The Console Charge Mode explained

I could not find any article in explaining the console charge mode, so here it goes:

If the console is turned off while a wireless controller using a rechargeable battery pack is connected to the console via a Play & Charge cable, then the console will enter a low-power mode where it keeps passing enough energy to charge the battery pack. During this mode the light of the play & charge cable will be red and you may still hear some fan noise. Once the battery pack is fully charged, the light of the Play & Charge cable will turn off and the console will enter stand-by mode, where the fans are no longer running.

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  1. greenjimmy says:

    So if my controller needs to be charged, and the console is OFF and there is NO light (not red, not green, OFF) – then is my console defective?

  2. cesargar says:

    greenjimmy, Your controller must be connected to the console at the moment you turn it off. It will take a few moments to get into charge mode.

  3. gerald says:

    hi could you tell us a little bit about the operating system for the 360?how long did it take to program it,what language you write the code in,how big is the final code compared to windows,for example, and how long does it take to test a program of this size?maybe you could say how many people were involved in the whole operation??

    of course, i am aware that you may not be allowed to divulge too much info to us but any snippets will be greatly appreciated….

  4. Dylan Greene says:

    We all have cell phones.  We charge them by plugging them into the *wall socket*.  That’s the recharge behavior we are used to.  Same with laptops, ipods, everything else that charges.

    I hope all of this confusion around charge mode is going to lead to an improved design, namely a way to charge the controllers that doesn’t require using the XBOX.

  5. Unrestricted says:

    thats where the quick charge kit comes in Dylan its said to be released soon

  6. nomaad says:

    You can connect the cable to the USB port of any computer and it will charge.

  7. Lewis says:

    "namely a way to charge the controllers that doesn’t require using the XBOX." – Ever heard of a battery charger? Just buy 2 sets of rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. Just have one pair constantly charging and switch over when needed. You’re the fool who bought the plug & charge kit.

  8. Rolphus says:

    "You can connect the cable to the USB port of any computer and it will charge."

    Does that mean you can use an iPod (or any other) USB charger to charge the controllers? That’s quite a nice little tip if it’s the case.

  9. Yes…well, if my recharable battery worked!  Yea…it happens.

    Anyway, cesargar over at the…

  10. J says:

    What I would have liked to have seen in various documentation is  a better explanation of where the indicator of how much charge is left is on the dashboard.  But, on the plus side, I can go to people who’ve had a 360 for a while and say, "Hey, click on the magic button, I’ll show you something on the mini-dash…  Yeah, look at that right by the clock, the battery life indicator!"  Surprises them every time.

  11. SLargent says:

    Can you confirm the following:

    It will charge if:

    A) 360 power on, play/charge plugged in, Xbox 360 powered off


    B)  360 power off, play/charge plugged in (after 360 is off).

    I heard that it only does the low power mode thing when doing option A.

    Check out:

    Xbox 360 News… Mixed with… Random… Stupid… Thoughts…

  12. LiK says:

    good tip from nomaad about plugging it into a computer usb port.

    i’d like to charge my wireless without having to turn on the console and then turning it off to engage the charging. it doesn’t seem to charge if i simply plug the controller in the usb while the console is off. my computer is on most of the time so this will be a good option to charge whichever controller i’m not using at the moment.

  13. Lewis says:

    I know this is not the right place to ask this, but I’ve emailed support multiple times asking them this only for them to tell me my Xbox is broke and should be sent in.

    Will there ever be ATRAC3 support? I have a Sony MP3 (Yes I know, but you can’t beat them for sound quality) and they require you to use their proprietary format, OpenMG (.oma or .omg), and I really want to be able to play my music on my Xbox without having to re-rip them all as MP3s and have each song on there twice. I know loads of other people who would love this functionality. I would even pay for it!!!!

    PLEASE ADD ATRAC3 SUPPORT!!!! If you already plan this, please let me know so I know to stop ranting about it on people’s blogs 😛

  14. Jay says:

    ATRAC3 Support?  You said it yourself, it is a PROPRIETARY format.  Sony doesn’t give it away.  Does any other MP3 player out besides sony ones support ATRAC3?  No,  because Sony doesn’t give it to anyone and if they did, I highly doubt it would be to Microsoft for the XBox360.   What I did when I HAD a Sony ATRAC3 piece of crap, was rip my stuff to MP3 so I could listen to it in winamp, mediaplayer, etc and than dumped those on my Sony from there.  That way I had a copy of the music that I could actually use for something.   Of course now I have a real MP3 player that actualy plays MP3’s.  

  15. Lewis says:

    Well quite frnaky you wasted your time. Windows media player supports it and Winamp supports it. Anyway, the main thing is the ability to play files that are encoded with openMG, not so much Atrac3.

    I have converted a lot of my collection to MP3, but I’d prefer not to have to have every single song on there twice. I am beginning to regret buying my MP3, even if it has got unbeatable sound quality.

  16. Staggs says:

    So, the Xbox 360 doesn’t turn off at all with the play-and-charge kit in?

  17. Rasmus says:

    so you can use any kind of rechargeable battery?? it doesn’t have to be specific ones??

  18. Drugba says:

    it probably works out better gettin the play and charge as rechargable bats cost like £8 or whatever dollars and ud need to buy a battery charger(not sure about price but £10ish,maybe). the play and charge allows u to play whilst chargin savin you waitin about for ages.

    and the xbox enters a kind of standby mode when u turn it off with the play and charge and once its charged it will fully shut down and if u dont trust that then u should do it thru ur pc

  19. Triynko says:

    Ever heard of wireless power?  I heard that the Nintendo Revolution is using it… so that if your controller is just placed near the console it will remain charged.  It’s done with magnets or something, because the sensor bar can track the controller’s position and direct a magnetic beam at it.  ooooo

    Actually, it will have USB charge ports that also function as USB hubs, so that you can link all the chargers together and only have to plug in one into the revolution.  Even neater, there will be no cords between the chargers, because they will have little USB plugs that flip out, ala lots of cool apple products.  That way, everything looks pretty, and each controller will stand up on its own charger, all lined up in a nice row.

    Anyway, it’s kinda dumb that the xbox 360 has to be turned on first to plug in your controller.  You can’t just plug it in when it’s off, you have to first turn it on, plug it in, then turn it back off again.  Lame.

  20. kogepan says:

    i have no lights whatsoever!  i bought it today and plugged it in turned on my xbox360.  hold guide and turned console off.  the fan is still runnin but no lights! red or green! nothing!  did i get a defective charger? if so i gotta return it!


  21. kal326 says:

    I would like to thank Triynko for stepping up and being the token nintendo fan boy.  I saw the thread was missing one up to that point.

  22. Johny says:

    So just to confirm, if I plug in the plug & charge kit to my PC USB slot, it will charge (even though windows cannot find any drivers for the hardware). Once it’s charged will the red light go out?


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