Introductions and the Spring System Update

Hello Everyone,


My name is Daryl Welsh, (GT: IndieGames).  I’m the Test Manager for Xbox Console and Digital Entertainment Software.  Today I am excited to talk about the next evolution of Xbox software we are releasing soon.  It has been a challenge to keep quiet about this upcoming release, but since the PR folks have begun to spread the word we’re able to talk about what’s coming.  I’m hoping with this release we’ll address some of the most requested issues users have had since launch, keep our competitors on their toes and remain on the leading edge of features for those living the digital entertainment lifestyle.


But before we dive into the new stuff, a little background …..One year ago at E3’05 we introduced Xbox 360 to the world.  It was an exciting time for the team.  Finally the world got to know everything about our little white box.  Getting from that announcement in May to the actual launch in November was an incredibly hectic time for thousands of folks working on the entire platform. Delivering a new generation console is incredibly challenging!  Some people have likened it to building an airplane while rolling down the runway.  As I’ve reflected on that, I find the analogy to be very accurate.  There are 1700 parts to an Xbox 360 and at any given time in the schedule the hardware was changing on a daily/weekly basis.  Our custom built operating system was being rebuilt every day.  The Xbox Live service was being totally overhauled and the game code from developers was constantly changing. To add even more pressure, we were working against very public end-date. Trying to drive to stable milestones and the awesome release we were aiming for, with all those moving variables is tough….damn tough….tough like I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy tough.  But the Xbox 360 Team executed amazingly across the board.  The Hardware and Software teams were in lock-step.  Our game partners performed magic, especially given the short time that had on final hardware and fortunately in those last few weeks before launch we were finally able to build the ‘landing gears’ for the platform and we touched down smoothly in November.


Since Launch, we have been overwhelmed by the positive support from the community.  There is no doubt we have some of the most passionate people on our platform and we love hearing from each of you!  In previous generations, once you got a console delivered for launch you were pretty much done until work began on the next version.  The Xbox 360 changes that view.  Great software and incredible services are going to propel what we launched 6 months ago into something even better.  And we’ll continue to improve our software, our features and evolve what we delivery to stay steps ahead of our competition.  We picked the name ‘Xbox 360’ because the gamer is at the center of everything we do and we’ll never forget that…Your Games….Your Friends….Your Lifestyle….You are at the center.  We’re constantly looking at the posts on the Xbox 360 forums, we scour the feedback from our product support teams and of course we spend a lot of time ‘listening’ to the feedback at  We love Xbox 360 and we’ve put our heart and souls into delivering something we hope everyone enjoys, but we want to make it better.


Below is the list of some of the changes we’ve added for this release.  In the coming days and weeks we’ll spend more time on this blog talking about exactly what some of these items are, and we’ll pore over all the feedback we get from everyone as we look to the next release.  Behind the scenes our Games Development Kit team has continued to release updates to publishers and game devs every month like clock work.  The tools and software support we provide to developers is something we take enormous pride in and making our platform the easiest to program for remains one of our key priorities.


The evolution of our Xbox 360 is far from over, in a lot of ways it has only begun.  We remain laser-focused on the needs and desires of our fans, from the hardest of hard-core gamers, to that of the Digital Entertainment enthusiast and we’ll continue to look for ways to improve.




  • “Download manager” - Marketplace items now download in the background, queue up to six pieces of content
  • DVD bookmark support will remember the film’s timing and location when resuming viewing
  • Fast-forward and rewind now offered at 2x -16x for any videos saved to hard drive
  • “Boot to Dashboard” setting will bypass the loading of any disc in the drive and open directly to Dashboard during power-on
  • Begin slideshows from any photo
  • Music player saves “shuffle” setting
  • Much player save “repeat” setting
  • Music player now displays which file is currently playing in the playlist
  • Music volume level persists between game / reboots
  • 8 new locales added (Chile, Brazil, India, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • Separate settings now offered for Game and User volume controls
  • Themes can now be set from the “System” blade on the Dashboard
  • User-selected music continues play when switching from Dashboard to game or game to Dashboard
  • “All Arcade Games” added as a selection in the Xbox Live Arcade area
  • Personal gamer pictures allowed as Gamertiles – displayed only to those on your Friends List
  • Added support to disable sound effects when navigating Dashboard
  • Instantaneous “Change Theme” option added upon downloading new Dashboard themes
  • Preserve folder structure of source when viewing photos
  • A / B labels now provided to identify memory units in Dashboard
  • Online status set to “Away” when screensaver becomes active





DVD Player


  • Improved audio/video sync after extended pauses
  • Improved visual quality
  • DVD player outputs at native resolution over VGA connection
  • Improved playback smoothness
  • Improved fast-forward and rewind smoothness
  • DVD play continues to attempt to read a disc after “disc read” error
  • DVD play à Pause à Play jitter / out of synch issues improved
  • DVD play à Slow Play à Play jitter / out of synch issues improved
  • Repaired issues with missing menu selection icon from DVD disc menu for certain films
  • Improved Xbox 360 Guide efficiency during certain films
  • Repaired playback stutter during certain films


