New System Update for Xbox 360

There is a new System Update available for your Xbox 360.


The official announcement says: “The March 2006 Xbox 360™ update will prepare your Xbox 360 console for future system and title updates.”

You will automatically receive this update the next time you sign-in to Xbox Live from your Xbox 360. If you don’t, try running the “Test Xbox Live Connection” from the Network Settings area of the System blade. You need an Xbox 360 storage device in order to successfully receive the update.


The System Update will also be distributed in upcoming game discs, magazine discs, and even through the retail kiosks.

Comments (39)

  1. m13b says:

    Let the baseless speculation begin!

  2. slider2nl says:

    please tell us more ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. slider2nl says:

    or is it the cam or multi chat or a update to play the old xbox games or was there some things wrong with the software that u guys made?????????????

  4. Sean says:

    What does this update do?

  5. sp4zzj4zz says:

    The "official announcement" is completely unacceptable, at least in my opinion. If an update/patch is being done to MY $400+ console, I EXPECT to be told exactly what is  fixed/patched. These patches/updates should be treated just as Microsoft treats Windows updates.

    We want detailed explanations of what is being done to OUR consoles!

  6. Jason says:

    I also expect better documentation about what the updates acually updates.

    It would also be nice if the version number was included, not just the "date name" since that name is never used in the system.

  7. Brian says:

    It might be YOUR console, but it’s MICROSOFT’s LIVE service, not yours. If you want to ACCESS THEIR SERVICE, you accept the download. If you don’t want the update, you don’t HAVE to download it. You just can’t use their service.

    Deal with it.

  8. austinMINI says:

    Well said Brian…

    Do these guys just sit around in their dank basements looking for someting to get upset about?  It’s a two minute update, the console reboots, and look at that… everything turned out ok.

    Is their hobby playing video games or bitching? If it’s the latter sign sp4zzj4zz up for the Pro Bitching Hall of Fame.

    Just shut up and game.

  9. sp4zzj4zz says:

    I’m not bitching, I’m simply stating that I am unhappy with the documentation, or lack thereof, MS have given us. I updated without even thinking about it, so its not that big of a deal.

    As far as XBL being Microsoft’s service, true, but it’s a service that I pay for, and I expect to be clued in as to what is being done to that service. It sounds to me like neither one of you have ever taken a Business Ethics course. It’s common courtesy to supply the consumer with basic information about what is being done to their service and/or consoles.

    Alot of people have said, that it may be some kind of secutiy patch or something, eg: gamesaves, and to release that information wouldn’t be "smart" for MS to do, and I agree, but, if it really was a security patch, cal it just that, a "security patch"and leave it at that, no one needs to know any more information than that.

    As far as your personal attack on me goes….grow up dude.

  10. digiguru says:

    Forget the patch – how come XeZaR has got to play G.R.A.W already!?! THAT MAKES ME SOOOO JELOUS!

  11. Hamson says:

    I’m with you sp4zzj4zz. If I’m going to pay for a service, and pay for a system, then I expect to be notified as to what is going on with it. Any other way is completely unacceptable.

  12. Tails says:

    I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the documentation Microsoft provided. If lack of documentation bugs you, consider canceling your Xbox Live service. There is no obligation to participate and you can keep your box unpatched if you like.

    You should also ask yourself: Self, if documentation was provided, how would I know if it’s accurate?

    Look at the documentation for a previous update:

    How did you determine that that documentation was sufficient? Did you test all of those new features? Did you travel to the Netherlands and run through some network setup tests? My bet is that you didn’t. I bet you have no idea what that patch actually changed on your box. So, what’s the difference between then and now?

    You need to either accept that Microsoft will continue to do this (in return you get to enjoy Xbox Live) – or you can choose to Opt out and cancel your subscription… It’s totally up to you…

  13. SLargent says:

    well said…  I would imagine it patched up a few security holes to boot…  

    Any news when the Xbox Live Arcade Texas Hold ’em game come out?

    I found this site with some info… but not much else:

  14. slargent says:

    also XeXar – how do you like GRAW?

    Is it going to finally give us a good FPS for LIVE?


  15. sp4zzj4zz says:

    There is no way of knowing if the information supplied by MS is completely accurate. I can only trust that MS adheres to a standard set of conventional corporate ethics, which includes NOT lying to their customers. As it currently stands, I do trust MS, maybe blindly, that they follow these codes. Therefore, I have no real reason to question their claims as I take them at face value and trust that they are correct.

