Personal Gamer Pictures

Some of the questions I’ve seen asked a lot:  “What is the deal with personal gamer pictures?”   “Does this require the Xbox Live Vision camera?”


The personal gamer picture is a new feature enabled with the Spring Update.  You do not need the Xbox Live Vision camera for this; you can go pick a new image right now.  Personal gamer pictures will only be seen by others who are on your friends list.  Everyone else sees your public picture.


When the Xbox Live Vision camera does become available this fall you will also be able to take your own photo using the camera.  Again only your friends will be able to see this picture.


If you know a friend on the Xbox Team, or who works at Microsoft, there is a chance you may get to see their personal picture taken from the camera. We have been beta testing the camera and everyone really is having a fun time with the cool new feature.


-IndieGames (Daryl Welsh)



[EDIT: June 11, 2006]


There has been some confusion over my comments above.  The feature 'Personal Gamer Pictures' can be used today.  You can choose a gamer icon from any of the available ones on marketplace which will only show to your friends. 


The ability to take a snapshot of your own will not be available until the Xbox LIve Vision camera is released.





Comments (48)

  1. Eastbeast314 says:

    I really wonder how adding someone’s picture to their profile is going to change what one thinks of them.

    Voice alone resulted in pitch-based separatism.

  2. Silver says:

    So the big question is when will we be able to set a image as our personal picture (like we can already set the background of the dashboard), presumably with the rescaling we can already get when say setting a display picture with Messenger.

    Or would I be right in thinking that might just hurt the money model just a little too much… 😉

  3. Gildster says:

    Nice one Daryl, can we use a picture from a memory stick or is it only gamerpics and vision camera stills?

    BTW: What are the chances of ever seeing Links 360 or at least Links on the BC list??

  4. MunkehMunkeh says:

    Can you explain how exactly you do this?


  5. PedrosPad says:

    What size/format must the Gamerpic be?  And how to you get it onto the X360?  Via USB device (camera, hard disk), or upload to

  6. Drgreenchicken says:

    Would you care to elaborate on how this is done?

  7. Hurlamania says:

    How do you do it?

  8. agdTinMan says:

    So, by "personal" you still mean one of the ones that have be pre-selected for us to be gamer pictures, right?  It’s not like you’ve given us the feature to actually upload or copy our own images onto the 360, which is what many people want, right?

    What’s the difference between taking a picture with a camera and uploading from our PC or memory stick?  Ohhhh, right, with the camera there’s very little chance it’s a copyrighted image.

    So it’s intentionally crippled because of that, I suppose.

  9. How I haven’t heard about this yet is beyond me, but thanks.

  10. Geo says:

    How do you add a personal picture then? I have tried on and cant seem to figure it out

  11. drunkenmonky says:

    how do you do this? put a tutorial please, i tried but failed to figure this functioin out

  12. red_army says:

    yeah how can you get u’re picture on right now?

    they say you can do it by using a usb key and put your picture on it

    i’ve done that but there’s no way i can use it as personal pic 🙁

  13. Xbox Liver says:

    Oh fantastic. Tell the xbox community its possible, but dont tell us HOW. Sheesh, the mentality…

  14. hora10kr says:

    Uhm, is the feature described only that you can define another gamerpicture that can only be seen from your friends?

    You don’t get to create your OWN gamerpicture? That’s not 1337….

  15. A of T says:

    For the personal gamer picture, I believe you can have either a normal gamer picture there or use the Xbox Live Vision camera to take a picture of yourself (when the camera comes out that is).

    It would have been nice if you could put any of your pictures there (not just one taken by the Xbox camera), but hey, MS wants to sell you the camera.

    Although if I am wrong, please correct me.

  16. Eric says:

    Wow…that is the stupidest frickin’ thing I’ve ever heard. You know…Microsoft is going to alienate SO MANY PEOPLE with these pigeon holed technologies. People are tired of being tied down with your crap, let them BRANCH OUT A BIT. We’re not asking for much, for gods sake all we want to do is use a picture we have on our computer that ONLY our friends can see. What if we want a picture of our BOAT or something, how can we do that with this stupid little USB camera?