Music Player


  • Player now populates music data (Title, Artist, etc.) when no track information is available
  • User music is now pauses, instead of stopping, when games override user-selected background music
  • Selecting an artist’s <UNTITLED> album no longer displays <UNTITLED> albums for all artists
  • Improved performance when retrieving playlists from a Windows Media connection
  • List music tracks in track-order when viewing albums by specific artist
  • Unified music controls for music player in Dashboard and pop-up Guide
  • Improved playback for Mono AAC-encoded files
  • Improved connection timing between console and CD database over Internet
  • Player no longer allows hard-drive selection when no hard-drive is connected
  • Removed handling of MTP/USB devices when playing music from them more robust
  • Improved error codes / messaging associated with unplayable content


Localization Improvements


  • Fixed partially truncated strings in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian
  • Korean clock / date format corrected after initial set-up
  • Fixed system hang when changing the language of the console immediately after signing out
  • Korean virtual keyboard “down” navigation now works for lower-right button
  • Korean virtual keyboard caps disabled for input mode
  • Fixed overlapping characters for pre-paid Gold membership card (Japanese localization)
  • Removed extra spaces in several translated words (French localization)
  • PC name displayed properly when containing Japanese characters
  • Support single apostrophe character for Japanese virtual keyboard


Memory Area Improvements


  • Streamlined selection – no profile selection required
  • Improved overall performance, allowing quicker access to content
  • Improved content views including name, file type, size, profile owner and location
  • Faster identification of file types and fewer steps for actions such as copy, move, delete, etc.
  • Capacity (or percentage-full) of storage device now consistent between select-a-device and storage scenes
  • Device selection now shown on each screen to improve usability


Miscellaneous System Improvements


  • Time elapsed now displayed when playing music files
  • Enhanced categorization of media library
  • Accelerated scrolling of large music lists
  • New “shuffle” icon
  • Repeat / Shuffle icon now operates as toggle button
  • Default button for manual IP address is now “A” instead of “Done”
  • Hidden and system folders are no longer displayed from MTP / mass storage devices
  • Difficulty levels for gamer profiles ordered correctly
  • Added additional line and word-wrap to “Publisher” in video area
  • Shuffle / Random no longer skips last image in list when viewing photos
  • Improved handling of Friend Requests between Gamertags that have changed names
  • No longer asked “Exist to Dash?” when switching between areas in the Dashboard
  • New error messages for when Windows Live ID requires password change
  • Unlocked Achievements now displayed first in Game Summary page
  • Selecting an Achievement now shows the specific Achievement details
  • Full date now displayed for “Member Since” and “Next Bill Date” tabs on Membership scene
  • Updated messaging for deleting arcade games purchased by different profiles
  • No longer launch music CD in disc-tray when moving from Live sign-up to Dashboard or Network Troubleshooter
  • Improved voice quality when connected through wired gamepad
  • Show “Last Played Game” selection in Xbox Live Arcade first before enumerating all games (when Arcade game was last game played)
  • Improved performance of picture enumeration from iPods formatted for Mac
  • Adopt latest updates to Cero-based ratings for Family Settings
  • Show videos downloaded from Marketplace in the Video area of the Media blade
  • Improved usability around “Play Now” when downloading demos, trailers and videos
  • Added support for South Africa-specific Family Settings
  • Updated support for Japanese game ratings
  • Video area changed to include game trailers and entertainment videos
  • Improved robustness of Gamerscore when doing account recoveries
  • Improved messaging around handling corrupt or non-fully recovered profiles
  • Improved download performance for popular content being downloaded through Marketplace
  • Total USB keyboard support
  • Testing Live connection while streaming music from PC works correctly
  • Next item / Focus sound not played when scrolling past the bottom of the video list
  • Handle profiles on memory units inserted into system while enumerating profiles from other storage locations
  • Warning / Alert icons now show as part of deleting items in Memory area
  • Repeat rate for remote control matches game controller repeat rate
  • “A” button disabled when in a list with no items available
  • Wireless battery level added to mini-pop-up guide over backward-compatible games
  • Pop-up guide / Dashboard now supports USB keyboard
  • Console no longer enters “charge” mode when shutdown and the battery has been removed from wireless controller
  • System no longer waits indefinitely when attempting to contact Windows Media Connect service on XP PC
  • Improved Marketplace storage device selector
  • Correctly set focus on selected item when back button pressed on “select a game” scene
  • Notify users when multiple wireless SSIDS with identical names are within reach
  • Provide Gold membership information when trying to join a session or accepting game invites with Silver accounts
  • New text to highlight the ability to clear the passcode for Live account signing
  • Photo slideshow no longer resumes when pressing “previous” or “next” from paused state
  • Improved handling of corrupt profiles when deleting them
  • No longer turn off wireless gamepads after system update reboot
  • More robust handling of initial setup experience for memory unit users
  • Improved handling of backward-compatible update experience, reboot back into Xbox v1 environment instead of Dashboard
  • Improved handling for "block communications" from other players
  • Improved keypress sounds when using USB keyboard
  • Improved usability and performance of content enumeration for storage devices
  • Show visual location for where Xbox Live Arcade games reside
  • Improved user messaging when overwriting content while copying
  • Improved consistency of messaging between "sign out" and "switch profile"
  • Updated troubleshooter text for connection to Windows PC's joined to domain
  • Better support for Xbox 360 game disc recognition
  • Improved initial setup text messaging
  • Improved overall error message terminology
  • Game updates downloaded to memory unit no longer show "please reinsert" notification when memory unit removed
  • More robust support for handling game deletes from memory unit and simultaneously removing memory unit
  • Improved system performance between console and affiliated Windows Media Connect PC

