C# Soup To Nuts: Custom Controls

Two weeks ago, we looked at Custom Server Controls for ASP.NET in C#.  Today, in this installment of C# Soup To Nuts, we're going to look at Custom Controls for Windows Forms Applications.  We'll see how you can create a control, extend it with custom functionallity, see how we can configure it through design time elements and finally make it really stand out visually.

We'll learn about custom brushes, custom sizes and shapes and various other tricks to make your custom controls totally unique.

As always, demo code is attached to this message.


CSStN - Part 18 - CustomControls.zip

Comments (1)

  1. Russell says:

    Awesome series, I have an issue with trying to get the same color used in the Paint program as picked for the transparency Key. I can get White to work but that leaves a white thin border around the image. The line isn't even around the image so It looks bad. Is their a trick to get the Paint program and VS 2010 C# Express to use the same color?

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