    I’m not quite sure I understand your question about how I determed the suffieciency of the information provided with the last update. Sufficient is a relative term, and so, I myself deemed the information to be adequate.

    I think that maybe you meant "How did you determine that the documentation was accurate?" If so, refer to my first paragraph.

    As for the testing the new features, no, I did not not travel to the Netherlands to run network tests, how perceptive of you. Although, the improvements to the guide were easily identified, the save game issue was easily tested, and the detailed disc error messages are also easily seen, if you were having an issue with disc readibilty beforehand, which I had.

    The difference is this, the previous update had practicable information while the current update does not. Like I said in a previous post, this isn’t/wasn’t a huge deal to me, I’ll update no matter what, becuase I trust that MS is continuing to make my console better via XBL. I would just like to have better documentation of what is being done.

    I’m sorry if my opinions threaten you. Not everyone has to agree, but we all can agree to disagree. Non-info seems fine you, for me, it’s not. I also retain the right to be unhappy with specific parts of a service I pay for. Just because I am unhappy with one aspect, does not mean that I am not generally pleased with XBL overall.

  16. YLA G says:

    When will the language problem in Belgium be solved?

    we speak DUTCH and we see FRENCH banners/downloads on a ENGLISH dashboard.


    Yves De Pryck

    YLA G

  17. Lewis says:

    Although MS can be sneaky, I somehow doubt they’d lie in their documentation, I’m sure there are laws preventing that.

  18. Mattias says:

    Well said Tails! 🙂 Finally someone who’s straightforward.

    I enjoyed listening to Major Nelsons podcast, where he jokingly said that "it’s a bit frustrating that people don’t believe you, when you’re actually telling the truth." People can’t accept that it was such a simple update as to…prepare for future updates. There MUST be something more to it!

  19. Zachq says:

    is there a way to upgrade my 360 without having online

  20. clueless says:

    Why can’t they offer the updates via www. …Why just over xbox live?Not everyone has broadband access..

  21. i just brought the xbox 360 the day it was released and i was told that it will run the old games but i put my old halo in and it wont work does anyone know what magazine the cd for the update comes in???

    thanks old skool gamer  boom!! headshot

  22. cody says:

    microsoft said officially the 360 can use dial up interent service but it would be really really slow and the update would take like 4 hours to download

  23. sarbast says:

    can i have the softwar of the normal xbox…..

  24. me says:

    were is the update to play normal xbox games. very frustrated here ! ! ! i was told u could play the normal xbox games but they are wrong ! ! !

  25. calmGANANDORF says:

    i want the update so i could play normal xbox games on xbox 360.

  26. Luke says:

    some magazines have the update on a disk… or you can just stick in halo and if your signed onto xbox live then it should download… or just simply go to and burn the file to disk and stick it in ur xbox

  27. jasonk says:

    i still cant connect to xbox livve it was suposed to be done

  28. TeST says:

    me neither :S

    [Domain Registration]

  29. Stephen says:

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    Second, you will need to purchase a subscription to Xbox Live. There are different subscription levels so you will have to decide how often you will use the service.  It might pay off to get the premium service. The great thing about Xbox Live is that you will be able to create a single gamer-tag, sort of an online identity when you play your games.  Once you establish your identity, Xbox Live can track your failures and successes.  It will even help you locate others online who are playing the same game you want to play.

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  30. Howard Gilbert says:

    This is the first time I’ve tried this.I hope it helps me

  31. prod says:

    Well , i also would want to know, what is being downloaded on my system. What if they are just blocking any possible future "hacks"?, like the PSP. Im sorry but if i pay for a system, Its miness for ever and ever,and i should knowwww what its being done to it, and IF IM paying money FOR it,its a bigger reason.  But then again,they said they would release the info later on, so i dont know why im bitching… lol, im just agreen with the guy on TOP. PRAAAA

  32. Greg says:

    i want to go on line with my xbox , i have wireless internet running on a belkin wireless G router , do i have to purchase that expensive xbox wirless adaptor or can i use any one as i have a spare wireless adaptor ( belkin G mimo) that was for a laptop its a usb run device , WILL THIS WORK on my new xbox ??? or do i have to move my xbox into the kitchen were my wireless router/ modem is and plug it into it with the ethernet cable and play on a rubbish tv that isnt HD !!!!

  33. ReD MooN says:

    Hiii     I Wana know IF I can Download  The Softwre  From the internt Its Truley Important Thing I need it  Pls Help Me



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