Comments (96)
  1. Carl says:

    Very sweet. You guys rock! Definitely a fan 🙂

  2. Juan says:

    USB Keyboard?

    Quicker access to content and dashboard info?

    Download in the background.

    Adjust game and user volume settings.

    This sounds awesome! And we don’t even have a choice.

    (meanwhile, on PSP, they create new firmwares that have like no new features and we are not really forced to, except to play new games… Worms made me update :-P)

  3. Balls says:

    Now add Divx and Xvid playback.

  4. So, everyone probably saw Major Nelson’s post, but the guys behind the dash have a post…and man do…

  5. Sounds like you have been working on a lot of great changes to Xbox360 which probably explains your poor update history on this blog.

  6. Esko says:

    Great work guys.  Can’t wait til I can download it and explore all the features myself….

  7. jc says:

    divx and xvid playback is already available using Transcode360………

  8. TOMCATS says:

    Wow…those are a lot of improvements.  Great work!

  9. DansWrath says:

    This is great!  I have one request for a future update…

    I had to return my XBox 360 to Microsoft and get a replacement.  Because of this, my kids can’t play some of the Arcade games under their profile unless I purchase the game again.  A fix for this would be awesome!

  10. Eastbeast314 says:

    Great work!

    One thing I’d love to see in the Fall update:

    Volume control on DVD playback.

  11. Richard says:

    Question: what does "native resolution" dvd playback via vga output actually mean?

    it will output at whatever res the vga is set to?  or the native res of the disc?  what was the behavior before?

  12. Zufoo says:

    Great job on the system update!

    Feature request:

    Have the option to set in the System blade to schedule the download manager to only download after x hour and before x hour and all day on x day(s).

    Reason is a lot of ISP’s (Especially in the UK) have download limits and offer unmetered off-peak downloads (for example my ISP’s off-peak is 6pm-8am weekdays and all weekend), I can see a lot of people setting 6 downloads going, forgetting about them, only to find out their 360 has cost them a big bandwidth bill.

    Maybe even a option for the 360 to turn itself on and download overnight.

  13. YLA G says:

    congrets on the great list.. but no fix for the language problem in Belgium?

    We have a dutch and a french part in Belgium, but we only see french dubbed trailers, french banners, etc on our english dashboard and we speak dutch.

  14. !TC! says:

    Feature request 🙂

    Ablility to turn off/on autoplay on insert disc.

    (so we can put a game/music cd in, but play it later, rather than have to leave the drive door open)


    Nice work on the market place much more easy to find stuff now.

  15. EdZ says:

    STILL no fix for the PAL50 issue when emulating Xbox games with the VGA cable. ‘Use another cable’ is not a solution.

  16. KILLZONE59 says:

    Took a while just to read all the improvements.  Keep up the good work Xbox Team.  Things like this show us that you are all still focused on improving our Xbox 360 experence. Thanks

  17. Sam says:

    Amazing guys, Great work. Please make the fall update equally successful, here’s some things i thought of.

    – Movie trailers are still going into Game Videos.

    – Game/DVD title display on dash.

    – Marketplace content categorised into new structure. E.g. In game videos there is still Community and Dashboard folders.

    – Time and date displayed in top-right of blades.

    – RSS feed viewer (no viruses).

  18. Khronoss says:

    Amazing,  now as Balls  said divx playback would be nice, but from the dashboard itself, not streaming.. not from another pc using some program.

    Great work guys

  19. jeffyjones says:

    I’m still waiting for the legacy game compatibility to come for Munch’s Oddysee. Once that’s there, I can throw away my old Xbox!

  20. Mark says:

    A question I haven’t been able to get answered elsewhere: how crippled would an XBox 360 be without high speed internet?

    It happens that I live just about 1/2 a mile too far from the switching station for DSL, and the cable company that services my area doesn’t yet offer internet service.  Both phone company and cable company have promised high speed service for years, but never get around to delivering.

