Removal of legacy functions

There are several legacy X++ language functions found in Dynamics AX that we have been considering for removal.  All of the following APIs are no longer used internally, and some are relics from an earlier era (pre-Unicode).  Given the lack of use, we do not wish to propagate these APIs into the new IL runtime stack, and instead we prefer to remove them entirely from the product. 


-          ultimoyr()

-          primoyr()

-          ansi2ascii()

-          ascii2ansi()



Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is the final version in which these functions will exist.  In subsequent releases of AX, all calls made to the above functions will fail to compile. 


Please provide comments if you have concerns about these functions being removed.


*Edit: We are keeping corflagget function in the next release until an alternative is available.

Comments (5)

  1. Alexander Kaltenbrunner says:

    I am interested in which functions will be used in future versions. You did not mention the new way, how it is done.

    Best regards


  2. golob says:

    What about corrflagset?

    Since this is pretty useful when having to display financial amounts, how will this be impacted by the removal of corrflag?

  3. says:


    Could you be more specific about which functions you are referring to?  If a particular function is still used in a custom class, then it is possible to recreate the function as part of the same custom class.


  4. says:


    Thanks for raising a concern on corrflagset.  We are investigating options for a replacement to corrflagset in the client tier.


  5. says:

    We have decided to keep corrflagset function in the next release, I have edited my previous post to reflect a shorter list of functions to be removed.


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