Pssst. Hey Buddy, want a free copy of Office 2007?

I've got one for you.  All you have to do is attend one of my upcoming MSDN Events.  Go to and register.  Then, come see me talk about Vista and Office.  When you're done, you will have everything you need to build better applications than you ever though possible, and I'll throw in a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional, to boot.  And, if that wasn't enough, I'm going to also throw in a copy of Groove 2007.

Now, how can you pass up a deal like that? pass it along!


Comments (4)

  1. srsimons says:

    Is there a Detroit event in the pipeline?  I didn’t see one on there.

  2. Wm Steele says:

    Yes… The Detroit is one of the main launch cities.  The Registration URL is:

    There are several big city launch events.  You can find them here:


  3. MichaelDotNet says:

    Nice launch event in Cleveland! The venue may have been a tad too small though, that place was packed.  Most of the stuff I had seen before, so there wasn’t alot of shock, but the demos were still nifty.  I’d say it was worth the price of admission. 🙂

  4. wja says:

    Loved the Cleveland Launch of Vista and Office 2k7. Where can I download the source for the samples of applications where you flipped the med charts using FW3 and Expression?

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