Come and meet us at the WOW Hack in Gothenburg

Members of the Xbox Music team are excited to attend and co-sponsor WOW Hack 2014. We will present our complete set of RESTful APIs that give access to Xbox Music’s ~38 million track catalog in 23 countries.  We are excited to see what the participants of this event can create.

With this API set, developers can browse and search the catalog for artists, albums and tracks; access country specific tops lists; and deliver 30-second previews or even full songs. Additionally, developers can look up extra metadata for any piece of content, such as an artist’s album list or song list. Related, developers are able to access an extensive set of artist and album images, as well as deep-links into existing Xbox Music applications across the wide range of platforms, including Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Web, iOS, and Android. 

Lastly, we have an affiliation offer that generates revenue for every content purchase or Xbox Music Pass subscription signup that are driven from your experiences to ours.  We have generous affiliate payouts at 5% for purchased and a recurring 10% referral payout for subscriptions – that’s $1 per user per month!  Check out the Xbox Music developer site to find out more about the API.

Hope to see you there in Sweden, or at the next music Hackathon we attend!

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