The Terrafugia flies!!!

My congratulations go out to my buddy, Carl Detrich, of Terrafugia.  On March 5th, their new "roadable aircraft," the "Transition" flew for the first time.

As you can see, the Transition isn't your average everyday airplane.  It is, in fact, an aircraft that can fold up it's wings and drive on normal roads.  It's a very cool concept that has been tried in the past by some like Molt Taylor with little success.  The difference this time is that Carl and his team are taking advantage of the new Light Sport rules, and thus, less strict regulations, combined with modern technologies, like Carbon Fiber Composite Structures to build a light weight, but very strong cabin that can withstand standard road abuse, but still be able to fly.

I've been following Carl's efforts since I first met him several years ago at Oshkosh.  It's great to see it "get off the ground" so to speak!

Congratulations, Carl!!!  Fantastic job!


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