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A user asks: "It would be nice if it was possible to deactivate the notifications for DVD playback. (but make them still appear if you play games) "

What I do when I'm watching DVDs is to set my online status to Busy. That disables all the online notifications. When I'm back into the Dash or a game, I set my online status back to Online.

You can also set your online status before you sign-in: Press the Xbox button to start the Guide, select Personal Settings and the Online Status you want.

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  1. Logan says:

    Great tip! Thanks

  2. InsaneBastard says:

    Great! Thanks for the info! πŸ˜€

  3. SCS 85 says:

    That is a good feature.  I didn’t know you could do that.

  4. Sean says:

    Why not make it so it automatically sets your status to busy when watching a DVD?

  5. TheBLAHBLAHBLAH says:

    I’ve recently been setting my status to Busy when watching DVD’s as well. But still think it’d be nice to have a setting something like "Automatically set online status to Busy when watching DVD – Yes or No". It’d be nice if that was implemented when the "Autorun – On or Off" feature is implemented πŸ™‚

  6. Hasan Ahmad says:

    hey, Can you guys publish an update which you allow background downloads + why my platinum edition PGR2 doesnt work on Xbox 360

  7. Niobium says:

    PGR2 isn’t on the Xbox 360 Backward Compatability list. ( ) We all keep praying that this list will get updated someday.  

  8. Gildster says:

    I didn’t even know you could do that….  Thanks!

  9. Jazza says:

    Yeah, having it do that automatically would be great. I live in a shared house, and while I’m happy to do that, all they want to do, is watch a dvd without having to mess around with settings

  10. Niobium says:

    I have my Xbox setup so that my profile is not automatically loaded.  That way, when the kids throw in a DVD no profile is loaded, I don’t show up online, and no one sees player messages.

  11. Lewis says:

    While we’re at it. It would be nice if:

    – The music player would remember the volume I last had it on.

    – If my memory card failed after unlocking an achievement I don’t permanently loose that achievement (happened a few times due to a faulty memory card slot, now I can’t ever get these because the XB thinks I’ve already got them).

    – The music player would remember where I am in the folder directory of a portable device. So I can quickly change songs or folders.

    – I could chat to multiple people πŸ˜› (couldn’t resist)

    – Download in background.

    – You could create playlists for portable devices and save them on your HD/memory card.

    – When asked for private chat, invite etc. I could hold down or double press the XG button to accept.

    – I didn’t have to waste £8 to change my gamertag (ok, so that isn’t your department).

    There just a few little suggestions which I would love to see implemented.

  12. Number 01 says:

    How about a Quick Status option when you press the Xbox button that works in 360 games and Dvds, so you can quickly change your status by scrolling options and how about CUSTOM 2 level STATUS Bars like for instance (Number 01 signed on, line 2- SOMEONE SEND ME AN INVITE). Or (Number 01 is away, line 2-doing homework). I think generic notifications are not using the 360s full potential and just like on Instant Messenger I should be able to attach custom messages to Status Notifications.

  13. Number 01 says:

    I have some serious problems with the music playback in games.

    I load 2 hour DJ mixes and have no option during a game to FAST Forward to the parts I like. There should be buttons for FF and RW. If theres a Next and Previous you should be able to hold your controller button to FF and RW and not just skip tracks.

    I think the visualizer on the music player kinda sucks and would be nice if we could purchase visualization packs in the marketplace and switch visualizers like you can do in many media players.

    whenever you have a large library on your PC it takes the 360 a long time to load the list of songs and it should be optimized to load faster and also to go up and down on the song list.

    I think it should be able to be set in the guide that whenever you put a 360 game in you dont have to select your music device but it pre-set in the guide and it knows not to play the ingame music or the volume levels of ingame music can be set in the guide. It is a hassle to select music during a game and then lower the ingame volume to a level which you can hear the music you select, this could be made easier.

    I think the fact the 360 can only connect to one computer at a time kinda sucks and I think you guys could allow multiple computers could be connected to at once or the having to disconnect from one computer and reconnect to another computer could be fixed.

    I think you should be able to connect your HDD and Memory card to the PC to upload saves/ videos to or msnspaces and an accesory should be sold 1st party and not 3rd party.

  14. Lewis says:

    They won’t do the memory card thing, simply because it will allow people to easily get gamerpoints they shouldn’t be able to. There’s already a 3rd poart one available from Datel, what’s wrong with that? 3rd party just means it’s cheaper.

  15. monkeynut3 says:

    Id love to download a better quality software dvd player – maybe off live marketplace?

  16. Niobium says:

    I’ll second that request for better DVD playback.  I’ve got a $39 "Cyberhome" Progressive scan DVD player that gives a smoother picture than my $400 Xbox 360.  

    That’s just wrong on so many levels..

  17. Elle says:

    Going for some cross-blog lovin’ here. I too discuss the online status features in my blog, if you’re curious about the different statuses:!1pUP4M-J1d781v7Ac0Ta8FDw!148.entry

  18. HaksawUK says:

    Dear Xbox Team,

    I’ve got a question which doesn’t relate to this topic, but I would love an answer none-the-less! Being a BIG fan of Dreamcast games, I was told that some Dreamcast games will be released over xbox live arcade in the future, can you shed any light on this?

    An answer of some-sort will be amazing.




  19. Garry Trinder says:

    HaksawUK: sorry, dude.  Even if I knew, I wouldn’t be allowed to comment on unannounced titles coming down the pipe.  Being a developer on the operating system, I hear about new titles from the rumor mill like everyone else πŸ™‚

  20. HaksawUK says:

    Wow, you and Elle both replied extremely fast on this. Thanks very much (I tried Major Nelson’s too, incase only one could answer). I realised that it would be unannounced, but as these blogs seam somewhat more personalised, I thought I’d try here.

    Thanks very much for answering me, this kind of direct communication between the developers and gamers is what every gaming community needs (it’s one of the reasons I still play World of Warcraft).

    Thanks πŸ™‚



  21. HaksawUK says:

    Well seeing as you answered my last question, could I ask one more. Is it true MSN Messenger will be available by the end of the year? I thought I read about this ages ago, or was that just ‘msn spaces’.




  22. Lewis says:

    Greedy πŸ˜› Yes I’ve heard lots of rumours about that. I think, being Microsoft, they probably will integrate it with MSN. Microsoft tend to be good with integrating their services, although not always free.

  23. Amelia says:

    Is it possible that you can keep your status to online without it automaticlly going to "Away." If I wanted for example to keep my comp turned on for a couple days and have my status remain online..does that make sense and is that possible?

    Thank you

  24. Audio says:

    A user asks: " It would be nice if it was possible to deactivate the notifications for DVD playback. (but make them still appear if you play games ) " What I do when I’m watching DVDs is to set my online status to Busy. That disables all the

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