    In the meantime, I’m paying out for an old-fashioned ISDN line so I can at least get 128K service and don’t have to deal with disconnects and dialing up.

    I’d really like to buy a 360, but I’m concerned I’d be cut off from many of the best features.

  21. Brian Hoyt says:

    Thanks for all the info.

    For the commenter on volume control.  The output of Xbox is line level, it isn’t adjustable.  You have to control that on whatever you are sending the sound to.

  22. Hey, great job but movie trailers are still going into Game Videos (I assume Game Videos SHOULD just be for game trailers, etc???) and the marketplace seems very oddly organised – I’ve even got gamertiles under videos (I’m in the UK if that makes a difference) and everything is bundled under Digital Entertainment bar a few of the recent things.

    Otherwise, good job!

  23. Great job on this!  There are so many features/fixes that it’s like my birthday and that’s not until next month!

  24. Balls says:

    Too bad you can’t edit posts…

    What I should have said was "Great job guys. And if you’re taking suggestions, Divx and Xvid playback would be fantastic."

    Instead I just demanded features without giving props. I r lamer.

    You fixed my #2 and #3 biggest annoyances of the virgin360 Forced Boot to DVD and the Downloads.

    Now adding the capability to support more media formats would be great. I understand MS wants to push WM Format, but forcing it on consumers this way is lame.

  25. Mystakill says:

    Here’s my list of suggestions that I’ve been meaning to send off to someone at Microsoft:

    – Only full/purchased games should be displayed under Achievements. Listing trial games to under Achievements just pollute the listings because there’s no way to earn anything.

    – Users should have the option to remove specific titles from their Achivements list. I rent quite a few games that I have no intentions of finishing, therefore causing more “pollution” of my Achivements list.  (By all means, track games & stats, but we don’t necessarily want to display everything.)

    – Full-screen previews for themes and gamer pictures. It’s difficult to make a decision to buy a theme/gamer pic because the current thumbnail previews are extremely lacking. Personally, I haven’t bought quite a few items because I couldn’t get a full preview. Game demos sell games. Full-screen previews would sell themes & pics.

  26. Niobium says:

    All of the new features are a breath of fresh air.. Wonderfully executed!

    One problem.  Why… WHY.. is DVD upscaling only available through the VGA cable, and not through Component cables?  I mean, it’s nice being able to watch a DVD in 1280×720 on my 21 inch monitor.. But I’d much rather watch a DVD in 1280×720 on my 56 inch HDTV.

    Please say this was a small oversight and will be corrected shortly!

  27. Broadband says:

    I completely agree with giving us more control over our Achievements list, whether on the console or via the website.

    I still have Play Online Viewer showing from back when I beta tested FFXI even though it has no gamer points associated with it.  I’ve also got a bunch of games showing I demoed but never decided to buy.

  28. DskiZeD says:

    Media Connect to support digital media playback from PC.

    DivX Certification:

    ** Enable support for .avi playback from both DVD media and from a share on a PC.

  29. DskiZeD says:

    It was appropriate that JC point out: "divx and xvid playback is already available using Transcode360".

    However native support on the console either locally from the DVD player or accessed from a Windows Media Connect share (PC or Media Centre ed.) would be more versatile.

    It would ensure;

    ** Easy of use

    ** Support would be available from the vendor

    ** Playback would be possible from media in the DVD device

    ** Remove the necessity to install 3rd party community based beta software.

  30. Joe says:

    what a great update. thank you guys.

    but this update still not fix the problem below.

    – The dashboard cannot display the Jap/Kor character if the default language is Chinese. it only show "口" on the screen.

    hope this bug can be fix on the autumn update.

  31. Mr Akash says:

    Hey guys,

    Seriously, awesome update. I’m sure there isn’t anything that hasn’t been said already but I just wanted to comment that my favorite addition is the seamless transition of your personal music from game to game to dashboard and back to game. I can’t tell you how luxurious an experience that is, so incredibly intuitive. It’s the little things I suppose.

    I understand there is little incentive to include these features given that 80% of 360 owners will never appreciate them or even know of their existence, but hopefully the graditude of gamers like myself will suffice.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    – Akash Suri

    Berkeley, CA

  32. I am with Joe

    Maybe no one reported that before?

    when using Chinese interface

    you will see "口口口口口口口"

    but actually that should be "エブリパーティ"

    which means "everyparty"

    strange enough?

    imagine a whole page of 口口口口口……

  33. Jason says:

    Great update!

    Now, playing videos over Windows Media Connect and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 support is what I want next.

  34. Ritchie says:

    I agree, fantastic update guys, well done!

    As has been said on here a lot, divx/vidx playback would be great.  It’s supported by mainstream DVD hardware companies now (like Samsung, Toshiba etc) so you expect it in most living room equipment, including your games console.

