Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holdiays!  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and wish you all the best. Bill


C# Soup To Nuts: Branching and Looping Webcast is Today!

Well, week 6 (of 22) of my C# Soup To Nuts webcast series and we’re talking about Branching and Looping in C#.  This is a webcast series that I’ve been putting on for all of you who are new to C#.  In this session, we’ll discuss the various ways your program can take a curve…


C# Soup To Nuts: Language Fundamentals

Well, week #5 of my C# Soup To Nuts webcast series is here already.  Today, I will be talking about C# Language Fundamentals.  Specificially, I will be talking about Types, Variables, Constants, Statements and Expressions.  Whew… that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? Anyway, join me in this weekly webcast series where I will be covering the…


C# Soup To Nuts: Program Structure

Well, here it is.  Already Week #4 in my C# Soup To Nuts series.  Today’s session is all about C# Program Structure.  Not just the coding techniques, but also how a C# program is organized and how it fits into the .NET Framework as a whole. We will learn about several different things in Today’s…