Unfortunate Times for Eclipse Aviation

Eclipse Aviation suffered a serious blow earlier today.  They were apparently unable to meet payroll and notified their employees... some of whom apparently left rather abruptly this morning.

I've always been a fan of Eclipse Aviation, makers of the Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet.  They have had some problems over the past few years with certification, avionics, etc, that have really let them down, however.

Their jet was one of the first VLJ's on the market and was supposed to be the mainstay of the Air Taxi concept from the NASA SATS vision.  In fact, Eclipse was a great partner in the SATS program.  Their jet utilized much of the technology from the AGATE and SATS programs.

I hope for the best for the employees and for Eclipse Aviation.  I would love to see them make through this extremely tough time and finally fullfill their vision.


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