    It would also be a great punch in the battle with the PS3 as you can be sure Sony will not allow divx playback (to start with).  First company to do it will win the "media player in the living room" battle!

  35. jeffyjones says:

    "Why… WHY.. is DVD upscaling only available through the VGA cable, and not through Component cables?"

    It’s not? Does that mean my TV is doing it for me? Because it looks pretty fabulous.

  36. Damian says:

    The one thing that always drives me nuts is the fact that the 360 does not support WiFi profiles. Even a PSP does this. You spend $100 on the adaptor but the 360 can only remember one WEP key at a time. Its the biggest pain the rear to type out the one gazillion character key each time I take the system to a new friends house… You should be able to save several keys in the system and label them as profiles "Bobs Wifi", "Home Wifi", etc. Hopefully this feature will be added someday to make the WiFi accessory actually worth it.

  37. Jim says:

    Good stuff…but unless I missed it, it’s still not there (and I don’t know of any way to disable the "feature").  When I’m watching videos or DVDs, don’t popup messages telling me which of my friends are online…when I’m watching videos I don’t care.

    Unless there’s already an option to turn this off that I’m not aware of, I vote for the ability to do so in the next update.

  38. jeffyjones says:

    Yes, there already is a place to turn off notifications in your profile.

  39. ToastedSoul says:

    good features, thanks

    my ideas for the next update:

    1) make browsing through digital media more windows explorer like. when watching a game trailer and going back (button B), I find myself again at the top of the trailer list every time! I expect to be where I was before (selection of the previous watched trailer name)

    2) Trailer queue / Play all trailers (with "skip to next" option) / Trailer screensaver.

    3) persistent music also for trailers (new option under "play": "play without music") -> useful for party mode (dj xbox) when combined with feature 2)

    4) playing music from winXp pc with windows media connect: when the pc is turned on after the xbox360, the xbox doesnt detect the pc!

    5) "extremely persisten music": continue playing music upon xbox start where it left of when the xbox was shut down

    6) "select music" on player guide slide: like 1) above, display (select) active music title

    7) marketplace: gamer picture / theme preview


  40. Kicks says:

    Still trying to figure out what they mean by this update:

    "Separate settings now offered for Game and User volume controls"

    The reason why I’m curious is I purchased a set of turtle beach ear force x2’s and had to return them because not all games support game music and game sound volume control. I could not hear people with them over voice in GRAW and since there’s no guarantee that every game that will come out will support volume control and if I cannot hear voice com, what good are they? 🙂

    Any ideas?

  41. TheDecn says:

    Being that I connect to my 32" LCD via VGA, I absolutely *love* the DVD player improvements.  However, I still feel like things are a little *too* dark.  I would be ever grateful if you guys added a "color settings" option to the DVD player for the next update (i.e. gamma, brightness, RGB, etc.)  As it stands now, I have to crank brightness on my display beyond what is appropriate for games to calibrate for DVDs.  And to be honest, even then, the image still looks a little more subdued than it should.

    Regardless, thanks so much for the amazing update and keep up the great work!

  42. kappa12981 says:


    Notification (similar to when you get a message, friend logs on, download complete, etc.) for when music track changes so you don’t have to bring up the guide everytime you want to see what song you’re listening to. The ability to turn this feature on and off would be great too.

    Great update IMO.

  43. slider2nl says:

    Great update thanks guys.

    my list of things that are missing or that can be added:

    *multi chat, chatting with 4 people or more in the dashboard.

    *notification for music tracks and that you can switch it on/off.

    *adding radio stations to the marketplace or in the media tab, that you can play with the music player or when playing a offline game maybe a option to add radio stations in the media tab

    *better organized marketplace.

    *notification in pop up when battery is almost empty.

    *more time to record voice message if you have a longer story.

    *adding xvid and divx support in dashboard

    *custom sound pack for the dashboard and custom tabs diffrent shaps ect.

    *me and my partner have 2 controllers and 2 headsets and have some shared friends/family some times we want to chat together with 1 of them in a 1 on 1 chat. it would be great if this option can be added

    *removing the games/info, that i didn’t buy from xbox live arcade or will be automaticly be removed when you delete the trail game

    *more info about the themes and gamer pictures, how many gamer pictures do i get in the pack? and how do they look? to small to see or no preview.

    *the options to save pictures from usb stick or pc to the media tab – pictures, and the option to save the music from usb or pc to the harddrive just like the ripping function

    *in the memory – music, you can delete music. but he will ask to delete them all can that be changed so we can select the music we want to delete from the harddisk.

    *adding random gamer picture everytime you switch the 360 on, he will randomly choose a gamer picture, (not the personal picture of course).

    *a inbox or outbox would be fine, i had send a message to a friend 8 days ago but i don’t know about what. so i got a respons back and still i can figure it out what i asked.

    *more details about what a friend is doing on the dashboard

    *setting time for screensaver 5min, 10min, 15min, extra saféty against burning in for LCD TV

    *better open and close for the dvd when you don’t have a remote contol.

