WPF Soup To Nuts: Panels

Wow... moving right along in this webcast series.  This week, I'll be discussing Panels.  Panels are used to position and arrange UI elements in WPF.  There several types of panels, from StackPanels to WrapPanels, and we're going to cover 'em all!

Also, this week, I'll be presenting at the Fort Wayne, Indiana, .NET Users of Fort Wayne user group.  I'll be speaking about Silverlight and all the cool stuff you can do with it.

The following night (Wednesday,) I'll be speaking at MADNUG... which is the Michiana Area .NET Users Group.  I'll be talking about XNA Development for Windows and the XBox.  It should be a fun filled evening with some cool demos!

On Friday, I'll be down in Louisville, KY speaking at the DevCares event at Sullivan University.  We'll be talking all about Windows Communication Foundation.  Jeff will be covering the DevCares event in Cincinnati that is going on at the same time.

As you can tell, this week will be a pretty busy week for me, but as always, feel free to contact me via the link to the left.

Also, the demo code for this week's WPF Soup To Nuts webcast is attached to this message.



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