    You can bet PS3 is going to really open the gates for people and you should watch out for it. Stop trying to play god and let people have some freedom with the EXPENSIVE technology they buy from you.

    I’m a Microsoft fan, but this shit is starting to piss me off.

  17. Classified says:

    If Microsoft keeps holding out with not letting everything become universal. Well God bless the hackers and God bless Sony. AND I HATE SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. disappointed says:

    i dont think it is fair that we cannot use our on pictures for our normal gamer picture i believe this is ms way of controlling people and has put me off buying a 360 and il probably buy a ps3 instead and whats the point of having to fork out for a pos like a tiny usb camera why wont a normal webcam do?

  19. jonhhy says:

    so you are not gonna get an xbox 360, because you cant put your own pic onto your gamer card? lol, i will think of you while i hack heads off in high definition talking to my friends on my wireless headset in private chat. M$ is a company, they sell product to make money. We keep buying, they make new stuff. Onwards it goes. They dont care that you dont buy the console, the next 10 people will.

    You can make a sandwich in the kitchen while you chat with friends, thx 2 the wireless controller. You don’t have to get off your ass to turn the thing on, and you are worried about a "personal" gamer pic? lol, good on you fan boy, good on you, stand up for your rights! I also would not put your money on Sony, with the battery recall mess as of late they skate on thin ice…

  20. Jamlin says:

    They probably wont allow you to add your own picture, mainly because you could stick anything up there (porn, drug related ect) which wouldn’t go down too well with the "anti video game community"…

    I would love to create my own individual gamer picture.

  21. [sigh] says:

    More freedom for us = less money for them.

    I find it very dissapointing that we can’t upload our own gamer pics from a PC.  Not being able to do this for the general gamer pic is reasonable, but there’s no excuse for the personal (for friends only) gamer pic being restricted.  The only plausible reason why they arn’t (haven’t yet?) allowed us to do so, is because it would detract from official gamer picture sales, and perhaps — but certainly not significantly — XBL Vision sales.

    /wonders if the PS3 will have such restrictions

  22. luke says:

    i would like MS to allow us to add are own pictures to are personal gamer pic…… you can use nearly any UsB keyboard on the 360 so why cant the same be for a camera?

  23. Yves says:

    Well, a way to put your own picture for the gamer pic would be to use the 360 camera (once it is finally released) and take a picture of your computer screen with the picture you want to put. Of course, the quality won’t be the same, but it should work.

    And the reason that MS doesn’t want to allow us to put any pic as our gamer pic would be for copyrights and also for the fact that they are selling the pics on the marketplace.

  24. [sigh] says:

    I highly doubt potential copyright infringements are the primary reason as to why we can’t upload a personal picture.  Last I checked, Windows Live Messenger has this feature available.

  25. re: Personal Gamer Pictures says:

    Hi well I have made up my picture but all I need to now is how to get that on my Xbox live card when you sign in the picture I have chosen is not really what I wanted so I am wondering how do I change that to the picture that I have created on my computer and is in jpeg format any one now how to do this?

  26. alkalineheat says:

    you cant upload your own. that would mean less money for MS   if you could. pluse no one would buy the crappy unpersonal ones form the xbox live marketplace if you could.  Really The idea of paying for a silly little icon is foolish to me. And i wont be buying the camera. I have a web cam that i already never use. Do you really want to see most of the people you play with on live? LOL i think not!

  27. VitalZign says:

    people….dont u even think about wut ure posting? if youve taken a picture with ure digital camera, and printed the thing off….then just use ure USB Camera to take a picture of your picture….duuuh….no its not going to be vector quality, but come one, MS usb camera is just as good a resolution as many a webcam out there today….think…..THIIIIIINK!

  28. twinmoons says:

    To me this is just ridiculous. You plunk down $400 for a high-end console packed with technology and I can’t have my own picture on my profile? That’s just lame. And forcing me to exclusively use a Microsoft product to do it is even lamer and actually reminds of Sony’s strategies. I recently got rid of my Sony PSP because I got sick and tired of them tying everything to their lame technologies, especially the fact that you can only use their memorysticks. It’s this sort of thing that really turns people off.

