C# Soup to Nuts: Classes and Objects

Well, here it is, already for Part 7 of my C# Soup To Nuts webcast series.  Today, I'll be talking about Classes and Objects.  Classes are the blueprints for objects that we use in C#.  Objects are the actual "data containers" and "functional containers" that we use.

I will also have my favorite Red Bull Drinking Developer, Ron Cundiff on the line.  We have a special announcement for that a lot of people have been asking for.  Watch Today to find out what it is.

Here is a registration link.  See you there!


(PS - As always, I've attached the demo code for this session.)


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  1. Asyncritus says:


    A couple of corrections of things you said during this webcast.  In order to implement a Dispose() method, your class needs to derive from IDisposable (that’s why it wasn’t showing up for you in Intellisense).  Also, the default accessor in C# is private, not public.

    Tim Phelps

    North Canton, OH

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