I love my job!

As I sit here writing next months webcast content, it occured to me... I love this job.  When I first decided to accept this position as the Great Lakes Developer Community Champion 2 years ago, I was cautioned by a few of my fellow coworkers that I'd loose my edge, that I'd loose my skills because, after all, I'd just be standing up there spouting what I know and wouldn't be working on any new coding projects.

Well, I can say, that after two years, I've still got it!  In fact, I'm learning so much more than I was before that it's amazing to me that I was actually getting anything accomplished before I came to this team.  For example, this quarter, I've been working on WPF, VSTO and Windows Mobile.  Now, I knew a little about each one of these, but because of the way I do things, I try to learn everything there is to know before I start on content, that I've learned quite a bit, just in those three sessions.

Now, I'm doing projects internally for MS (Tori, SSTEventManager, Camalot, etc.) as well as working with outside customers (Like the NASA stuff, BlueAshAviation, etc) and building fantastic content to boot.

I love a challenge... and this job is definetly that... in so many different ways.

Oh well, back to work. 😉  See you at my next event!


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