WPF Soup To Nuts: Animations

Today in my WPF Soup To Nuts webcast series, I will be talking about Animations.  Animating graphics is one of the easiest, most compelling features that you can add to a visually important application.  In the previous two sessions, we learned how to deal with 2D and 3D Graphics.  In this session, we will discover how we can take advantage of the animation support in WPF to bring those final pieces of sizzle to your applications.  We'll start off looking at the XAML objects that are available to us, like the DoubleAnimation object.  We will see how we can use it to "map" the movement, size, or whatever property we're looking for of any object.  We will also see how we can make that object move in ways much more sophisticated then a simple straight line using keyframes.  Lastly, we will take a look at how all this works in code.

You can sign up for this webcast right here... and as always, my demo code is attached to this post.




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