The Microsoft Connected Health Platform at HIMSS 2010, Atlanta

For the latest information on the great solutions, innovations, and offerings that Microsoft and our Partners are showcasing at the Microsoft booth at HIMSS 2010 in Atlanta Georgia, please check here.

This post will be focusing on the activities we have planned for Microsoft Health User Group Exchange event on Feb 28th and HIMSS 2010 on March 1st to 4th at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta Georgia around Optimizing ICT Infrastructure for health organizations and how we support it with the Microsoft Connected Health Platform (CHP).

Three main activities around the Microsoft CHP:

1. Office 2010 in Health session at the Microsoft Health User Group event including a demo of the new Clinical Documentation Solution Accelerator

2. The Microsoft Connected Health Platform station at the Microsoft booth

3. The Microsoft open source XDS.b Registry/Repository Solution Accelerator at the HIMSS 2010 Interoperability Showcase booth

1. Microsoft Health Users Group on Feb 28th – During this one day event in Atlanta, we will deliver a session around Office 2010 in Health that will include a demo of the Clinical Documentation Solution Accelerator (CDSA) for the Microsoft Office system, a new CHP solution accelerator that will be publicly released in early April.  If you are interested to hear how Office 2010 can help you to:

- Equip your staff to find insights from information

- Support connected care from virtually anywhere

- Improve responsiveness and productivity through secure collaboration

- Deliver the essentials in security, manageability, and performance

Then, make sure you are registered for Microsoft Health Users Group membership and attend the Office 2010 session on Feb 28th.  By joining the Microsoft Health Users Group you get in on the inside track to the latest healthcare technology information, the leading solutions from the world's largest information and communication technology vendors, and the largest network of Microsoft users.  You can access the Microsoft Health Users Group site here for more info on the Feb 28th sessions agenda and membership.


CDSA is a resource that enables our partners and customers to define and create clinically encoded documents retrieved from a templates library (such as Discharge Summaries and Referral documents) using the Microsoft Office System.  This Solution Accelerator promotes the confidentiality of patient data with Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities available in the Microsoft Office System , and promotes safety and consistency of clinical documentation by utilizing the Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI) software toolkit components to embed structured, machine readable clinical information encoded in industry standard formats (such as the HL7 CDA format) in a human-readable Microsoft Office document which can be shared across care boundaries.  The CDSA demo will show how external, cloud or azure based,  clinical data sources such as SNOMED-CT encoding services and Drugs reference data sources can be utilized directly from the document to enable a rich document editing experience specific to the healthcare domain, using familiar industry leading document authoring tools such as Microsoft Word.

It can be used as the foundation on which clinical document workflows can be created (using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for example) which are tailored to the environment and EMR or EHR systems present in your or your customer’s healthcare organizations today.  CDSA can enable clinical documents suitable for upload to a PHR system such as HealthVault, an IHE XDS system, or other external storage media or systems.

Clinical documents created using this Solution Accelerator can be easily shared across clinical care boundaries whilst retaining the clinically encoded data, without need for additional software to be present on the reader’s PC.

2. The Microsoft CHP station, March 1st to March 4th  – We will have a Microsoft CHP station part of the Microsoft booth space.  We will be showing two demos on this station.  The CDSA demo mentioned above will be showcased by the amazing Microsoft team in the UK that built the Microsoft CUI guidance and tools and many of the Microsoft CHP resources you can access on the Health ICT Resource Center at  This is an opportunity for you to connect with the CDSA team leads and discuss how you can accelerate integration of this solution accelerator in your product or offerings or how to implement efficient clinical documentation and workflow scenarios in your health organization.

The second demo is the Health with Windows 7 demo.  This is a impressive demo that was built by our two partners Versus Technology and iLink Systems.  The demo covers an end to end patient-physician encounter where the patient goes through admission, meets with the staff and his physician, and is finally discharged from the clinic.  You will see how Real Time Location (RLTS) solutions such as the one offered by Versus Technology and the use of Windows 7 features around Touch and Multi-Touch, speech recognition, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go encryption, considerably enhances the experience of the patients and staff as they move through the clinic and interact with the clinical applications and systems. 


The Microsoft CHP is a rich collection of offerings including guidance, tools, and solution accelerators for building infrastructure, platform, and information management capabilities and services, leveraging your existing infrastructure investments, for supporting and sustaining meaningful use of information and communication technology in health.  The Microsoft CHP station will be a great place for you to engage with the Microsoft team at the CHP station and hear how information and communication technology (ICT) departments in health organizations are using our core infrastructure offerings around Optimized Desktops and Devices, Optimized Server and Datacenter and Security and Compliance as strategic partners to the health organization they serve to drive value from their infrastructure investments. 


3. The HIMSS 2010 Interoperability Showcase, March 1st to March 4th – As I indicated on this January 30th post, we have been preparing for participating in the HIMSS 2010 Interoperability Showcase with the Microsoft Open Source XDS.b Document Registry and Document Repository Solution Accelerator.  If you are exploring a document based sharing solution, you can stop by the HIMSS 2010 Interoperability Showcase booth and talk to the Microsoft and iLink Systems Partner team about how you can use the Microsoft Open Source XDS.b implementation to speed time to market or speed integration and deployment of the solution in your health organization or your customer’s organization.  As part of our participation in the HIMSS 2010 Interoperability Showcase this year as well, we will be delivering a 20-25 minute presentation on March 2nd at 2:45pm at Theatre B.  The presentation title is ‘Better Health With Interoperability, Outcome Driven Care and Individual Responsibility’ and will highlight the work we are doing around interoperability in our health solutions and offerings.  The presentation will also show how we enable better individual and population care delivery through a triangle comprised of interoperability, focus on processes for improved care outcomes, and patient or consumer empowerment.  This will be an opportunity for you to connect with some on the Microsoft team that is engaged with standards and interoperability organizations such as IHE or HL7.


Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you at HIMSS in less than two weeks!

teddy bachour

senior industry technology strategist, ww health

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