Older "Soup to Nuts" Webcasts are expired.

Well, it seems that the webcasts that I did a while back, the VB Soup To Nuts, ASP.NET Soup To Nuts and C# Soup To Nuts webcasts have expired.  Some of these webcasts were 4 years old!!!

What that means is that they've been in our webcast engine so long that they automatically drop out of the queue of available webcasts to make room for the new webcasts.

So, what's the solution, you ask?  Simple, I will rerecord them and start them over, but modernize them.  In fact, some of these were based on Visual Studio 2003... and none targeted the current VS2008.  The new webcasts will also include new language features like LINQ and even things like Generics, which were not available back then.

The next question is when will I start?  The simple answer would be as soon as possible, but the real answer is that it will take a little time to update the material for today's world of development, including the practices and tools, so as soon as I get done with that, I'll begin scheduling them.  Most likely, I'll start in the July timeframe.

Now, the question for you is, which ones should I do first?  I'll let your votes determine the order I present in.  I know both the VB and C# Soup to Nuts series were exteremly well received.  The plan is to do both of them at the same time along the same time frames, but what about WPF and ASP.NET?  (By the way, I've had over 20,000 views to the VB and C# series each!!!)

Let me know!


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  1. quanho says:

    Please redo the ASP.net series again! I enjoyed the auction site tutorials and was hoping one day you would finish up on it in csharp!!

    Love your webcast series btw, was able to download majority of them before it all went down!

  2. swarnock says:

    For me ASP.NET and C#.   C# is all I use in ASP.NET code behind so I would hope if ASP.NET was redone it would be with C# behind.   If not,  I will vote for C#!    

  3. Tom Mags says:

    I vote for C#, with features like LINQ and Generics

  4. DaveLearn says:

    I would like to see anything with WPF and C# and Asp.net

  5. Albert Rugel says:

    When will you rerecord the soup to nuts webcasts?

  6. Amruta says:

    I would like to see more of  WPF and C#

  7. LizP says:

    Were these ever done? How do I find them?

  8. BobB says:

    Did you ever start a new series?


  9. BobP says:

    I loved those sessions since they helped build good foundation.  I'm really insterested in the WPF and C# ones.  Particularly WPF with some more real world examples. Thanks Bill for heading the requestes for redoing these and may your time free up so you can get these redone/updated..

  10. Peter says:

    Still look at them occasionally. Good stuff. events and delegates for me.

  11. Bill – sorry to see those old webcast go – especially since I just discovered them & am moving from a SysAdmin role to a developer role coding with powershell, VS ,C#, & WPF – but I will look forward to the updated ones when you get a chance to do them. Thanks again.

  12. Jean says:

    I vote for WPF and C# (esp. new features since .NET 3.0)  and then ASP.NET

  13. DCPhl says:

    Although the four part series C# soup to nuts is dated I am a complete novice and EVERYTHING is news to me.  I am downloading the 2010 series but would still want access to the remaining three parts.  Hoping for a reply

  14. i have your c# soup to nuts webcasts on my PC

    if you want i can upload them on 4shared or give me your store to upload them there.

    sorry for my English 😉

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