  29. Adam says:

    Just to add to the comments on the post, i have been looking for a way to use a picture from a memory card for my personal gamer pic but i guess its not supported (…yet). I would like the ability to put up the same pic i use on facebook, is the feature in dev?

  30. tiptopchewie says:

    stop being a  tight ass and buy a new gamerpic god they dont cost much and they do look cool.

    p.s. sony suck!!!!!!!!!

  31. Adamnufc004 says:

    wait i pay 40 pounds a year to get xbox live and you pay to get pictures this is were microsoft need to do something because sony are saying they are going to make their online play FREE thats why im getting the PS3

  32. tiptopchewie says:

    no smartass thier online will be free just like the ps2 was but developers still can charge users to play online

  33. ferret king 9 says:

    plus the service on offer by sony won’t be a patch on Live – you get what you pay for and at less than £4 per month I know I’m satisfied

  34. II GR Welshy II says:

    Guys, Guys cmon now. Microsoft are a huge company worldwide , they make millions a day god knows how much a second. Its rediculos but Mr B Gates made it so it works this way. they make money out of us in whatever way possible, but you cant argue that live is awesome, Games like halo 3 g o w , graw etc ………… sony wont be able to compare i dont think.

    p.s MS you could release a usb mem stick for us guys to upload gamer piccys, that way u are still making sum money.


  35. TridentCrash says:

    well this is flippin stupid…… with all the hight tech 400$ equipment in the damn 360 u would think that pluggin your usb in that has the pic on it that u would be able to make it your gamerpic….. instead of only using it as a background…. personaly i think that MS can go suck their nuts on their own cuz im not pay them to let sum1 else do it…

    p.s MS is so fuggin retarded nowadays!

  36. Moo says:

    You guys at M$ are a bunch of petty jerks!  Why can’t I upload my own jpg for use as a gamer pic?  Screw your stupid camera, I’ll never buy it!

  37. Moo says:

    You guys at M$ are a bunch of petty jerks!  Why can’t I upload my own jpg for use as a gamer pic?  Screw your stupid camera, I’ll never buy it!

  38. Moo says:

    You guys at M$ are a bunch of petty jerks!  Why can’t I upload my own jpg for use as a gamer pic?  Screw your stupid camera, I’ll never buy it!

  39. Moo says:

    You guys at M$ are a bunch of petty jerks!  Why can’t I upload my own jpg for use as a gamer pic?  Screw your stupid camera, I’ll never buy it!

  40. Moo says:

    You guys at M$ are a bunch of petty jerks!  Why can’t I upload my own jpg for use as a gamer pic?  Screw your stupid camera, I’ll never buy it!

  41. hater says:

    XBOX sucks anyways so it doesnt matter

  42. EvilD says:

    Has this been Fixed yet? Does anyone really pay for tiny images? this is such a joke.

  43. DutchSmoker says:

    "They probably won’t allow you to add your own picture, mainly because you could stick anything up there (porn, drug related ect)"   …. –>  probably, yeah, for Sure!! that’s because why, you know for little kids and people who do not like that (people who do not? like sex and drugsss???? :-0)


    "/wonders if the PS3 will have such restrictions" …… uuuuhhmm, Yes!, of course, it’s America, you know, the United States of America … there they always are so hypocrite …

    I do have a drug related personal picture; too bad it cannot be shown as my gamer picture (for the public also viewable) …

    you know, a Nice Big Fat Ass Loongggg Joint (it’s called a "L")

  44. DutchSmoker says:

    pretty nice huh?, well written for a non-American  😀  Peace !!!!! and have lot’s of Fun and Entertainment on Xbox Live –> Yeah !!!!!

  45. HisDangerGirl says:

    I would love to put my own pic on my 360 or whatever I choose but I can’t big deal! people see who I am by my Play.. not to mention some of my rants lol… It’s just simple business. You guys need to get over yourselves and have fun. Life’s too short to be worried about a stupid gamer pic lol you guys are silly.

  46. kippa says:

    its a picture get over it its notmasif u get judged by ur picture. u get judged by ur game play for god sake. it wud be gud to be able to but no need to buy ps3 (piece siht 3) just live with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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