February 2010 Release of Microsoft Health CUI

The Microsoft team in the UK just completed another development cycle on the Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI) guidance and tools.  The Microsoft Health CUI provides user interface Design Guidance, Toolkit controls, and a technology demonstrator, that address a wide range of patient safety concerns for healthcare organizations worldwide, enabling a new generation of safer, more usable and compelling health applications to be quickly and easily created. I had an earlier post on the Microsoft Health CUI here.  Microsoft Health CUI is one of the Connected Health Platform solution accelerators that address challenges and needs that are specific to the health industry.   You can access the Microsoft Health CUI, and all other Connected Health Platform guidance, tools and solution accelerators from the Health ICT Resource Center at www.microsoft.com/healthict.  The new release includes one new guidance document in the Patient Identification category, three design groundwork exploration documents in the Clinical Noting and Terminology category, and 2 new controls in the Medication category. You can get full details on the February 2010 release here.

teddy bachour

senior industry technology strategist, ww health



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