"WPF Soup To Nuts: What is XAML?" AND "Longhorn Server: Windows Eventing Webcasts:

It's already the second week of my WPF Soup To Nuts webcast series.  Today, I will be talking about XAML.  We'll define it for you, show you simple examples of it and then show you how it is integrated with WPF.  We'll talk about the components of what makes an XAML file useful to WPF and even how it gets compiled into the application.

Lastly, we'll finish it up with a nice demonstration showing how you seamlessly go between C# and XAML when talking about the components of your presentation UI.

After the WPF Soup To Nuts webcast, I will be doing another webcast on Longhorn Server where I will be discussing the new Windows Eventing model.  In this webcast, I'll walk you through how you can create a new Windows Longhorn event, register it, consume it and view it with the new Event Viewer.

See you there!


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  1. Tom Mags says:

    Will you be placing a link to the sample code that you generated during the web casts ?


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