How to Deploy Marketplace VMs in Azure Stack by ARM template

To build modern applications across cloud and on-premises environments, Azure and Azure Stack can deliver a consistent hybrid cloud platform. Similar to Azure, Azure Stack supports same PowerShell commands, portal experience and similar functionalities. For example, an ARM template which can be deployed in Azure could be deployed to Azure stack without any modification. In…


Bring Custom Vision into Azure IoT Edge

The Custom Vision Service is a Microsoft Cognitive Service that lets you build custom image classifiers. It makes it very easy and fast to build, deploy, and improve an image classifier. Since May 7, we are able to export tensorflow model to Dockerfile in custom vision service, that means we can download the artifacts to…


Support HTTPS in Azure Marketplace image for Jenkins

Create a Jenkins server on an Azure Linux VM from the Azure portal has introduced how to configure Jenkins server in azure based on Azure Marketplace image for Jenkins. This image is published by Microsoft, as it has configured Nginx and Jenkins environment well and also make sure they are started automatically,it is very fast…


Extend Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.OAuth to Support Reverse Proxy

Recently, one customer said his Core application used to work very well in OAuth authentication all the time, but after he placed a reverse proxy in front of the web application, the authentication fails because of invalid callback path. Normally speaking, a callback path is needed when registering an application to the OAuth server….


How to Make Deployment with Ansible Azure Modules

Ansible is an open-source product that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, and application deployments. It includes a suite of modules for interacting with Azure Resource Manager, giving us the tools to easily create and orchestrate infrastructure on Azure. In order to use Ansible, we need a linux on-prem server or a linux jumpbox vm in…


Provide Cross Region Low-latency Service based on Azure Global VNET Peering

It is a common scenario that an organization is placing most cloud infrastructures such as virtual machine, database and redis cache in one region to serve local access. On the other hand, there is still requirement for global access and below is the traditional approach via internet. Even though this deployment is easy and also…


How to Start Spring Boot with Azure Media Service

[Obsolete, any new application is expected to use AAD instead of account key] In this article, I will walk you through creating a custom application using the spring initializr, and then access the Azure media service and finally deploy to Azure Web app. In order to access Azure media service in a spring boot application,…