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Sorry for the hiatus - lots going on in Xbox-land, what with GDC going on and all our projects are moving ahead full steam regardless of that, too.  I was watching G4's Attack of the Show online and someone mentioned that the Xbox team had moved on to other projects.  I can assure you the people sitting in the offices around me are still working on keeping Xbox 360 fresh for our customers - new features for, Xbox Live, the console, peripherals and development tools are all under way.

In my previous post, I talked a lot about the current development environment we have for Xbox 360, internally as well as externally.  Many people responded to that in the comments crying out for the ability to write games in C# for Xbox 360.  By now, it is probably pretty obvious why I didn't answer the questions even though I specifically said I would πŸ™‚

I'll see if I can get one of the developers on the XNA tools team to give you all more detailed info about both XNA Framework and XNA Build - how they work, what features they have, etc.

And since I know you all have been waiting for it, I am preparing an article for later this week that will cover a lot of info about backwards compatibility.  Watch for it after GDC dies down a bit.

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  1. CIJclouseau says:

    I look forward to hearing news on backward compatibility.


  2. Lex says:

    Interesting; but what, if anything, does this mean for the non professional dev?

  3. Nick says:

    Great to hear, I love the news. Even though I saw the hints of this in other blogs last week, thanks for posting it here.


  4. scrapple says:

    G4 Attack of the show is soooo anti microsoft its pathetic..

    they just gave Oblivion a "Dont buy" rating..


    what tools to the system they are young jedi’s…

    they are soooo in need of ratings that they will say anything opposite of what the mass media thinks to get attention for ratings…

    just like all the other g4 shows that recently disappeared, they will soon as well..


  5. Niobium says:

    *drooling over Backward Compatability information*

  6. Bill says:

    Can’t wait for the backwards compatibility article.

    Hopefully the article comes out with the actual backwards compatibility update. πŸ™‚

  7. tser says:

    If Microsoft opens the xbox 360 with a "Sandbox style c#".. that would be more then just fabulous! This opens the way for democoders and creative artist, to create wonderfull things on the Xbox, while maintaining the Xbox 360 it’s security platform.

    It voids the need for a lot of coders, to get code running on an "other" way!

    I would love to see this c# development kit!

    Kind Regards


  8. Big Daddy Shark says:

    I’d like the article πŸ™

  9. sario777 says:

    "And since I know you all have been waiting for it, I am preparing an article for later this week that will cover a lot of info about backwards compatibility.  Watch for it after GDC dies down a bit."

    Hate to ask but where is this article πŸ™‚

  10. brad says:

    Yahoooo!  Finally some info on the BC list.  Let me guess, they got pulled to work on Vista?  Sure hope not, but not much I could do about it if they were, haha.  I hope the next release will contain Conker, the Conflict series, and the TimeSplitters series.  Please please?  πŸ™‚

  11. NO PULSE says:

    Backwards Compatibility:

    I think my whole gripe with BC isn’t that I cant play older games on my 360, but more that I cant play NEW Xbox games on my 360.  There are a few titles that are either coming out, or are out that I didnt purchase just because I cant play them on my 360.

    Im sure there are a few people like myself who maybe dont have an Xbox or do not want to hook one back up just to play a game like Black.  But, if it was compatible with the 360, I wouldve taken it for a spin.

    I know a few games Im passing on because it wont work on the 360 and Im unaware of them ever having an official 360 version:  Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, Black, Painkiller…

    I’m wondering if the developer sof the above games are given an opportunity to release an Xbox game and have it 360 compatible from the first day of sales.  I would think that it would benefit both Microsoft _and_ the developer if the game was compatible on both systems.  I understand that Microsoft is handling the ‘backwards compatibility’ issues, but if the developers are given some kind of compiling code to do it themselves, wouldnt it make things go much faster?

    Just some thoughts Im throwing around.  Im not upset or anything.  I do have a bunch of 360 games to keep me busy…

  12. Looking forward to the article on BC.  I’ve been very curious what labors you guys have to go through to make this stuff work.

  13. L0ng5h0t says:

    A comprehensive article on the status of backwards compatability would be most welcome.  Errr.. Which "this week" can we expect that then?  The week of Mar 22nd has come and gone.

  14. HaksawUK says:

    The blog readers demand news! πŸ™‚

  15. PrawnToast says:

    Hi guys. Any sign of that article on BC yet? I’m hoping it comes soon to help lower the flames on the ‘endless thread’ over in the forums.



  16. Niobium says:

    Funny how the backward compatable list now says "Updated February 2006"  when it still said "Updated December 2005" on March 25th.

  17. wuffy says:

    Chances are you guys probably know this…

    The Hudson Soft Online marketing manager has stated the possibility of sending Bomberman Saturn Version to XBL!  This will be a great addition to the XBLA library!  I hope you guys will consider it.

  18. L0ng5h0t says:

    Thanks for the update, keep up the good work

  19. Dave says:

    Any chance of developing software that will allow my 360 to play movie files (including avi, xvid and divx) either from disk, streamed over a network (from any windows pc not just media centre) or played from a usb device. One of the main reasons i bought a 360 in the first place was to act as a media hub for my home network and so far (i’m running win 2000) it’s been next to useless in that department.

  20. Dave says:

    Also any chance of a web browser, even the psp has one so it seems a bit odd that the mighty 360 hasn’t got one.

  21. TatsuMoto says:

    I have a question about my gamertag It’s TatsuMoto with 2 capitals[on my xbox360] but in leaderboards and on it’s shown as Tatsumoto with only 1 capital How is this possible? Can I change this myself or does the xboxteam have to do that I know i’m being kinda picky now but 2weeks ago it was shown propperly Pleas help Greetz

  22. ciro says:

    hi i have a problem with the xbox marketplace

    when i enter the official xbox page it says that there are new downloads and then i run to download it but in my xbox marketplace  i cant find that download in the name of the game that its suppose the new download arrived.

    maybe is because i live in mexico i dont know why its happening .

    whats happening can u please tell me

  23. jimma dha bom says:

    Hey guys, i have a question.. I wanna play online on my xbox, but if i wanna go online, i need a IP adress.

    The point is.. i can’t go online, i tried everything, but i still can’t go online because that inoying IP adress that always says "failed"! I hope you guys can help me out and tell me how to get my IP adress right! Plz tell me! I want online:)

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