What are you doing with Windows Workflow Foundation?

Next quarter, my team (MSDNEvents.com) will be doing a session on Windows Workflow Foundation.  As we were reviewing the content Today, some questions came up as to some of the scenerios where WWF would be used.

We did a lot of brainstorming and we came up with a bunch of ideas, but I thought I'd put the question to you... how are you using Windows Workflow Foundation?  Or, for that matter, more basic, how are you using workflow technologies in general?  Are you using Biztalk?  Some competitive technologies?  If so, what for and how?

We'll use some of the most interesting ideas for anecdotical evidence in our live presentations if it's ok with you.



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  1. Synergist says:


    Here is a scenario that I came up with from discussions at Mashup Camp in July.

    Michael S. Scherotter

    Solution Platform Product Manager

    Mindjet Corporation

  2. brandontyler says:

    I use Windows Workflow Foundation in the new version of Speech Server 2007.  We use it for the call flow in a speech application.  It uses Sequential Flow.  We then print out the call flow show it to our customers and they sign off on this design spec.  Or they would have to install Visual Studio and MSS 2007 themselves and debug using an emulator.

  3. rjdudley says:

    I think a classic example would be an IT Request/Issues system.  User enters an issue, IT Mgr is notified, issue is assigned to an IT staffer, who is notified and the record is updated.  IT Staffers work on issue, add notes, resolve iussue, IT Mgr and user are notified.  Something like that.  I'm working on something like this now, but since .NET 3.0 isn't hosted by SP 2003, I can't use it yet.

    Another good example would be a quote-approval app.  Salesman puts in quote, approved by sales manager, converted to PO, then feeds into ERP/MRP systems.

    Ideally, you could have examples both in SP and as stand-alone apps, since not everyone has SharePoint, but the ones who do may want to leverage it.

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