Microsoft IHE/XDS.b Open Source Solution Accelerator passes NA Connectathon 2010

Earlier this month, Microsoft participated in the five day IHE interoperability testing in Chicago - aka NA Connectathon - with our open source XDS.b Registry and Repository Solution Accelerator on CodePlex that you can access from the Health ICT Resource Center at  We successfully tested both Document Registry and Document Repository Actors with the Asynchronous Web Services Exchange Option and the associated HITSP specs T15, T16, T17 and TP13b.  We have also updated the Solution Accelerator code base to use SQL Server 2008 and .NET 3.5.  We have released a beta version on CodePlex on January 5th and will be releasing an updated version with all fixes from the Connectathon in the next few days. 


This is the second year we get great support from our partner iLink Systems in integrating the latest CPs, all the testing activities leading to and including the Connectathon.  They will also help us with the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS 2010 in Atlanta.


There were 104 vendors this year at the NA Connectathon, with 150 Health ICT systems, close to 500 test engineers running a total of 3650 interoperability tests! 


We have been participating in IHE Connectathons and the related Interoperability Showcases at HIMSS NA for the past 3 years.  This year, we will also participate in the World of Health IT (WoHIT) Interoperability Showcase in Spain scheduled later in March 2010.


IHE has set up a product registry site that gives users access to the IHE Integration Statements published by vendors to describe the conformance of their products with the IHE Technical Framework.  You can also check the NA 2010 Connectathon results from the IHE site


Now we are getting ready for the interoperability showcases in Atlanta and Barcelona!  If you are attending any of these events, make sure you visit the showcase booth and pass by the Microsoft stand to see what we are doing in the area of interoperability.


teddy bachour

senior industry technology strategist, ww health

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