Extend Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.OAuth to Support Reverse Proxy

Recently, one customer said his Asp.net Core application used to work very well in OAuth authentication all the time, but after he placed a reverse proxy in front of the web application, the authentication fails because of invalid callback path. Normally speaking, a callback path is needed when registering an application to the OAuth server….


ASP.NET Core and 502 Bad Gateway Response

502 bad gateway error response is not like traditional 500 error which is mostly a code problem, this make it even difficult to troubleshoot the root cause and I also see quite a few confuse from developers that why there is 502 error in ASP.NET Core production environment. Basically, the HTTP 502 Bad Gateway server…


How to Support Windows Authentication for ASP.NET Core in IIS

When we are debugging and testing Windows Authentication based ASP.NET Core application in development environment, it is very straightforward. We can just use Windows Authentication based template to create the application without any code change. The launchSettings.json contains the following section to enable windows authentication and disable anonymous authentication. “iisSettings”: { “windowsAuthentication”: true, “anonymousAuthentication”: false,…


Docker Compose ASP.NET Core to Nano Image with Windows Container

In this article, I would like to demonstrate how to deploy an ASP.NET Core application with SQL Server dependency to nano server by docker. To support .NET Core in docker, Microsoft has published both of linux and windows server 2016 nano images in docker hub, you can reach them in dotnet repository. If this is…


Debug ASP.NET Core via lldb on Ubuntu

I have been using Windbg and SOS for several years and they are really good tools to perform .Net deep debugging. With the newly released cross platform .NET Core, is there a similar way to make the same? Surely Windbg and SOS don’t apply to this scenario. Fortunately, the .NET Core team has been porting the…


A Look at Cookie Authentication in Katana

Katana provides cookie middleware to serialize user principal into an encrypted cookie and the cookie is used to validate the authenticated user in subsequent request. This post will take a look at Katana’s cookie authentication implementation and see the machine key’s role in this procedure. The sample used in this post is one ASP.NET MVC5…