    *the time in the sidebar a litle bigger and darker and for the battery status also.

    *animated ads or short clips of games or trailers

    *RSS feed

    *support for wireless keyboards on usb

    *play all videos button

    *the option, if you got 2 pc’s 1 xbox 360 and 2 profiles that each profile remembers the name of the pc that is linked to the profile, and not 1 each time

  44. Daryl Welsh posts a bit about personal gamer pictures, and &quot;clearing the system cache&quot; on the Xbox console…

  45. leeb1977 says:

    kudos on the update.

    web browser would be quality though.

  46. Garulon says:

    I Really love the update, and (like everyone else 🙂 have a suggestion for the next one!

    You know the low-power "quiet" mode the 360 goes into when you play a DVD?  Would it be possible to stay in that mode when at the Dashboard as well?

    You could go into "full" mode when you need to: visualiser, arcade or full games would be fine.  I think it’d address a lot of feedback about the system noise (as the dashboard doesn’t generate any ambient sound, it’s far more noticable then when you play a game).  

    I noticed that background downloads persist when you watch DVDs so i can’t think of a mechanical reason why you couldn’t do this.


  47. Nick Whitehead says:

    Good updates really helpful!

    But the update I was really hoping for was for some sort of Music search facility or Alphabetical listing, for example if I want to go to an artist beginning with T then to just to be able to go straight to the T’s without scrolling all the way down as present.

    I have over 2000 artists on my PC and it’s a complete nightmare finding the artist I want at the moment.

    As my music library grows this problem will only become worse!

    If there is a way of doing this already already that I’m missing can some please let me know!!!

  48. tony says:

    you must ad DivX

  49. bushwod says:

    I love the update, some great features added.

    However one I was hoping to see was the Dashboard recognizing the name of the game currenty in the drive, rather than just saying ‘Play Game’ as I often forget what disc I was last playing.

  50. holey78 says:

    How about playing video from a portable device not just music. Divx xvid would be good too. Good work on everything else though.

  51. Mi6300m says:

    Great job on the update….however, has it been reported that since this last Major Dashboard update that game content such the Call of Duty 2 Map Packs seem to disappear claiming that no such content exsist on the console, but after restarting the console a couple of times it comes back. I would hope my 2 360s aren’t the only ones having this issue.

  52. Martin says:

    Great set of updates but where is DivX and Xvid support?

  53. smart1 says:

    Great Job on the updates, my 360 seems faster and more stable. The more features the better!!

    hey why not put a active download button on the xbox guide blade. so whenever i am in game and want to check the status of my download i don’t have to go to the dashboard and quit the game i am currently playing

  54. Dave R. says:

    I’d love to get a 360, but I will be holding back until DivX support is added. If you provide nothing else in the Autumn update, please add this!

  55. Garie says:

    Nice work.

    Couple of outstanding fixes I’d like to see though.  I’m crossing my fingers that you guys are working on making videos stored on a Windows XP Home Edition PC playable via the 360 (actually, playable from an external hdd would be great if possible).

    It would also be nice to have the 360 upscale DVDs to 720p (and if possible try and tweak the fans to do down a little lower – the 360 does sound like a jet plane taking off, especially during layer transitions).

    I agree with those suggesting expanded format playback.

    All in all though, you’ve done good with the latest updates.

  56. D.C says:

    Great update, volume control in music player and download manager are excellent.

    I would like to see WMV and WMV HD playback from a DVD-RW / USB devices in a future release; (not streaming from media PC!)

  57. Garulon says:

    @ Smart1: "hey why not put a active download button on the xbox guide blade. so whenever i am in game and want to check the status of my download i don’t have to go to the dashboard and quit the game i am currently playing"

    If you hit the guide button, go to "personal settings" and then "active downloads" you can manage it from there in-game.

  58. Prins Olav says:

    Divx and Xvid-playback from the box would be awesome.

  59. djdoc360 says:

    Now they need to allow us to use our soundtracks during Xbox 1 games and that will be a big plus. Enable the Xbox Guide button and let us select music in the normal way 🙂


  60. Great update, makes the 360 a true beast,

    However, it also gives everyone an opportunity to air a gripe that they might otherwise ignore…

    So heres my gripes.

    1) 50/60 Hz handling – there should 3 options, 50;60;50/60. So those demos that pop up and say ‘you must change to 60Hz’ can just do it automagically. And also DVDs should be played at their default refresh rate as some films suffer from massive stuttering when played on the wrong setting (not sure if this has been ammended in the update, but its not on the list)

    2) WMV-HD dvd support. All this crap about HD-DVD and bluray would be null and void if the 360 and other dvd players adopted the WMV-HD standard as used on Terminator 2 – Extreme edition. If the DRM has to stay then make good use of the live connection.

