Very Interesting Reaction

So, the other day, I blogged about how I felt about the proposed tax increase for General Aviation Pilots.  Interestingly enough, not a single person responded to that post.  However, I've received numerous responses from other channels.

Some people contacted me directly through my Contact Me link.  Some sent me e-mails to my personal address.  I even received one in a feedback form from a webcast I did.

I'm curious, why arn't you responding to the post directly?  Granted, it's a bit out of character for me to post like that, but it is something I feel real strongly about.  And, by the way, some of the e-mails were very interesting.  Like... "Keep your bleading <sic> heart liberal views to yourself."  Huh?  Bleeding Heart Liberal???  Me... You've got to be joking, right?  Obviously, this person doesn't know me.

One comment suggested that I should keep my political views seperate from my blog.  What?  Blogs are there to express MY THOUGHTS.  The fact that I also use it to help out my viewers of my webcasts is a bonus.  I'm not sure why someone would even get upset about something like this.  It's just my point of view on a single facet of politics.  Search my blogs posts in the past... you might see one or two other instances where I post a message like that.  When I do, they're important enough to me to make sure others are aware of them.

I might add, it looks like congress is really asking "why?"  It turns out that they did the math and found an interesting problem with the proposed funding changes.  The proposed plan won't increase taxes overall... or even keep them steady, but instead produce a significant reduction in income for the FAA.  To the tune of $600 to $900 million a year!  Makes you wonder why the proposal was even made.

Anyway, back to work.  I'm working on a new webcast series.  It'll be called WPF Soup To Nuts.  Can you guess what's it about? 😉


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  1. mharr says:

    Bill: Don’t take a lack of comments as disinterest.  I had meant to leave a supportive comment, but was distracted (at work) before I finished it.  I did, though, forward a link to your blog to Senator Voinovich. (I would have sent to my congressman Kucinich and "tax-n-spend" Sherrod, the other OH senator, but that likely would only have got their interest to raise that tax even further!)  Not being in the field (of aviation), I am not familiar with the issue other than your blog entry.  I hope either you’re wrong, or it fails.


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