient Ralisport and not the second version?

  30. Johnnybricks29 says:

    Does anyone know if this update fixed the problem with getting disconnected from Live in the Coop mode of Splinter Cell?

  31. Why did they remove Star Trek: Shattered Universe from the list?

  32. Great update.  Would love to see Star Wars Republic Commando and Shenmue II on the list next!!

  33. martin anderson says:

    I am in the UK and I am not sure if I am being impatient, or if someone has messed up, but on the US site Fatal Frame is listed as a compatible title now, but when I put in my Project Zero Disc it doesnt work.  They are the same game but Europe has a different name.

    If someone could clarify this for me, I recieved two updates when the update went on Xbox Live, one is the font the other I assume is the Backwards Compatibility Emulator, I also tried downloading and burning to a DVD RW and it said its updated, but the game still doesnt work.

    I cant imagine someone forgot to put both names into the code, and I assume, I was a little over zelous doing the update before it was listed on the european/GB site.

  34. Carl says:

    Where’s Unreal Champ 2 & Juiced?

  35. BXB_Mike says:

    Sorry about hijacking this comment thread, please remove this comment when you’ve read it. I’m trying to get in contact with someone about the XDK, I’ve been sent one my the MS UK PR people and had zero support on it and would like to ask someone in the know some questions.

    Could someone from the Xbox dev Team please e-mail me on so I can get back to you please?

  36. DonnieDarko says:

    Sensible soccer 2006 Please! Sensible soccer 2006 Please! Sensible soccer 2006 Please!Sensible soccer 2006 Please! Sensible soccer 2006 Please! Sensible soccer 2006 Please!Sensible soccer 2006 Please! Sensible soccer 2006 Please! Sensible soccer 2006 Please!

  37. HappySpaceInvdr says:

    It seems that Doom 3 works for me on my UK Xbox 360, but the list above contains many games that are not available in the UK.  

    Also, the Xbox Backwards Compatibility list on has not yet been updated.

    Could you tell us (i.e. give us a definitive list of) the games that will work on a UK machine?

  38. SilverSlide says:

    It’s good to see more games added obviously I’ve got a couple I’d like to see there but I know its a numbers versus difficulty game.

    While we’re talking about updates though; whatever happened to .net alerts? We were told spring 2006 back when Live was ‘360fied’ last year but since not even a word – I really miss knowing when friends are coming on when I’m offline – I know traditionally you guys don’t seem to reply to comments on here but it’d be great to hear that somewhere something is happening.

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  41. matthew wood says:

    personally i am hoping for sensible soccer to become backward compatible as soon as possible

  42. Ronan says:

    Can the next update have the 360 send a Magic Packet out when connecting to the Media Center. Most Dell cards don’t support Wake on Ping which I believe the 360 sends.



  43. TrebuTa says:

    Come on. 🙁 Why can’t you guys make on of your own games, Midtown Madness 3, backwards compatible? 🙁 I was a fan of the series when it still was on PC. Number 3 only came out on the Xbox but as I didn’t had an Xbox I was unable to play it. Now I got an Xbox360 and I would really like to be able to play it on my 360. 🙁

  44. claticus says:

    how can i DESTROY ALL HUMANS if its not on the 360 D: bring DAH to the 360

  45. Sadly until there’s native DivX and AVI support, and the ability to attach to either a USB HDD or Ethernet NAS device with the content on and navigate to it… I can’t see this becoming the media hub it should and could be.

    I have a lot of old VHS movies/shows that I’ve captured as DivX. Can play them back on my MCE. But without some fiddling I can’t get the content out of the study into the loungeroom where the Xbox360 lives. So the family are not that happy.

    An option to run the fans a bit quieter would be a big bonus as well!

  46. Caddy Dabby says:


    I have just downloaded on disc the patch from the xbox website though unfortunatley I am still unable to play the Punsiher as it says this game is not compatible. Please can you advise me of what I should do.

  47. mcclintock says:

    i am really disappointed that i cannot control volume level from within media center.  i like to leave my receiver alone, xbox mce let’s me do this, why not 360 mce?

