MSDN Events Wants You!!!

Come visit us at any one of our upcoming live MSDN Events.   We've got a great session this quarter covering Making your Devlopment Simple, Powerful and Personal.  Check out and sign up for an upcoming event in your area.

And, if you happen to be at one of my events, let me know you saw it on this blog and I'll give you a little special gift, just from me!


Comments (2)

  1. rickg says:

    I’d love to go, but there haven’t been any events in Montana for a while.

  2. CrewStile says:

    Hey Bill, just wanted to thank you for coming to Columbus on 4/20 at Easton.  It was a great event and got a lot of good information from the event itself and the DVD.  The Enterprise Library will be very helpful in the porting of our old VB 6.0 code to VS 2005.

    Thanks again and look forward to seeing more events in Columbus soon.

    Rylin Slotterbeck

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