TFS and Jenkins Integration

As soon as there is a new code submit to TFS, TFS can notify Jenkins to perform continuous integration build or test. This is effective for unit test as we always would like to trigger unit test to check whether there is any code regression. This blog will cover: How to create the project in TFS….


Use SQL Server as DSC Pull Server Backend?

Recently, I am working on a request to check the possibility to use SQL Server as Powershell DSC Pull Server’s backend. As DSC server supports both of ESENT DB and MDB which is connected by OleDB provider, I plan to use OleDB to connect my SQL Server as well. While, after everything configured, I got…


Tips to handle live tile update in background task

When implementing a UWP application, a separate background task could be used to update live tile. In this post, I am going to cover some scenarios that tile update doesn’t work or doesn’t work as expected, hope this can save your troubleshooting time. If any template with image in TileTemplateType such as TileSquare150x150PeekImageAndText01, is used…


Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant in Azure AD OAuth

Azure AD supports varies grant flows for different scenarios, such as Authorization Code Grant for Web server application, Implicit Grant for native application, and Client Credentials Grant for service application. Furthermore, the Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant is also supported for the case that the resource owner has a trust to the target application, such…


Access Exchange Online by PowerShell in C#

For exchange online management, the most convenient and powerful approach is Exchange Online PowerShell Cmdlet. Before calling each management cmdlet, we need establish a remote session firstly and Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell is a good start for this.   In the meantime, probably you would like to access exchange online from C#, such as…


The difference between the tokens used by Microsoft Graph API and Azure AD Graph API

Microsoft Graph API and Azure AD Graph API are two sets of Restful services to query office 365 user or organization’s information. The obvious difference for these two services are the endpoints that Microsoft Graph API is and Azure AD Graph API is On authorization part, both of the two Graph APIs are…


Keep Node.js update to install wdio

When install Visual Studio 2015, you might select Node.js in the wizard. It will work smoothly to install gulp, angular etc.   However, when you are going to install wdio utility of webdriverio by “npm install wdio”, you might experience the following error.   Apparently, wdio is dependent on fibers; there is error when node-gyp…


Debug protractor script in Visual Studio Code

Selenium is a popular open source project to support web end-to-end automation, especially it supports multiple programming languages, such as C#, Java and Python etc. Protractor is based on selenium webdriverjs and provides progamming support from JavaScript approach. Protractor has handy element location support for angularjs, this has made it very popular. As protractor is based…


Use Procdump to troubleshoot white screen issue of Bonobo git server

Bonobo git server is a handy open source project to setup self hosted git server easily in IIS for Windows platform, while in some machines, the home page could be white screen without displaying correctly. This is a common situation when we are working on 3rd or open source project because not familiar with the…