Transforming X++ code to managed code: Check the video…

The channel 9 video:

showcases some work that the X++ team has done to investigate the options for transforming X++ code into managed code. We are publishing it here in the hope that it may spark some interesting discussions and feedback.

Even though we are passionate about this work, you should not infer that this feature will be available in the next version of Ax, or that we will not continue to focus on the development of the X++ language per se: In fact, we remain commited in our efforts to mature the X++ language, to assure that it continues to provide value to the application developer community.

 Let us know what you think!

Comments (1)

  1. Rob McIntyre says:

    Great interview, thanks for sharing.  I watched this video since attending your session at the 2011 technical conference.  This provides more clarity and background and thank you and your team for your progress here.  One point I'd like to make is the comparison between linq and x++ data access.  Linq is much more powerful and in most cases, if it can be done in t-sql it can be done in linq almost as efficiently.  With x++, this is far from the case.  From what I hear, the "having" clause is finally being introduced in 6.0, which is a big deal.  Also doing advanced arithmetic on select statements is crucial, (i.e. simple weighted averages "while select Sum(Amount*ExchRate)/Sum(Amount)").  Two other great additions would be support for over clauses (ranking with order and partitions) and nested queries.  Advanced reporting and efficient business logic based on large dataset aggregation will remain difficult in native AX without a truly robust query language.

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