Fantastic Customer Service from Konica Minolta

Wow...  I just got of the phone with a Konica Minolta Service Technician.  On Friday of last week, I ordered a Remanufactured Magicolor 2400W printer for $229 from TigerDirect.  It arrived on Wednesday and I set it up Yesterday.  To no suprise, it exhibited a problem.  The printer wouldn't turn on in a normal mode... it simply displayed the Error light and the control panel applet said that there was a paper jam.

So... I went to their site, did a search to see if it was something I could fix.  When it turned out, after going through their help wizard, that it wasn't, they directed me to send an e-mail to a support alias.  I did that at around 10pm last night.  This morning, at 8am, I received an e-mail back from them asking me to call a support number.  I called and was immediately directed to a service technician.  With in 1 minute of him introducing himself (Dave) to me, he had pinpointed my problem.  It was a simple spring loaded sensor that was not returning to it's default position - possibly due to a failed/detached spring.  We played around with it for about 5 minutes to no avail. 

He then completely supprised me.  He said he is simply going to send me a new unit and and when it arrives that I should take out the consumables (like Toner, etc.) out of my printer, transfer it to the new printer and then send the bad one back to him.  No charge... including shipping.  Wow... didn't expect that for a $229 printer!  He then went on to show me how to remove the toner cartridges (they're in a rotating drum) without damaging the printer, along with the Drum and Fuser units.

He said that it'll be going out second day Today and that I can expect it by Tuesday or Wednesday.  The return shipping is already paid for.  That is absolutly fantastic service in my opinion.  What's yours?  What kind of "good" service stories do you have?


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  1. Wm Steele says:

    Wow… it’s even better then I thought… they sent me a BRAND NEW UNIT and I received it Monday.

    What great service! You can bet I’ll be buying other products from Konica Minolta in the future!


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