    3) Re-think the blades. They can be a little hard to navigate and some simple features are a fair few menus away from the starting point. Probably a few simple tweaks here and there could really make it shine.

    That is all, great work guys, you are making the 360 better and better.

    : D

  61. Aphex says:

    The Spring update was great. Good to know there are passionate people behind the 360. Bodes well for the future.

    Next Update wishes…

    1. Streaming movies from PC (from "Videos" section under Media blade – not XP Media Centre)

    2. Web Access (PS3 and WII will have it)

    3. Radio station select (like the one in Windows Media Player 10)

    4. Ability to sign in to my gamer tag with a status of "Offline". Currently I turn off auto sign-in and have to selection "Appear Offline" and then sign in.

    5. RSS feeds that cater for Podcasts.

    6. Access to the Virtual Earth world map

    7. And a surprise


  62. PhantomSL says:

    Everything is great apart from the-

    "DVD player outputs at native resolution over VGA connection"

    What this basicaly means is that when I watch a non-widescreen DVD on my widescreen TV it leaves stupid black lines down each side, My TV can do that for me if I want it to. At least give us an option to turn this off – Whats the point of me having a widescrene TV if my DVD playing X-Box Squashes the images to non-widescreen!

    Oh & for a future update – add an "update history" section, its very nice to know that my 360 has been updated but would be better if I could see what the update contained, rather than having to search the internet to find out.

  63. PhantomSL says:

    Oh forgot this – as your MSN messenger account is linked to XBOX live – add mesenger support on 360.

    That way I woulnd need to have both my PC & 360 on to chat to my friends who use different software.

  64. slider2nl says:

    @ Smart1: "hey why not put a active download button on the xbox guide blade. so whenever i am in game and want to check the status of my download i don’t have to go to the dashboard and quit the game i am currently playing"

    If you hit the guide button, go to "personal settings" and then "active downloads" you can manage it from there in-game.


    i prefere it on top of the guide instead of going in the personal settings

  65. This week&amp;rsquo;s show:Interview: Forza TeamInterview: GRAW Downloadable Content ProducerInterview: Xbox

  66. This week&amp;rsquo;s show:Interview: Forza TeamInterview: GRAW Downloadable Content ProducerInterview: Xbox

  67. Tons of stuff packed in that update, thanks!!!

    One thing I’d like to make apparent (I’m sure it’s already been caught?) but when you go to change your Gamer Picture and have a DVD Video in the tray… if you leave back to the main dashboard it automatically starts the DVD again, for no reason, instead of going to the dashboard as it should.

  68. ONI5 says:

    What happened to the WMV-HD DVD support?

  69. Dalbito says:

    Thanks for a welcome update.   A  points worthy of mention.

    1) The screen dimming does not disable during photo slide shows, any way for this to automatically switch off?

    2) Would love to be able to zoom in on photos, bear in mind that they’ve never looked so good now that I’m streaming them from the PC through the 360 to a HDTV.

    3) Is a DVD update to enable upscaling to 720p possible?

    (Apologies if there is a more appropriate place for suggestions)

  70. dic2005 says:

    The updates are very useful indeed but I want more…

    1) more screen saver choices, e.g slide show.

    2) more input method support for Chinese when using USB keyboard.

    3) Better Xbox guide support for original Xbox game.

  71. ni9ht 5ta1k3r says:

    The Spring update is great and the background downloading is an excellent feature. I would like to see:

    1. More widescreen display options like whether you are using a 16:9 or 16:10 display.

    Since I use a widescreen LCD PC Monitor to play XBOX360 everything is stretched to 16:10. So if, in the display options, you select 16:10 widescreen it would automatically add black bars to the top and bottom of the dash, DVD Videos, and even games to keep the original 16:9 ratio intact.

    If you add this to the next dash update it will be a great help and make everything better.

  72. Big Pimp says:

    Is xbox 360 going to be good

  73. Big Pimp says:

    Is xbox 360 going to be good

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  77. Mike Frisco says:

    I noticed that after the spring update, my 360’s fans seem to be stuck on high *all the time*.

    Previously when I was playing Live Arcade games the fans would slow down and be relatively quiet.  They’d only really kick into high gear when I was playing a "real" disc-based game like Oblivion.

    Now after the spring update they’re running at full blast non-stop all the time, no matter what I’m doing.  I’m actually playing less Uno now because of the noise.

    Was this intentional?  Or just an accident?

  78. ni9ht 5ta1k3r says:

    I think that you guys should add:

    1. More widescreen options through VGA. 16:10 for LCD PC Monitors and 16:9 for LCD TVs with VGA. If 16:10 is selected it should add black bars to the dash, games, and videos (DVD and downloaded) to keep the original 16:9 aspect ratio.