  48. honest_jon says:

    ‘s gotta be Sensi Soccer 2006, don’t make me buy an xbox just to play this game

    <i>"I’m a goal scoring super-star hero……"</i>

  49. Beau says:

    Could you please please Please PLEASE! Put spiderman 2 in the next xbox to xbox 360 cd compatibilty thingy ma jiggy. When i bought it at blockbuster i was so happy to play it now even on a 360 when i gought home i put it i put it in and then it stopped and said you need to update it. I started to cry you guys are stupid why would you just put 1 spiderman game instead of all or just the second one at least now i dont know wat to do with the game.

  50. Dale626 says:

    im a loyal member of xbox live ive had it for just over a yr and i brought an xbox 360 and had to sell my old xbox to pay for it and i was just wondering when shenmue 2 will be come avilable on the 360 cas its my favouite game

  51. zwangsjacke says:

    why isn’t one of the real(!) top-selling titles like PGR2 on the BC-list ?!?!?

    7.48 million pieces sold, but after 3 years cannot be used on the xbox360 any more !!!

    no good practice in penetrating a market for a long-term.

    gamers will switch to ps, if ms keeps up that way.


  52. kevin says:

    I would really like to know why you havent made ESPN NFL 2K5 a bc title YET!! You need to make it ASAP on the new list update here in december and not xmas before that like NOW!!!! im tired of waiting. Iv been nice for too long. Now im getting mad. This is bull.

  53. darkdante1979 says:

    Please Please PLEASE, make Midtown Madness 3 work on the 360. I Beggin you, My partner and I love this game and made many friends on our old gamertags with this game, and It holds some great sentimentality.  

  54. Lodeirox says:

    My two copys of Brothers in Arms are burning next to my Xbox360 waiting for a miracle to make them big again…The fight is not over till it’s over….

    I keep the hope…


  55. jatia says:


    how about midnight club dubb edition, taeo feng, apex,

    mid town madness 3, nfl fever 04, ESPN NFL 2K5 (the best football to date!!),  

  56. Swiftsquire says:

    Feb of 2007 and still no Star Wars Republic Commando patch. Let me know if I should just sell it. Might as well if I can’t play it.

  57. kalyan dasari says:

    Could you please make toca race driver 3 backward compatible for xbox360

  58. Michael Luna says:

    Im just wondering why TOCA 3 isn’t BC. It’s one of the best racer’s ever on XBOX.

    Personally, it’s a damn shame.

    Conflict Global Terror would be a good adition too.

  59. Arthur Reed says:

    I also would like to see TOCA 3 backwards compatible. I am very disappointed that still here 1 & 1/2 years after launch that we can still not play this awesome game on our 360 systems. Please MS, please!?!

    GT: RetroMUFC

  60. Ryan says:

    SpiderMan 2 definately needs to be backwards compatible

  61. Sheldon says:

    WHERE IS MORROWIND!!! Serousley, my favorite pc/xbox game, and one of the all time best. What the hell microsoft, figure it out. SOON!!!

  62. 360gamer says:

    TOCA 3!  You dont even need to mess with the game to BC it, Like you did Halo2.

    Graphics Looks like a 360 game, You dont need to update it microsoft. Less work, Im sure you would like that.

    Im not even buying Forza Motorsport 2, TOCA and my good ol’ Xbox is good enough.

  63. Jamaes Beveridge says:

    Hi, just wondering if there are any plans to make toca 3 BC? I’m a trackday racer, and bought it to help learn a few circuits only to find out it’s not BC. There are no other games out on the 360 with british circuits. Hope this gets done soon!



  64. dazza says:

    Race driver 2 and 3 need to be BC so that we all can enjoy real   racing games, or better still make a 4th specifically for the 360

  65. David Pritchard says:

    I cannot understand why you wont BC TOCA 3. One of the reasons that i bought my 360 was the fact that you could play your old games on it. I feel cheated.

    As for the game its awesome, especially compared with unrealistic handling arcade crap like PGR3. I lived on that game, now iv got a great console with amazing capability but no decent driving games to make the most of it. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEEEEEAASEE!!!!

  66. Rob Norman says:

    Just played the demo for Foza Motorsports 2 it confirmed what many people say:-




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