Beta Release of XDS.b Reference Implementation with Async Option

Working in great partnership with iLink Systems healthcare solutions team, we have uploaded a new beta release of our IHE XDS.b Reference Implementation on the Microsoft’s open source project hosting web site CodePlex.


The XDS.b Reference Implementation supports the following transactions/profiles:

-          Provide and Register Document Set-b ITI-41

-          Register Document Set-b ITI-42

-          Registry Stored Query ITI-18

-          Retrieve Document Set ITI-43

-          Patient Identity Feed ITI-44/ITI-8

-          ATNA


The new beta release provides support for the new XDS.b asynchronous web services exchange option and implements the XDS.b related Change Proposals that IHE released during the previous development cycle. 

This beta release has passed pre-Connectathon testing requirements for the IHE North America Connectathon scheduled end of this month. 


We will be updating the CodePlex project with the final release shortly after the IHE North America Connectathon.


The final release will be showcased at the Chicago HIMSS 09 Interoperability Showcase booth in April 09 and the Quebec City e-Health 2009 Interoperability Showcase event in May/June 09.


For more information about the Asynchronous web services exchange option, refer to my September 08 blog on this topic.


The XSD.b beta release project on CodePlex consists of the following components:

-          Documentation:

o   Steps to configure WinBash XDSToolkit

o   Steps to configure TLS

o   XDSb Build and Deployment Guide

-          Source Code:

o   IHE PreConnectathon NA2009 (1)

o   IHE PreConnectathon NA2009 Async (2)

(1)    For the required XDS.b Synchronous Web Services Exchange functionality

(2)    Provides support for the Asynchronous Web Services Exchange option and should be used with the synchronous baseline referenced above.


We look forward to your questions and comments for this release on the CodePlex discussion list.


teddy bachour

senior industry technology strategist, ww health

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