    2. Calendar to keep track of matches and events on Live.

    3. DVD bookmarking like in software DVD players.

  79. James Walmsley says:

    Music Player:

    1. Fast forward and rewind (using the remote buttons and buttons on the dashboard)

    2. *.m4a audio support

    3. The scrolling has been improved in this update but it could still be better if there were  more stages of speed up rather the just the slow -> fast and also if there were some visual indication as to how fast you are going (perhaps a vertical line beside the list that grows up and down to indicate the speed) It would also be better if the list scrolled with more fps when it speeds up.

    4. Ability to save playlists for media that is on the PC. Surely this must be easy to do!

    5. Album cover art support

    6. Radio stations

    DVD player:

    1. override display refresh rate and play DVDs at the rate they are encoded at (there would be a 3rd option in refresh rate called auto that would enable this) Like wise games and dashboard would automatically chose 60 fps.

    2. Increase the buffering of the DVD data so that we don’t see a pause on layer change. (the original xbox never paused on layer change and that only had ¼ the ram!)

    3. Better fast-forward and rewind, the original xbox seamed a lot smother. Also what happened to the smooth zooming and panning of the original xbox? I know this is not important for usability but its one of those quality feel features that just make the product seem of high quality (ie the way smooth animation in OSX makes Macs feel high quality)

    4. Extend the chapter point to support multiple disks.


    This is a must as all the other nex-gen platforms are going to support this (and if Microsoft don’t support it this adds motivation to the crackers to break into the 360 and add it themselves)

    1. Runs in two modes: limited for parental control, which just allows access to a fixed list (maintained by Microsoft) of sites. And a full mode for everyone else.

    2. Downloads restricted to media files only (for playing through image / music player / video players) to stop any chance of downloading viruses

    3. No Active X or any other plug-in supported to stop viruses and mall ware, only flash content will play through a Microsoft approved player

    4. Pan & Zoom to improve experience with browsing on SD tv’s

    5. Button snap for pointer to allow browsing with remote, pointer analogue motion controlled by thumbsticks + usb mouse support!

    Video playback from non media centre PCs

  80. Jason says:

    After downloading your newest update, switching to boot to dashboard broke my otherwise perfectly working Xbox 360. Now it doesn’t read disks at all.

    Fix your update please!!!!

  81. K Rock XP says:

    Just wanted to drop my 2 cents in. I love the update, you guys did a great job.

    What I would love to see in the next update:

    *3 People Chat (Even if only in certain situations, like XBL Arcade)

    *Send photos via messages (Send photos that are save on my computer to another user.

    *Add pictures as wallpaper to individual blades. (Right now the same pic gets applied to all 4 blades)

    *See Album Art (if your song has it.) on the media blade

    *See Artist info on top of song title  for songs played.

    Keep up the good work, we love the xbox team.

    K Rock XP

  82. Ungreat says:


    Include more VGA options for widescreen as i know a lot of people use PC monitors and can’t afford to drop a grand on an HDTV.

    I’d rather have black bars than a stretched picture.

  83. Anthony says:

    I noticed you do not have a gamma adjustment yet for vga?

    After connecting my xbox 360 vga to my ViewSonic VX2025wm LCD screen the colors from all my xbox games & DVD movies appear washed out*pale or colorless*when compared my tv connection.  

    There an issue with your xbox 360 vga display adapter as my computer when connected to the LCD is fine.

    I noticed this issue on the following forum:

    For example:

    "-The Viewsonic VX2025wm is a terrific monitor if you’re only going to run it on a PC. I bought one, but then found it does not fare well with the Xbox 360 because it cannot oversaturate the color levels to compensate for the VGA cable "wash out" effect. *And for what it’s worth, the Viewsonic cannot re-scale images that aren’t native resolution. They distort and stretch"

    Are you able to update the xbox 360 to overcome this problem including having additional higher resolutions soon?

  84. I shouldn&amp;#39;t be difficult. The xbox360 is an awesome piece of technology. It&amp;#39;s one of the more

  85. frank says:

    what about divx and avi support! that would jus be of the hook! sony won’t do it, Pliz do something like that for the Xbox, i love the Xbox360 but dvd is growing old! avi,avi,avi,avi…………………………….avi

  86. zev says:

    16:10 support and more options for vga.

  87. Xbox Team says:

    Hello everyone, Wow, only 5 months have passed since we first posted about the Spring update. The release

  88. Uberklocked says:

    The VGA wash out problem is my biggest issue. I have a HP L2335 23" monitor. I want to do 1080P via VGA but cannot due to the severe washout of the colors.

  89. rando says:

    can i save pics to xbox360 right now?

  90. ... says:

    Du musst ein Fachmann sein – wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!

  91. ... says:

    9 su 10! Ottenerlo! Siete buoni!

  92. ... says:

    Stupore! ho una sensibilit molto buona circa il vostro luogo!!!!

  93. ... says:

    E grande io ha trovato il vostro luogo! Le info importanti ottenute! ))

  94. Xbox Team says:

    Hello Everyone! Coming shortly is our December 2007 System Update , one where we’ve added a lot of new

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